M&S looks to elevate fashion offering as it sells Jaeger in 20 more … – Retail Gazette
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M&S looks to elevate fashion offering as it sells Jaeger in 20 more … – Retail Gazette

M&S is taking a step in the right direction as​ it ​looks ​to elevate its fashion offering for customers. The retail giant ‍recently announced its plans to extend its Jaeger collection to twenty more stores within the UK, allowing customers to access ⁣the much loved fashion brand in ⁣even more locations. This ⁤move shows a commitment ​from the store towards meeting a modern-day demand for fashion that ⁣is ⁣both⁤ stylish and affordable.

1.M&S: Reinvigorating its Fashion Credentials

Despite its ⁤iconic‍ status, Marks & Spencer ⁣(M&S) has experienced a challenging few years in ⁢its fashion sector.​ Competition from the fast fashion industry⁢ and changing consumer habits have meant the​ high​ street ‍chain is no longer as authoritative ‌in the fashion‌ stakes ⁣as it once was. However, it seems that the company is now in the⁣ process of attempting to reinvigorate its fashion credentials.

M&S ‍is making a number of moves to try and modernise the perception of its clothing.‌ They have formed partnerships with well-known fashion designers, such as Rosie‌ Huntington-Whiteley,‌ to create a range of ⁣timeless and stylish garments. Their collections include bike shorts, rompers, and bold shirts. It’s not just about the fashion ⁤either, M&S is​ also focusing on sustainability, only stocking items that ‌are⁢ made from sustainable materials. This appeals⁣ to the more ethically conscious, eco-friendly fashion⁣ and lifestyle ​movement.

  • Partnerships with fashion icons
  • Updated collections
  • Focus on sustainability

In order‌ to reclaim its place as a prominent high street ‍destination for fashion shoppers, M&S must ‌demonstrate its commitment to staying up‌ to date with the latest trends, while also ⁣adhering⁤ to modern values, such as sustainability.

2.M&S ⁢Acquires Jaeger, Expands its Reach

M&S Buys the Iconic British Fashion Brand Jaeger

Marks and Spencer ​have just announced the acquisition of⁤ illustrious ⁢British fashion brand Jaeger, a move that‌ further cements their presence in​ the fashion⁤ market. ⁣This takeover broadens the range of fashion garments that the company offers, with Jaeger’s classic styles‌ and heritage setting it apart from ​other fashion ⁢labels.

The famous name, originally established in 1884, comes with a large international presence giving M&S the opportunity to expand and grow⁤ even further. With collections ‍suitable for all occasions, Jaeger’s range of fashion staples ‌from daywear to eveningwear will​ join the ranks with M&S’s own popular ⁣garments.

Moreover,​ the acquisition of ⁣Jaeger brings a positive commitment​ to maintaining the classic brand’s identity whilst‌ adding further value ‌to the many customers who worship these timeless designs. M&S’s resilience and vocal commitment to supporting British brands and independent designers remains an ever-growing dedication that extends into 2020 and beyond.

3.Adapting for the Times:⁢ M&S Embraces Change

In the face of the ⁢different changes​ we’ve all had⁢ to manage and adapt to throughout 2020, Marks & Spencer have‌ pushed forward, ⁢finding ingenious ways to keep up and engaged with their customers. They’ve embraced the better and the harsher aspects⁢ of life in an ⁢attempt to move their business model forward.

M&S pushed hard ⁣in order to find new solutions to common problems, such as:

  • Re-engineering and extending sections of their clothing, home and ‌beauty ranges to fit with the‍ changing times
  • Reinforcing a host of initiatives that encouraged customers to stay local⁣ and shop with them ⁢online
  • Creating a simple and secure delivery‌ system

. This enabled‌ M&S to open up ‌to ‌new audiences as‍ well⁤ as offering a ⁤first-class⁣ service⁢ for their existing customer ⁣base.

4.Retailers Must Stay Ahead⁤ to Survive ​- M&S Gets Ahead ​of the Curve

For many major ‍retailers,​ survival ​means constantly‌ staying ahead of the curve – and⁣ that’s just what retailer Marks​ & ⁣Spencer​ (M&S) is ​doing. The company has taken a number of steps to ensure‍ it can stay on the top of the ever-changing retail‍ landscape.

First​ and foremost, M&S is⁤ investing‍ heavily in technology and e-commerce platforms to meet the demands of their customers. This includes resources for accurate⁤ online⁣ ordering and customer experiences. They’ve ⁣also continued to offer flexible delivery options, including same-day delivery for online ⁣orders.

  • Optimised Website: The company’s website‍ has been optimised to include easy-to-navigate product ⁣pages, online-exclusive offers and a‌ seamless checkout system.
  • Digital loyalty program: A digital ⁢loyalty program has been created, offering customers exclusive rewards and discounts.
  • In-store experience: M&S has introduced ⁣a range of innovative ⁤features in-store, such ‌as augmented ⁢reality mirrors and ⁣virtual queueing‍ systems.
  • Omni-channel approach: M&S has ⁤embraced an omni-channel approach to reach customers,⁣ including⁢ social media, influencer marketing, and ⁣email campaigns.

M&S ‍is a​ perfect example of a retailer who is staying ⁤ahead‌ of‌ the ⁣curve ⁣to survive. By implementing the⁣ right strategies, ​the company continues to ⁣offer ‌the same high-quality ⁤service, products and experiences that customers have come to expect.

As M&S continues to strengthen its fashion offering,​ it is clear⁢ they have⁣ their⁣ eye⁣ on the ​contemporary​ and classic ⁢looks that customers ⁣want and are willing to invest ⁣in. With the addition of‌ Jaeger and 20 new stores, there is opportunity to explore more exciting fashion possibilities and merchandise⁤ options, to create new ‍looks that will stand the test of time.

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