M&S looks to elevate fashion offering as it sells Jaeger in 20 more … – Retail Gazette
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M&S looks to elevate fashion offering as it sells Jaeger in 20 more … – Retail Gazette

As a major ⁢player in the fashion industry,​ Marks & Spencer (M&S) is always⁢ looking to innovate and stay ahead of the competition. Now, ‍in a ‌daring move, M&S has announced that it’s expanding its fashion⁤ offering by selling ‌Jaeger in 20 additional stores. This move shows M&S’s intent⁢ to start creating ⁤a‍ new line of fashion products and inspire ​customers everywhere.

1. M&S Elevates Fashion with⁢ Jaeger‌ Acquisition

Marks & ‌Spencer kickstarted 2021 with‍ the purchase‌ of Jaeger, a ⁢famous British ⁤fashion brand. The acquisition marks an extension to M&S’s existing‌ portfolio of ​ready-to-wear, casual and occasion wear.⁣ It is​ the⁢ perfect marriage of fashion and retail, as Jaeger⁢ brings established international‍ fixes, while⁣ M&S stands firmly ‌with its ⁣innovative technology and expertise.

Jaeger’s rich heritage dates back to 1884, and the brand can proudly say it dressed some of the most stylish individuals, like Audrey Hepburn and ‌Katharine Hepburn and other 20th century style icons. With this acquisition, M&S is‌ aiming to elevate‍ its fashion & beauty offering, while⁢ allowing‌ customers to access ​amazing fashion experiences with ⁢a strong emphasis‌ in​ sustainability.

  • Insightful decision – M&S’s⁤ acquisition of Jaeger​ makes sense ​and strengthens its position in the fashion sector.
  • Historic ​house – ⁢With ‍over a century of heritage, Jaeger has dressed some of the most stylish individuals.
  • Fashion-forward – M&S customers can now access ‌amazing fashion experiences, while also being conscious ⁢of⁣ sustainability.

2. Expanding M&S ‍Stores with Jaeger

M&S and Jaeger, two much-loved British retailers, have joined forces to open new high street stores and showcase their distinctive brands to customers. ‍In⁣ a major move, ​40 successful Jaeger stores are to be converted into M&S stores, with the emphasis on‍ extending M&S’s range and giving customers an even better shopping experience.

This exciting development provides shoppers with an exciting variety of products, styles, and services. From Jaeger’s timeless classics‍ to M&S’s modern fashion look, ‍customers are sure to find something to suit their style. And if you’re more concerned with quality over style, you’ll be⁣ glad to know that M&S and Jaeger are well known ​for their outstanding products. Even better, the two companies plan ​to collaborate on ‌a range of‌ new products. It’s⁤ all about bringing the best of both brands together.

  • Expect Increased Choice: M&S and Jaeger stores ⁢will join forces to create an all-new‌ shopping experience,‍ with more variety than ever before.
  • Plans for New Collaborations: ‌Special collaborations will ensure that the best of both brands come‍ together so ​that customers can ​benefit from a⁢ larger range of⁣ products.
  • High Quality Products: Both M&S ⁢and Jaeger are known for their quality products, so new customers can rest assured ​they’re getting the best of both worlds.

3. Benefits of M&S and Jaeger Partnership

The partnership between M&S and Jaeger marks the start of a⁢ powerful union. The collaboration brings together ⁢two established British brands who have decades of ⁢financial success.

Embracing the modern retail landscape,⁢ the M&S ⁤and Jaeger partnership allows‍ customers to benefit from an array ⁢of unique and specialised services:

  • A ⁢revamped and combined clothing and home range, featuring high quality products with ‌the help of both brand’s quintessential​ designs.
  • Unified delivery ‌service with​ shorter waiting times, resulting in efficiency and convenience.
  • Exclusive⁤ offers,‍ discounts, and promotional events throughout the year.
  • Value ⁤for money-focused price⁤ points.

In conclusion, the collaboration between ⁣M&S and Jaeger is a ⁣business decision which ⁢promises stimulating consumer experiences, superior purchasing ​power,⁢ and⁤ an enviable online presence.

4. The Future of Fashion with M&S and Jaeger

Marks &‌ Spencer and Jaeger are two⁣ of the most iconic​ British ‍fashion retailers. In recent‌ years,⁤ the two companies have embraced new technologies such as⁤ 3D⁣ printing and AI⁢ to ⁣explore the future possibilities of‍ fashion. Here are four ‌ways that these historic companies are looking towards the horizon:

  • 3D Printing – M&S has ⁣been experimenting with 3D printing​ technology ⁢to produce clothing with greater design freedom and ​curved seams. This could open ⁢up new possibilities ‍for customized designs.
  • AI Assisted Design⁣ – Jaeger has taken the lead with AI-assisted ​design, using this technology to leverage data and design fashion pieces to meet customer ⁤needs.
  • Robotic Automation – Through partnerships with advanced industrial robotics firms, both M&S and Jaeger ⁣are looking to automate their production process ‍to cut costs and design new fashion pieces.
  • Augmented Reality – AR elements allow‍ customers to try on garments with their⁢ phones, from the comfort of their home.

These new technologies are being used ​to help the two ‌companies create fashionable garments in an efficient‌ and cost-effective manner, shaping ‍the future ‌of fashion.

All in all, the decision to stock Jaeger⁣ is part of M&S’s⁣ ongoing ‍mission to stay​ ahead of the curve in‍ terms of fashion‍ retail,⁤ which is likely to be ​greatly appreciated by their growing customer base. ​With the breadth of their fashion offering now far-reaching, there is no ‍doubt that M&S are at the forefront of stylish apparel.

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