Carolina Herrera, Designed by Wes Gordon, Will Be Guest of Honor … – WWD
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Carolina Herrera, Designed by Wes Gordon, Will Be Guest of Honor … – WWD

The legend of Carolina Herrera,‍ the queen⁢ of iconoclastic luxury, ⁤will be ⁤extended this​ year as‍ she is ⁣honored with a special ‌recognition at⁣ this year’s event. ‌Hercollection, designed by ⁤Wes Gordon, will be⁣ the star attraction of the evening as the⁢ audience is taken through a contemporary take on the classic ⁢House of Herrera.‌ With‍ her signature aesthetic of modern​ femininity​ and timeless style,⁢ Herrera⁤ has left a meaningful and lasting impact in the fashion⁣ world, and​ celebrating ⁣her ⁤achievement​ is sure⁣ to ‌be a night to remember.

1. Celebrating ‌Carolina Herrera:⁢ Wes Gordon Honors ⁢Groundbreaking Designer

Ever since 1982, the name Carolina Herrera has come to be synonymous with luxurious, timeless elegance. Now, the‌ iconic fashion designer‌ is having another⁣ moment⁣ in the spotlight, as Wes Gordon has taken the helm of ​the ‍eponymous label.

For his ⁣stylish‍ Spring/Summer 2020 collection,⁢ Gordon⁣ has crafted ‌fresh‌ takes on Herrera’s signature ‍looks, spicing ⁢up iconic silhouettes ⁣with ‍a dash of modernity. There’s something for everyone, whether ⁢you’re a dedicated fashionista or just someone⁤ who loves to look⁢ great:

  • Structured Tailoring: Crisp shapes and sharp lines help ⁢to give⁤ outfits a contemporary⁣ feel, while maintaining their‍ effortless‍ grace.
  • Prints: Colorful and abstract patterns bring⁣ out the bold‍ side ⁣of the⁤ wearer.⁣
  • Accessories: Sleek jewelry, dainty⁣ bags, and statement‍ hats serve to add ⁢an ‌extra⁢ layer‍ of ⁤sophistication.⁣

For fashion-lovers⁢ everywhere, the ‍line is a tribute to ⁤Herrera’s legacy, as the late designer’s⁣ timeless elegance lives on.

2.​ From Gowns to Glamour: Exploring Carolina⁤ Herrera’s Iconic Legacy

Designing Elegance

Carolina Herrera‍ has been⁤ the⁣ queen of pristine​ and‍ sophisticated ‌style for many decades.​ She ‌has crafted a career⁢ in the fashion world that is closely⁤ linked with ⁤grace and glamour. Her unparalleled ability to create designs ⁣that honor the timeless sophistication of womanhood is her legacy. From her signature dresses to her finely tailored⁤ trousers – Herrera has revolutionized ⁢the way women choose‌ to⁣ dress. The vibrant colors, sleek tailoring⁣ and distinctive designs of her collections are beloved by ⁤many.

From Couture to Casualwear

Herrera’s⁣ designs range⁤ from‍ the swoon worthy ball ‌gowns to everyday casual ‍styles. Her collections often feature ​a classic ⁣elegance, ​with modern accents. Her wide array ⁢of offerings⁤ includes:

  • Gowns – For⁣ those looking ‌to make ‌a statement, Herrera’s gowns do not⁣ disappoint.‌ From classic A-Line dresses to body hugging silhouettes, each piece‍ is designed‍ with elegance in mind.
  • Trouser Suits –​ A women’s wardrobe ‌is ​not complete without an exquisite ⁣trouser suit.⁣ Herrera’s designs feature figure flattering cuts ⁤and ​unique ‌details that will surpass any expectation.
  • Accessories – ⁢From belts, bags, and jewelry, to shoes, hats, and scarves – every accessory adds‌ a finishing touch‍ to all ⁣of⁤ Herrera’s ensembles.

Herrera’s ​keen ⁢eye for style has⁢ left an⁢ indelible⁣ mark on the fashion​ world. No ‌matter ​what ⁣the ⁤occasion, there⁣ is a Carolina Herrera⁤ design that will ⁢add a dose ​of high-class‌ sophistication.

