How TikTok is courting luxury brands during Fashion Month – Glossy
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How TikTok is courting luxury brands during Fashion Month – Glossy

As Fashion Month unfolds around ⁣the world, the glamour​ is⁣ spilling onto the ​virtual ​catwalks and glossy magazine spreads — and social media channel of choice⁢ is TikTok.⁤ As fashion‍ houses navigate‌ the online realm in ‍search⁣ of new audiences and ways to bring their luxury offerings⁢ to‌ the public, the popular⁣ app is making sure they get noticed with a suite of features‌ tailor-made⁢ for the​ industry’s key⁤ players. From sponsored lenses to specialized promotions, TikTok is taking cues from the world of luxury fashion — and courting brands with an‍ unprecedented level⁢ of⁣ attention.

1. The TikTok ‌Takeover: Luxury Brands Flock to the App for Fashion Month

The introduction‍ of⁤ TikTok into the world of fashion in 2020 is a major trend that no ⁤luxury⁤ brand can⁤ afford to ‍overlook. As Fashion Month hits the digital catwalks, TikTok has become a powerful platform for luxury brands to reach out to audiences worldwide.

From ​montages of runway looks to on-demand ⁢access to exclusive collections, luxury houses ‌are leveraging the power⁣ of TikTok⁤ to draw​ new eyes to their brands. It’s ⁣becoming the ⁣go-to destination ‌to find out who and what’s trending before the pieces⁤ hit ⁢the shelves. Some ⁣of the major players that have embraced the platform​ this season include:

  • Louis Vuitton: Nicolas Ghesquière recreated‍ the red carpet at the Golden Globes with a star-studded montage of⁣ his campaign. From Tessa Thompson​ and Spike Lee to Oliwia Anna and other up-and-comers, the⁢ LV gang were turning heads for digital ‌fashion week.
  • Fendi: The “Chair-in-Fendi” challenge⁤ invited ⁣viewers to‌ partake in a ‌glamorous​ dinner-party experience. With over ‍two million views, the challenge​ and subsequent ​video montage of exclusive ​motifs created a⁢ buzz throughout the industry.
  • Balmain: ​Pierre Balmain has been a front runner of the ⁢app, with a series of live-time broadcasted talks​ from the⁣ designer himself. His ⁢latest tutorial and digital fashion show entry invited viewers to learn about the house’s signature cut and style.

TikTok will continue​ to shape digital ​fashion for ⁤the foreseeable⁤ future as the most influential luxury brands​ continue ⁣to flock to the platform.

2.⁤ Leveraging ‌TikTok’s Reach‍ to‌ Take‌ Part in the Digital ‍Revolution

Small Businesses Can⁤ Quickly Rise Among the ⁢Digital Elite

TikTok ‌is often associated ‌with playful videos and ​creative trends. However, the platform is also‍ quickly becoming a key marketing tool for small businesses looking to capitalise ⁣on ‌its massive reach. For any small business, leveraging TikTok has become‍ an ​essential part of taking part in the⁣ digital revolution.

Businesses can use TikTok for ​anything‌ from research-based product feedback to‍ creative brand promotion. By harnessing the platform’s access ⁣to millions​ of users, small businesses can achieve a huge reach ‍without huge financial costs. Here are the ‍steps to take advantage⁢ of what TikTok has to offer:

  • Start by creating short, shareable media ‌content that highlights your brand.
  • Think outside the ⁣box and be ‍creative — engage with‌ users with the intent to evoke emotion.
  • Share your content across multiple social media platforms, and⁤ make sure‌ it is well-aligned⁢ with your business identity.
  • Organise campaigns to increase interactivity, e.g. Q&A, giveaways, competitions, etc.
  • Invite ⁣influencers ⁤that‍ align with your brand⁤ to join your ⁤campaigns.

Digital marketing is no longer just‍ reserved for large enterprises with copious ​resources. With the right strategies in​ place, yours can be the small business that stands out, and quickly rises ⁣among digital peers. TikTok is ⁢the ideal ‌platform that provides‌ you with the boost you​ need, and you ⁤can leverage it to get your business ‍where you want it⁤ to be.

3.‍ Charmed by ‌the Creative Possibilities of TikTok – Luxury Brands Are ‌Making Their Mark

In‍ the past year, TikTok has taken the world by storm, becoming the go-to platform for ⁣youngsters looking for ⁣fresh content.⁣ And luxury brands across the world are paying attention – ⁤namely because ​the platform can ⁤offer a world of creative possibilities.

TikTok allows luxury ​brands to produce and display content like never before. They can demonstrate their core⁢ values through employee-driven stories, highlight​ the craftsmanship involved in their production, and​ showcase their collections by getting influencers to collaborate in fun and creative ways. From shooting glossy fashion campaigns ⁣to‌ producing stylized stop-motion clips, ‌brands can ⁤adapt their visual identity and storytelling to ⁤match ​the vibe⁢ of ‍the platform.

  • Engage with a Gen-Z audience ⁢in real ⁢time: TikTok gives​ luxury brands an opportunity to tap into an audience that’s become ever more‍ tech-savy ⁤and ‍engaging through the platform.⁣ They can‌ capture ⁢their ​curiosity by ⁤going ​live and talking to the audience in real time, and participate in ‍viral ‍trends and memes for a fun ‍spin on product promotions.
  • Explore what can be​ done with user-generated content: By connecting with influential personalities and tapping into user-generated⁣ content, luxury ‍brands can get their video campaigns to​ reach‍ wider audiences and‌ get people⁤ involved in their product launches. As‍ TikTok is a ‍relatively ​new platform, there is a ​huge world of creative exploration to be done.

4. ‍Harnessing TikTok’s Unique Approach to Engage Millennials and Gen Z

TikTok is a powerful tool that ⁤enables marketers to tap into the elusive millennial and Generation Z markets. But, what makes the platform so successful in reaching and engaging these younger audiences? ​For starters, TikTok thrives on the element of surprise. Its​ video-first focus‌ and open format allows marketers to get creative and draw ⁢their⁣ audiences’ attention in new and ⁢unexpected ways.

The platform also‍ offers branded content⁤ opportunities that create a mutually-beneficial collaboration between popular influencers⁢ and brands. Working ‌with TikTok influencers can help marketers easily tap into the community of younger viewers who regularly follow the‍ influencer’s content. This helps build‌ relationships with ‌the ‌audience faster, all while creating content that reaches and​ resonates ⁢with the desired ‍demographic.

  • Surprise Factor: ‍ Utilize an ​unexpected creative approach​ to draw the attention of younger audiences.
  • Influencer Collaborations: Harness‍ the​ power of relationships with popular influencers and the communities that‌ follow them.

As Fashion Month draws to a ⁣close, we will have to wait and see if ⁢TikTok will remain as strong a presence in coming seasons. While the platform is ⁢already getting a foothold in the luxury fashion‌ and beauty‍ world, only time will tell whether this fascination is an‌ enduring one or a fast-burning trend.

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