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Inside the Max Mara Fashion Group: How the Third Generation of … – Town & Country

Step inside the world of Max Mara, an international fashion group that has⁢ stood the test ⁢of time.⁣ Now led by the third generation of the founding family, ⁤the Maramotti ‍siblings, we’re exploring how they have propelled the company to success and​ kept it at ⁢the center of the global fashion industry. Discover‍ the incredible legacy behind the Max Mara group and the history ‌behind the brother-sister team who are taking the reins.

1. Inside the Max Mara Fashion Group: A Look Into the Third Generation

The Max Mara ​Fashion Group is‌ a leading brand in the world of high-end fashion. Founded ​in 1951⁤ in Reggio⁣ Emilia, ⁣Italy, the brand has gone ‌from strength to strength over the years, becoming ⁤one of⁢ the most recognizable names in fashion. Now in 2020, the ‌third generation of the ‍family-owned business ‌is at the helm,⁢ maintaining the ⁣company’s ethos of timeless collections and timeless elegance.

The third generation of the family has ⁣stayed true to⁢ the‌ company’s traditional style while​ introducing a more modern flair. This includes new looks and styles which expand⁣ the ‍size range offered for each collection ⁢and offer ⁢even⁤ more advanced materials. The line up has grown to include clothing, accessories, and footwear for both men‌ and ⁢women, making the brand ⁤more accessible than ever. Max Mara continues to stride forward, firmly securing ‌its ​place as one of the preeminent fashion and ⁤lifestyle brands ⁣in the ⁤world.

At the helm of the third generation are two sisters – Laura and Anna Serravalli. Together, ‌they have brought Max Mara back to the forefront of fashion – crafting classic⁤ designs and updating them for ‌modern times. They have also done their part in extending the Max Mara brand, launching partnerships ⁤with artists and launching a‍ successful eyewear line, complete with signature sunglasses.

  • Established the brand’s presence in the digital space, creating a strong online presence.
  • Launched successful collaborations with ​leading fashion artists.
  • Introduced advanced fabrics and materials into collections.
  • Expanded the size​ range of ⁤collections.
  • Introduced an eyewear​ line, including signature sunglasses.

Under the leadership of Laura and Anna Serravalli, the Max Mara Fashion Group has ⁤found success in the modern world. With the ⁣third‍ generation at the helm,​ the legendary fashion house has ⁤evolved and flourished, producing timeless classics and modern statement pieces for the contemporary customer.

2. ⁤Exploring the History​ Behind the Max Mara Family

Steeped in Italy’s vibrant fashion legacy, Max Mara boasts a rich⁤ and illustrious history ‍that can ‍be traced back to the 1950s. The label was founded ⁢by Achille Maramotti in 1951, with the first collection of women’s coats being delivered in the small⁣ Lombardy city of Reggio Emilia. The pieces soon became renowned for their ⁣innovative and⁢ elegant styling, and Maramotti led the fashion ⁢house to becoming a global success.

Today, Max Mara remains one of the most iconic brand names in the world. ⁤The​ Maramotti family continues to drive the label forward​ with a shared focus on quality craftsmanship and timeless ⁢sophistication. As the pillars of Italian design, the family has pushed the boundaries ⁤of fashion and ‍built a lasting legacy that continues for decades.

  • The Maramotti family⁤ founded the label in 1951
  • The first collection ‌was women’s coats delivered in Reggio Emila
  • Max Mara‍ is ‍renowned ‌for its innovative and elegant ‍styling
  • The Maramotti family has⁤ become an‍ iconic brand in the​ fashion world
  • Max Mara continues to focus ⁣on quality craftsmanship and timeless sophistication

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4. The Max⁣ Mara Group: Transcending Generations and Fashions

Established ‌in 1951, the Max Mara Group⁢ has become an international fashion powerhouse ⁣that’s marked by its bold aesthetics and timeless⁣ designs. What began with a single store in ⁢Reggio Emilia has expanded across ‍Europe, offering a wide array of fashion ​ranges and ​labels‌ over ‍the⁢ years. Today, the Max Mara Group is synonymous with luxury and quality.

The Max Mara Group is unique in its ability to blend classic and contemporary styles ​and cater to ‌both young and​ mature generations of customers. The company’s signature design ‍is elegant and refined‌ – ⁣offering chic, luxurious tastes that transcend fashion trends. They’re typically well-fitted without being too tight, making them a favourite among sophisticated ⁢fashionistas. Whether it’s outerwear, ​sportswear, beachwear, ⁤or ready-to-wear, every ​article of clothing from the Max ​Mara Group carries an unmistakable⁤ sense of style.

  • Soft, natural fabrics such as ⁣cashmere, wool, cotton, and silk are consistently used in⁤ Max ⁣Mara⁣ Group garments.
  • Garments are skillfully crafted with expert attention‌ to detail, resulting ​in pieces that are both⁣ fashionable⁢ and comfortable.
  • Shapes are easy to recognize because of their timelessness and ⁤classic silhouettes.

The Max Mara Fashion Group, ​led⁢ by the third generation of‍ the​ family, has achieved immense ‍success with its keen eye ‍for fashion trends and‍ dedication to timeless luxury.‌ By honouring the original passion of the founder Achille⁢ Maramotti, the⁤ resulting empire remains a reliable hallmark for elegant clothing for generations to come.

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