Ulla Johnson, DVF & other luxury brands are embracing vintage at … – Fast Company
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Ulla Johnson, DVF & other luxury brands are embracing vintage at … – Fast Company

Ulla Johnson, DVF, and other luxury designers have added vintage to their repertoires, ⁣breathing fresh life into styles ⁤of yore. From 80s power-suits to 90s denim, these fashion icons have given us new ways to accessorize with ⁣timeless pieces of the‍ past while ⁢exuding high-end style. Read on to learn⁤ how luxury fashion labels​ are embracing vintage in 2021.

1. How Ulla Johnson, ⁢DVF & Other Luxury Brands are ‍Embracing Vintage Styles

The fashion industry⁤ is‌ constantly evolving, but one trend ‌that has been steadily rising in ​recent​ years is the incorporation of ​vintage styles⁣ into luxury brands. Whether it’s ​Ulla Johnson,⁤ Diane​ von Furstenberg or Givenchy, there is something‌ so irresistible about bringing classic ‌chic fashion back to ‍the forefront. Here’s how the most stylish of brands are embracing the vintage trend

  • Ulla Johnson: Ulla Johnson is a champion of vintage-inspired ready-to-wear. ‍Her⁣ collections are filled⁤ with whimsical prints, romantic fabrics and unique embroidery that​ have been carefully⁣ crafted ​to evoke timelessness. Her pieces also feature darling buttons, subtle frayed edges and lace accents that carry you back ⁣to yesteryear.
  • Diane von Furstenberg: ⁤The iconic Diane von Furstenberg has been embracing vintage elements with her ⁣signaturewrap dresses and signature patterned prints. These timeless pieces are remade⁣ with modern shapes to ensure ​a classic look with a contemporary⁤ twist.
  • Givenchy: The French maison is also dipping into the trend, ⁤with its vintage-inspired ⁣tailoring⁤ taking ⁤centre stage in its collections. From 1960s-inspired pinstripe ‌blazers⁤ to 80s-style double-breasted ‌jackets, the label is sure to bring sophistication to any⁤ wardrobe.

These fashion houses are sure to give trendsetters everywhere an​ effortless retro look,‍ proving that sometimes the best things really do come from the past. Whether it’s Ulla Johnson’s everlasting elegance ⁤or Givenchy’s timeless tailoring, these luxury brands have made vintage fashion look even better than ever⁣ before.

2. Exploring the Appeal of Retro Chic

A Trip Through Time

The term ‘retro chic’ speaks of a unique style ⁢that has⁤ an eclectic mix of classic elements and modern trends. Perfect ⁢for the​ fashion‌ conscious who yearn for vintage glamour, this style is a timeless​ fashion ⁤statement that will never ​go‌ out of style. A great ‌way to explore the essence⁣ of retro chic is to‌ take a look at the fashion of ⁣different decades. From classic ‘50s pin-up‌ girl haircuts to the ostentatious hemlines of​ the ​‘70s,⁣ it’s a fun journey through time.

Retro‌ Reimagined

Retro chic is about more than ​just bringing the past into the present, however. It also incorporates a unique sense of⁢ playfulness, ‍savoir faire and boundary-pushing imagination. Think of​ Cher Horowitz’s iconic yellow pleather mini-skirt paired with a Hawaiian shirt in the movie Clueless, or an exaggerated ‘80s power shoulder moment on ⁢the street. It’s all about having fun with the trends and ‌reinventing them ‍with a modern twist.

3. Discovering New Ways to Wear the Classics

Achieving⁣ a unique ‍style‍ can be a challenge. But if ​you want to stand out from the crowd,‌ why not start with the basics? Re-invigorating classic pieces of clothing with a fresh perspective is the best⁣ way to create‍ the perfect individual look!

Take an inventory of ​your wardrobe.⁢ Go through ⁤your ‍closets and‍ drawers and take out the classic pieces you already own. From the Little Black Dress to the ‌white blouse, open ⁣your eyes to the possibilities that these⁣ articles of clothing contain. Challenge yourself to come up with unexpected ways to⁢ style ⁣them.

  • Take a versatile,‍ long-sleeve ⁢dress and shorten the⁤ hemline to ⁣make it into a shirt.
  • Don’t be‍ afraid of color! Add bright and vivid colors to⁢ the‍ classic pieces for a fresh, modern look.
  • Opt for a belt to⁢ cinch the waist of that‍ blouse ‍to go from day​ to night.

Keep in ‍mind that you don’t have to buy new clothes every season. Mixing and matching the⁤ items in⁤ your closet can create an exciting, fresh wardrobe⁣ in no time. Try out the classics in new​ and unique ways and you will⁤ be ​sure to ⁢stand out!

Are you looking ​to give your home décor an effortless transformation? Why not inject the timeless elegance of luxurious trends to ‌bring a hint of ⁤sophistication and ⁢artistry into your space?

A great⁣ way to get started is by turning ⁤to statements pieces that offer a ⁣luxurious twist. Think retro-inspired armchairs ⁢in⁣ crushed ⁣velvet, dramatic LED lighting to give a contemporary ‍yet elegant touch, or a chesterfield sofa with⁤ bold hues in velvet. Combine these pieces with‍ timeless accents such as beautiful marble or‌ glass surfaces and you’ll give your home interior the ‌perfect modern twist.

  • Go for sleek and sophisticated furniture ‍– look out for statement pieces that are made with high-quality materials
  • Statement⁢ lighting – allow bold shapes ‌and LED lights to illuminate your home with style
  • Eye-catching accents – marble and glass surfaces ‍come together to provide a timeless yet​ luxurious touch ​

Luxury fashion ⁢brands are increasingly looking to⁢ the past to ‌inform‌ the present — and with⁣ stylish ⁣spin-offs like ⁢Ulla Johnson,​ DVF, and other vintage-inspired collections, the future ⁣of luxury looks chic and ​timeless in every sense. These pieces bridge the past to ‌the future of fashion, offering both ⁢a ⁤new perspective on iconic fashion and entirely fresh looks. Whether you’re a vintage junkie, a luxury enthusiast,⁢ or both,‌ you can’t go​ wrong with ​a little⁣ bit of classic ​cool.

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