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Gucci Creative Director Sabato De Sarno on First Collection for … – WWD

When⁢ fashion⁤ enthusiasts think ​of a designer brand, ‌the name⁣ Gucci immediately comes to mind.⁤ Founded nearly ‍100 years ‌ago, the beloved Italian label is known for its mesmerizing collections and‌ inspiring creative visionaries. For Spring 2021, ‍Gucci has introduced ‍its first collection under⁣ the leadership of Sabato De Sarno, ‍its newest Creative‌ Director. It’s a bold ⁢and stunning collection⁢ that is sure to generate lots ‍of buzz for the esteemed fashion‌ house. Read on to hear Sabato’s thoughts on the debut collection and how he is‍ setting the tone for a new era of Gucci design.

1.​ A Fresh Start ‌for ⁢Gucci: Sabato De Sarno’s First Collection

Sabato De Sarno ⁣had ‍an incredible ‌vision when he⁢ was appointed Creative Director of Gucci; to ​honor the name’s legacy, whilst simultaneously bringing the brand into a modern age of design. It was no surprise that the fashion‌ world held its ⁤breath, eager to see how he would ‍tackle ⁤the⁢ task.

De ‌Sarno’s debut collection was nothing short of brilliance. He took part of ‍Gucci’s‌ history and ⁢recreated it‌ in the modern age. ‍With pieces ​such as the‍ vintage horse shoulder bag, he found a way to bring together two worlds. His style was renowned for combining culture, texture and ⁢striking colors, all of which were clearly evident⁢ in the‍ collection.

  • The Floral Secton
    This​ section was an ultimate celebration of Italian culture. The prints were ‌complex and detailed, featuring intricate blooms​ & bold ⁢tones.
  • Knitwear
    This ⁤range offered a sophisticated & contemporary ‍look, with each item designed ‍to be worn in different ways.

2.​ Exploring a Renewed Vision ‌of Luxury with Sabato De Sarno

A⁢ Reimagining⁣ of opulence and Style through ⁤Sabato De Sarno

Multi-award ‌winning​ designer Sabato De Sarno’s revamped ‌label, unveils‌ a deluxe range ‍of luxury handbags. His latest collection races ‍to the lead⁣ of luxury fashion. Combining innovation and an⁤ eye for exquisite detail, De ⁣Surno merges classical styling ⁢with those ⁤of the modern.

The new collection ⁤features pieces constructed from some of ⁣the finest materials. Delicately crafted leather, exotic skins and more, offer something truly ⁢unique to the fashionista searching for something new. Besides exquisite craftsmanship, the new range ‌also ‌providesSTAT modern shapes and design features, ⁤making these ideal social statement pieces.

For those after⁣ something ​subtle and contemporary, there are sleek and sophisticated styles to choose from. Signature shapes are⁣ available in an⁤ array of finishes, from polished neutrals to impactful metallics and more. For those who favour something a bit more daring, high impact statement⁤ bags are⁢ available. Some are finished with delicate‌ vibrant shades and glittering‌ stones, adding a touch of ⁣glamour to any⁢ look.

No matter which style you choose, this innovative range demonstrates a renewed vision ​of luxury⁤ from designer Sabato de Sarno.

3.‌ Crafting a Future at⁤ Gucci: Sabato De Sarno Describes Collection

Sabato De Sarno, Creative Director at ‌Gucci, ⁢has recently released ‍details of the upcoming collection. Describing the line⁤ as “continuously evolving”, Sabato commented​ on the focus on mindful ​crafting and how it⁢ reflects the brand’s commitment to ‌sustainability and innovation.

The materials featured in the​ collection are varied and⁤ global; everything from organic​ woods to ‌plastics sourced from a variety of countries are​ used. The craftsmanship involved is of the utmost level, from detailed carpentry to precise⁤ stitching. Finite design choices become ‍an⁣ extension of Sabato’s vision and the ⁤future ⁢of ⁣Gucci’s fashion:

  • Experimentation: Jelly-colored plastic⁤ and upcycled textiles ‌appear in⁢ unexpected silhouettes. ‍
  • Quality: Every item is handmade from ⁤the best sourced fabrics.
  • Sustainability: Gucci is living up⁤ to its vision of upholding true environmental sustainability initiatives.

This season⁢ invites a sense of exploration, ‌offering unprecedented inspirations‌ and exciting possibilities ‌in fashion. Sabato De⁣ Sarno is meticulously curating the look and feel⁤ of Gucci’s works, urging ⁤consumers to re-think ⁢the signature designs and embrace⁢ new directions.

4. Introducing the Era of ​Sabato De Sarno’s Gucci: Expect Inspiration and Innovation

Since ⁤the dawn of the 20th ‍century, Gucci has continued to be a trendsetter in the fashion industry. However, with the appointment of Sabato ⁢De Sarno as Creative Director, the iconic Italian brand is entering a ‍very exciting⁢ new era. A key part​ of Gucci’s ⁣winning formula has ⁤always been its ability to embrace both ‍creativity and tradition, resulting ⁢in some of the‌ most ⁢loved and luxurious pieces⁢ the world has ever seen.

Under Sabato De Sarno’s ‌leadership, Gucci is pushing into new territory ‍of fashion expression. His signature fresh, modern, eclectic style promises to bring something completely new⁣ to ‍the brand. This era of Gucci, unlike any we’ve ‌seen in the ⁤past, will certainly⁢ come with‍ a few ‌surprises. We can expect to see:

  • One-of-a-kind designs – Sabato is known ​for his experimental, boundary-pushing designs. We can look forward to some truly iconic pieces.
  • Increases‍ sustainability – Gucci⁢ has long⁣ been⁢ an eco-leader in the fashion industry, and this is something that Sabato ⁤plans to incorporate evermore into his collections now⁢ that he’s Creative Director.
  • Lighthearted ‍humor – Sabato’s designs often come with a wink and a smile – the ⁣perfect blend of classic and contemporary.

Sabato‍ De Sarno’s‌ era at Gucci ‍is​ due⁢ to be one ⁣of the most revolutionary eras‍ in the history of the brand. We cannot wait‌ to see the amazing, inspiring things⁤ that Sabato has in ‍store for ⁤us.

Gucci Creative Director Sabato de Sarno’s first collection for the fashion house was an impressive catapult from ⁤past greats to ​revolutionary aesthetics. With the brand’s rich history in mind, de​ Sarno’s ‍camp has stayed rooted in the past while blazing⁤ a new ‌pathway with​ the label’s future. ‌As we​ move forward in⁢ anticipation of what’s next to ‍come, we can look to de Sarno’s bold and daring‌ designs⁤ as a reminder that traditions are made ⁢to be challenged.

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