3. Wes ⁢Gordon Salutes Carolina ​Herrera During Special Gala Event

At a highly-anticipated, black-tie ⁣extravaganza ⁤in ⁣Salucita, Wes ‍Gordon ⁢paid homage to the​ iconic designer⁢ Carolina ⁣Herrera with heartfelt words of‍ admiration.‌ He praised Herrera’s timeless style,⁤ phenomenal originality, ⁣and immense influence that had ⁢electrified ​the fashion world for‍ nearly four decades.

The⁢ crowd gazed in⁢ amazement as Gordon celebrated the‍ unparalleled ‌craftsmanship behind⁤ Herrera’s designs. He⁣ highlighted her mastery of baring the beauty of the female form ​while, at the‌ same time, preserving its elegance. He emphasized that her ‌unique, bold, ​and sophisticated ⁤pieces⁢ had played ‌a ​major role in elevating the design industry.

  • Gordon ⁢marveled at⁢ Herrera’s designs that gave traditional pieces a ⁢modern twist.
  • He applauded Herrera for mastering the subtle art of​ tailoring a ​dress to highlight the beauty of a woman’s figure.
  • He celebrated ⁣ Herrera’s ‍unwavering commitment⁤ to applying cutting-edge techniques ‌in her⁣ designs.

4. Learn How⁢ to Recreate the ‍Red-Carpet Look ⁢of ‍Carolina Herrera at ⁢Home

Carolina Herrera has captivated⁤ fashion enthusiasts ‌with her⁣ awe-inspiring‍ red-carpet looks, so we decided to break down the ⁢steps⁢ to recreate​ her style. Today, glamour ‍is just a few ‍dollars⁣ away!

Glam ⁢Up your ⁢Makeup
Carolina⁣ Herrera’s red-carpet look⁤ always⁢ includes an incredible makeup look; her⁣ makeup style consists of bright pop ‌colors, blended eyeshadows,⁣ and glowing​ skin. ⁤To replicate it at home, here’s⁢ what you will need:

  • Foundation and concealer
  • A creamy eyeshadow​ palette
  • Lengthening, curling ⁢or volumizing mascara
  • An eyeliner
  • A simple ‌blush
  • A light shimmer bronzer
  • A ⁣classic pink lipstick

Start ‌by ⁤prepping your skin with a foundation for an even ‍complexion. Then, ⁣mix shades of eyeshadow to deeply define your⁣ eyes, and don’t forget to⁢ add liner. Use a matte ‌blush and bronzer to⁤ add warmth to your face.​ Finally, it’s ‌not Carolina Herrera without a glossy pink lipstick.

Styling Your⁣ Hair to Look Red Carpet‍ Ready

For hairstyles, the designer’s looks usually include a ⁢combination of sleek and voluminous curls. To style your hair ⁢in a ‌way that resembles her look, ⁢arm yourself with these items:

  • A shampoo​ and conditioner with an anti-frizz ⁤formula
  • A ⁣heat⁤ protectant spray
  • A ​flat iron
  • A curling ⁤iron
  • A‌ hairspray

Start by washing ⁤your hair with an anti-frizz shampoo and ⁣conditioner and‍ apply the heat protectant spray. ⁤Use the⁤ flat ⁢iron to ⁢make‍ your hair ‍sleek and⁣ glossy, and separate your‌ hair in sections⁣ to ⁢add some loose curls with the ‍curling iron. Finish the look by spraying some‍ hairspray.

As the fashion world gears up to welcome Wes Gordon‌ and ⁢Carolina ⁢Herrera back to the ​runway, they’re ​sure to ‍bring with ‍them the ​splendor​ that has ‍established ‍them⁣ as one of⁣ the most ⁢prominent icons in⁢ the industry. For fans of‌ Carolina⁢ Herrera, the celebration ⁣of their designs​ and ‌the ​nostalgia of the‍ early days​ of​ fashion‍ will surely ‍be an unforgettable night. ⁤

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