This week’s fashion retail people moves: Jigsaw, Shein, Celtic & Co – Drapers
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This week’s fashion retail people moves: Jigsaw, Shein, Celtic & Co – Drapers

This week’s fashion world‌ is abuzz​ with news of people moves taking place between leading global⁢ retailers.⁣ In‍ a bold move of⁣ resources, Jigsaw, Shein, and Celtic & Co have⁢ all made adjustments to their​ teams that could​ shape the ⁣future of these companies within the industry. Keep ⁢reading to find out the exciting elements of ⁣this new development and to see how they might‍ set the standard for upcoming fashion ⁢trends.

1. Fashion People ⁢Moving‌ & Shaking​ – Jigsaw, Shein, ​Celtic & Co

Fashion ‍is constantly changing ⁤and keeping up with the latest ​trends can often feel⁣ like a full-time⁢ job. That’s⁤ why‍ it pays to keep‌ an eye on the ​fashion brands who are truly⁢ moving and shaking in ⁤the world of style.

  • Jigsaw ⁤ – a unique clothing and accessories brand established in 1972, Jigsaw offers a ​range of classic and modern styles from ‍sophisticated suits to laid-back ‍leisurewear.
  • Shein -⁣ renowned for its affordable, trend-led pieces,⁤ Shein has ⁢become a one-stop-shop ⁣for women ‍across the globe ⁤to refresh their wardrobes⁣ and express their personal ⁤style.
  • Celtic and ​Co. –‍ an upmarket label specialising in luxury footwear, Celtic & Co are ‌a true favourite‍ with ⁣celebs and everyday fashionistas⁣ alike thanks to their ‌top-notch design.

No ‌matter ⁢your budget ⁣or sense‌ of style, these three ‍brands are definitely worth exploring further. From tribal prints and slouchy knits to smart suiting and statement sandals, they have⁤ something for‍ everyone – ‌and that’s why they’re ‌worth watching right now.

2. Jigsaw: Making‌ Ripples in the Retail Scene

Jigsaw ‌is an ​innovative retail brand that has ⁢quickly‍ established itself ⁣at ​the forefront⁣ of the ⁤fashion industry. Through ⁣its ‍combination ⁤of ‍timeless designs, ⁤bold⁢ colour palettes and ‍contemporary ​fabrics, Jigsaw has been able to make waves in the industry.

The brand has carved out its own ⁣unique style, and not only is it‍ extremely fashionable, but its ⁢attention to craftsmanship makes it a practical choice that will last‍ for years to come. What’s more, Jigsaw ‍caters to everyone’s needs through its:

  • Wide array of sizes ⁢- ‌from petite to⁤ plus​ sizes, Jigsaw has‍ something for everyone
  • Ability‌ to customise – ⁣customers can‌ customise⁣ clothing‍ to their‌ exact preference
  • Engaging customer support – they are happy to answer any questions or queries, ensuring a great shopping experience

Jigsaw ⁣is truly redefining the retail sector and ‍making shopping a more enjoyable experience ‌for all.

3. Shein’s Fashionable ⁤Steps -⁤ New​ Retail Leadership

Shein has taken the lead in the retail industry, creating revolutionary changes ‍in the way people ⁢shop for and purchase their clothing. With the appearance⁢ of their fashionable ‍online stores, people have access⁣ to pieces of all different styles and sizes,‌ quickly ‍and ‍affordably. Here are ⁣Shein’s ⁣steps to the new ⁢retail leadership:

  • Developing an effective online delivery system
  • Creating sophisticated marketing ⁤campaigns
  • Innovating ‌with e-commerce technology
  • Identifying ‍consumer needs with⁤ AI
  • Providing a ⁤comprehensive solution ‍to⁢ customers

These steps make ⁣the⁣ whole‍ process of buying ‌fashion​ easier and ⁢more seamless. Shein has developed an efficient logistics ⁤system ⁤that allows⁢ customers to order ‍with ease ‌and confidence. Products ⁣are delivered rapidly and customers ‌can ‍also follow the journey of their purchase from start to finish. On the marketing side,‌ Shein ⁤has utilized AI to ⁣identify⁤ consumer needs and personalize offers to customers. Therefore,⁣ customers benefit from‍ tailor-made recommendations that better meet their wants ⁢and needs. ‍And, of course, Shein is no stranger to the cutting edge of ‌e-commerce technology. Customers can utilize ⁣their ample payment options and feel extra secure ‌with Shein’s secure online payment tools.

4. Celtic ​& Co ‍-‌ Rebranding for the Future

In the past‍ two decades, Celtic ⁤& Co. has become an ‌iconic British fashion label, blending traditional​ craftsmanship with modern style. As the ⁤brand enters⁤ an exciting new ⁤phase ‍of development, they have decided to‍ give their brand and logo an overhaul ‌to stay relevant in the‌ ever-evolving⁢ fashion landscape of today.

The new design for ‌the brand signifies a refreshing yet ‍familiar story – the ‍bold, eye-catching logomark is both futuristic and⁤ timeless while the simple font and⁣ muted colour palette gives the creative edge demanded‍ from ‌contemporary fashion labels. This rebrand also elevates ⁢Celtic⁢ &‌ Co.’s key ‍values,‌ such as sustainability and quality:

  • Sustainability – Emphasis on using eco-friendly materials and ⁤production processes
  • Quality ⁢- Premium ⁤materials are used⁢ to ensure long-lasting style ⁢and comfort
  • Innovation – Dynamic design ‍solutions⁢ to stay ⁤ahead of the competition

Celtic & Co.’s refreshing new look represents the ⁢synergy of modern⁣ style and traditional craftsmanship, ‍staying true to their‍ timeless classics while embracing a contemporary aesthetic. With this new and exciting direction, the brand is sure to become a leading fashion label⁤ well into ‌the future.

From the high streets ⁣to e-commerce, this week saw some ​intriguing fashion retail people moves. ⁤From ‌Jigsaw’s new CEO to​ Celtic &​ Co’s new international designer, the industry never stops. So,⁢ keep your eyes peeled for more fashion​ retail ⁢news ⁢as ‌these changes, and the industry’s new trends, evolve.

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