Brad Pitt who? ‘Single mom’ Angelina Jolie ditches UN work to launch luxury fashion brand – The Mercury News
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Brad Pitt who? ‘Single mom’ Angelina Jolie ditches UN work to launch luxury fashion brand – The Mercury News

‌ Angelina ⁤Jolie has had a storied career and is a familiar face around ⁤the world, but now she ⁤is quickly redefining herself. The once-UN Special Envoy has ‍been on a‍ new⁤ mission this year, departing her post-conflict‌ work to launch her ‌own luxury fashion⁣ brand. Despite the⁤ word‍ “Pitt” for so ⁤long associated with ​her name,⁢ the star of Lara Croft: Tomb ​Raider has moved ​on to create a much-anticipated accessories line that has already generated buzz on the⁤ streets ‍of New ⁣York. Let’s take a closer look at‌ Jolie’s‌ big⁢ debut‌ — one⁣ that ‌doesn’t ⁢include any mention of her⁢ ex-husband, Brad‌ Pitt!

1. ⁣The Unstoppable‍ Branding Ambition⁤ of ‍Angelina Jolie

‍Angelina Jolie is ⁤a Hollywood actress, philanthropist, UN goodwill ⁣ambassador and successful businesswoman⁣ – and she shows no signs of‍ slowing down in her ambitions. Jolie’s endeavors with branding have created an impressive legacy that ‍will⁤ undoubtedly last⁢ for years⁤ to come.

Jolie’s foray into branding begun with her‌ Jolie-Pitt Foundation’s collaboration with‍ the Yucaipa Companies to​ create a jewelry line, The Style ⁢of Jolie, in 2016.‌ Most recently in January 2021, her first wine was unveiled – ‍something that she has been ⁣dreaming of ⁢since she was a child. Her ⁣mission ‌is to make ⁤wines that will ‍bring people together, ​through her⁣ label called Chapel Dulcinea, ‍a ⁤tribute to ⁤her‍ mother.

Additionally, she⁢ continues to model for magazines,‌ launch ⁣her own line of fashion products and design film sets that have a sophisticated,⁢ signature look. She‍ has also⁢ previously worked‌ as brand ambassador for Louis Vuitton and as a co-brand‍ designer with ⁣St. John. ⁢

  • Her Mission: Jolie wants to ‍make wines that will bring people‌ together, through⁤ her​ label called Chapel Dulcinea, a⁢ tribute ⁤to⁤ her ⁢mother.
  • Her⁢ Multi-Faceted Projects: She has also previously worked as⁤ brand ambassador for Louis Vuitton and as⁤ a⁣ co-brand designer with ⁣St. John.

2.⁤ A New Venture: Angelina Jolie’s ⁢Fashion Brand

Angelina Jolie⁢ has a brand new ⁣venture – her very own fashion brand. Having had years of experience in the world ​of fashion and⁤ Hollywood, the actress has embraced her creative side to⁣ branch out and start her own venture. Here’s ‌what we​ know about the new launch so ​far:

  • Unique Designs. Angelina ⁣has reportedly poured⁢ her ⁤heart and ⁣soul into this project,⁢ creating​ a ‍unique‌ collection of‌ clothing pieces​ that‍ showcase her own personal style.
  • Professional Team. To make ‌sure everything runs smoothly, Angelina’s recruited a team of expert professionals to bring her vision to life.

The new fashion brand is expected ‍to launch in the fall, offering an array of‍ ready-to-wear pieces.⁣ We⁤ can’t ‌wait to see⁢ what Angelina has ​in store for her fans!

3. From International Politics⁢ to Luxury Fashion: The Rise of Angelina⁣ Jolie

Angelina⁢ Jolie has ​made a⁢ phenomenal jump from international politics⁣ to high fashion. A born humanitarian, ‍she’s used her celebrity status and wealth‍ to become ⁤a‍ UN‍ Goodwill Ambassador, sponsoring ‍programs ⁢to aid refugees and disadvantaged⁤ children around the world. But she’s never ⁢forgetten her⁢ roots, ⁣and ⁣her business ​savvy has allowed her ‌to make some enviable‍ choices.

She recently collaborated⁤ with Louis Vuitton ​on a luxury fashion line inspired by ⁣her‍ global travels. With an ear‌ to the ground and an eye⁢ towards classic style, Jolie’s range combined⁢ traditional cuts, bold colors, ⁤and exquisite details.⁤ Its success‍ has cemented her as a designer to watch,‍ and she’s ‍since been tapped by ​St. John and other fashion heavyweights.

  • Jolie’s edge: She’s brought her eye‍ for ‌trends, and daring fashion choices, to ‍the luxury space.
  • Partnerships: In addition to the Louis Vuitton line, she’s designed looks for St. John.

4. The Power ​Behind ⁢Angelina Jolie’s⁣ Business Endeavors

There’s⁣ no doubt that the path​ to success is⁤ spangled‌ with numerous obstacles and ‍hardship along the way. For Hollywood megastar Angelina⁤ Jolie, these barriers didn’t stand a​ chance in‍ securing her‌ a‌ well-earned ‍place at the forefront of the entertainment​ industry. What really adds new dimensions to Angelina’s star quality, however, are⁤ her ​immense business capabilities.

When it comes to Angelina’s⁣ world of entrepreneurial⁤ wizardry, she seems to ⁢have her finger on the pulse. From television and ⁢movie production to ‌fashion and merchandise, interpreting rock-solid themes and​ developing commercial concepts with a panache,​ are two of Angelina’s all-time​ specialties:

  • TV and Movie‍ Production – Over the years, Angelina has ⁣consistently moved into ⁣producing and direction. Jolie has created and⁣ executive-produced ‍shows such as​ the ​Unbroken series for the BBC and is widely⁤ acclaimed for her work.
  • Fashion and Merchandise – ⁢Aside from⁢ acting, Jolie has collaborated with numerous fashion designers in‌ the past and launched her ⁢own line of merchandise with⁢ partner retailers, tapping into her fans worldwide.

Angelina shows no signs of slowing‌ down in ‍her business endeavors – by striving for new concepts and ideas – she’s set to become an inspiring ‍role model for‌ generations to come.

Angelina​ Jolie⁣ continues to be a⁤ source of inspiration and⁣ admiration for female entrepreneurs ⁤everywhere. With her latest endeavor ​into the world of⁤ luxury fashion, ‍she’s shattering stereotypes ‌of what a ‘single mom’ can achieve and⁢ redefining motherhood and success. We look forward ‍to the launch of her latest⁣ venture and ‍wish her ‍all the ⁣best in her ⁤continuing‍ journey.

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