6% of Pet Owners Spent Over $2,000 on Their Pets This Year: 10 Luxury Brands To Pamper Your Pet – GOBankingRates
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6% of Pet Owners Spent Over $2,000 on Their Pets This Year: 10 Luxury Brands To Pamper Your Pet – GOBankingRates

​When it comes ‍to pampering‍ our pets,‌ it seems that no expense ⁢is spared. As the⁢ pet industry ⁢continues to ​skyrocket year after ⁢year, 6 percent⁢ of pet ⁣owners have gone the extra⁣ mile⁢ in the past year to make sure ⁤their beloved‌ furry friends are as spoiled ‌as they can ⁤be. From luxurious⁤ fashion pieces to gourmet treats, the following are⁣ 10 luxury brands that ⁣give ‌any pet the royal ⁤treatment.

1. Pampering Pets: 6% of Owners ⁤Splurge⁣ Over ⁤$2,000 ​Annually

A recent survey‍ has revealed that America’s love⁤ affair ⁢with their pets knows⁣ no bounds. ‍It ⁤seems that no expense⁢ is spared⁢ when it comes to showing love⁤ and appreciation for furry friends ⁢– with 6% of ⁤owners splurging over $2,000 annually on their pet’s ⁢upkeep.

For pet owners, money is no object when it‍ comes⁣ to⁣ their much-loved companions, with pampering items such‍ as:

  • Superior​ food ‌and treats
  • Luxury pet beds ⁢and ​toys
  • Gourmet meals
  • Fancy doggy⁣ wardrobe
  • Professional⁤ pet groomers
  • Rehabilitation therapy for behavioral issues

The survey also ​demonstrated an ⁤increasing number of people opting to buy pet insurance to ensure‍ their ‌pet’s medical needs are⁤ met, in ​the same way⁣ they would have health coverage ⁣for​ their own family.

2. Spoil Your Furry Friend: 10 Brands to ⁤Choose From

Treating your ⁢pet ​to a special indulgence has never been as easy ⁤as it is now. ​The⁣ market for pet-specific products is⁣ growing all the time, giving⁣ you a ⁢great selection ⁣of options!‍ Here are⁤ 10 fantastic ​brands to choose from and spoil your furry friend:

  • PetSafe – for custom-fit ⁢clothing, ⁣treats and toys
  • Purina ⁤ – for specially-made⁤ foods for dogs ⁣and cats
  • Greenies ‌ – for must-have snacks and dental treats
  • Temptations ‍– for delectable wet and crunchy treats
  • Hartz – for lush grooming products for cats‍ and dogs
  • Canidae ⁣–⁣ for all-natural dry and wet food for cats ​and dogs
  • MuttNation – for stylish collars and leashes with attitude
  • FURminator – for ⁢keeping your pet’s‍ coat⁢ as pristine ‌as can be
  • Four Paws –​ for top-quality accessories like beds and travel crates
  • Yeowww! – for crazy ​organic catnip cat toys

What’s more, these​ brands⁣ have picked fabrics and designed products keeping ⁢your pet’s ⁣comfort⁣ in mind. Plus, you ‍can go‍ the extra mile to ⁤customize these offerings with⁢ pet​ name tags, bold patterns and more!

3. Doggo’s⁣ Delight: Indulge in Luxury⁤ Toys and Treats

Your pup deserves only the ⁣best! Doggo’s Delight features⁢ an array of luxurious toys and treats‌ to spoil your furry friend. From cotton rope toys and‍ natural latex ⁣squeaky toys to ‌super​ tasty treats made with healthy ⁣fruits⁢ and veggies, your⁢ pup is ​sure to get what‌ its‍ heart desires.

Choose from our selection of high-end⁢ chew toys ⁢ that are⁤ built to⁢ withstand your ‌pup’s enthusiastic nibbling, or indulge ⁤in some of ⁣our all-natural⁣ treats,⁤ made with human-grade ingredients. And​ when your pup needs a bed to‍ relax in, check out our​ collection ⁤of ⁤crates, cushions, and blankets that‍ are perfect for lounging ‍comfort ⁣and style.

  • Soft and ⁤durable⁣ cotton rope ⁢toys
  • Latex squeaky ⁤toys
  • All-natural treats made‍ with healthy fruits⁢ and ‍veggies
  • High-end chew toys
  • Crates,​ cushions, and ‍blankets‌

4. ​Kitty Comfort: Customized ⁤Items for Your Kitty

Kitties love feeling‌ comfortable in all kinds of environments, whether they’re​ lounging in their beds⁢ or ⁣curling ​up for a snooze in a ⁤quiet corner. Let your kitty take their​ comfort to‍ the next level with custom-made⁣ items designed ​to provide ⁤the perfect place ​to rest and ⁣play.

  • Create⁢ custom beds for ‌your ⁢cat’s size‍ and personality
  • Unique cushions and pillows‌ for all-day ‍lounging
  • Enrich⁤ their environment with interactive boxes ⁢and ⁢ramps
  • Customized bowls ​for food and water

Make your kitty feel ⁢as special as she is with customized products⁢ that cater to her ⁢unique ‍tastes. Choose specific colors, patterns, and materials to create a product as‍ unique as⁣ your kitty. ​ Provide⁣ your pet with the ultimate home-away-from-home so she can ⁣find her comfort in any space. From ⁤playful items like tunnels and scratching posts to⁤ comfy features like blankets ⁤and‍ pillows,⁤ you can help transform your ⁤kitty’s ⁤environment⁣ with personalized​ touches.

Making‍ your ‍pet​ feel special doesn’t have to ⁢break the bank. With some creativity and thought-⁤ even on a budget- you ​can ‍make your fur baby‌ feel‍ pampered and loved. Choose⁣ a luxury‌ brand ‍that fits you and your pet to make them feel ⁤special and cared for. Your pet will ⁤thank you for it.

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