Oh là là! Models walk the runway in racy pieces for luxury lingerie brand Etam – from lace catsuits to faux fl – Daily Mail
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Oh là là! Models walk the runway in racy pieces for luxury lingerie brand Etam – from lace catsuits to faux fl – Daily Mail

At this⁣ year’s Paris Fashion Week, attendees were⁢ in for a risqué display of lingerie. Luxury lingerie brand Etam sent‍ its models walking down the‍ runway wearing⁢ a range of daring and alluring pieces, from lace catsuits to⁤ faux fur. From the supermodels to the audience, it was clear⁢ that the show ⁢was certain to be unforgettable with the collection’s bold and racy designs.

1. Striking Lingerie Statement: Etam on the Runway

The 2020 Paris Fashion Week runway saw the classic lingerie label,⁣ Etam make a chic statement. French chic was, as expected, in vogue⁢ as​ each model stepped out in her Etam ensemble. Every item ‌showcased the ageless ⁣woman ⁢who knows how to do sexy, ‍classy and confident all in one. Take these highlights ​for instance:

  • Transformative Cut-Outs: ‍Just when you thought an area⁢ was covered, Etam showed where the cut-outs could be transformed. Raising the hem,‌ showing off the‍ shoulder, creating⁣ thigh-high slits and even taking a trend as simple as a headscarf and turning it inside out.
  • Redefined ‌Classics: The‌ lingerie looks ranged‍ from frilly lace and sheer stylings to contemporary bralettes that will be adding a punch to ⁤many ​wardrobes! Etam infused gallic edge with dynamic colour, ultimately ⁣creating a French charm.

The lingerie label owned the runway with the contemporary lingerie styles giving every woman a chance to ‍bring out⁣ their French⁣ sass and that confidence⁤ of ⁢knowing they have got their ‌wardrobe choices right.

2. Raising the Stakes‍ with Racy ​Luxury Designs

Racy‌ luxury designs have been ⁣taking the fashion world​ by storm lately. Brands like Gucci,​ Prada, and Louis⁣ Vuitton have been unveiling ⁤wild and glamorous pieces⁢ that look like ‍they belong on the catwalk, not the streets. From bold⁤ colors to daring cuts, these designs give us an excuse ​to step out ⁣of our comfort zone and be daring with our ‌clothing. Here are just a few of the features of some of the most ​daring luxury designs out there:

  • Vibrant Colors – these ‍clothes⁢ aren’t for the faint of heart. Think bright‍ yellows, oranges, and greens.
  • Unique Fabrics – snakeskin is a popular one,⁣ but brands are also experimenting with velvet, sequins, and faux fur.
  • Unexpected Details -‌ designers are creating⁢ designs with interesting quirks, like asymmetrical hemlines, exaggerated poufs,⁣ and cut-outs.

Racy luxury designs are the perfect way to ‍show ⁣off your style.​ Whether ‍you’re wearing something⁣ bright and vibrant or something a⁣ bit more subtle,​ these designs are sure to turn heads and make you stand out​ in the crowd. ⁢So don’t be afraid to be daring with your ‌clothes and embrace these‍ daring designs next time‍ you’re out shopping!

3. Redefining Lingerie with a ‍Bold Aesthetic

Lingerie has the power to make⁤ women both⁣ look and ⁢feel beautiful, which‌ is why it is always important to stay up to date with new trends. That being ‌said, it also doesn’t hurt to step out ​of‌ the box and take risks when ​it⁢ comes to lingerie. When it comes ⁣to bold looks, there is ‍much room for ⁣creativity and exploration.

How to⁤ Redefine the Look:

  • Experiment with prints, textures and colors.
  • Incorporate materials ‌like lace, mesh, satins etc.
  • Play with layers to create unique looks.
  • Go for elements like‌ ruffles, frills ⁤and cutouts.

Giving yourself the freedom to explore the​ boundaries of lingerie is ‌a great way to upgrade your look. With ‍these tips, you ​can easily find⁣ ways ‌to make lingerie a unique form of expression for yourself. Let​ yourself⁢ be experimental⁢ and go beyond sticking with the traditional styles. Find ways to make lingerie a part of your unique style.

4.​ Hitting the Catwalk with a Dash of Oh Là Là!

Whether you’re a fashionista, a fashion mogul, or just someone who likes ​to look their ⁣best on ⁣the streets, getting up on ‍the ⁢catwalk takes‌ lot of practice and finesse. Here are a few tips to make sure you shine your‌ brightest out there.

  • Put your best foot forward — Make sure you stay ahead of the game with a few practice rounds before ⁤the big day. This will help ensure you ⁣practice your pacing, ensure your outfit looks ⁤its best, and get comfortable in your shoes.
  • Be confident — Nothing says ⁤glamour like the confident strut of a catwalk diva! Find your power⁤ pose and ⁣practice until⁣ it​ feels like second nature. Keep focused on the path in front of you, and let your ‍personality – ⁣and the outfit – do the rest of the talking.

Posing –⁢ The poses ​are what really complete the look. Pose with your‍ head up, arms gracefully outstretched, and a subtle⁤ smirk – letting everyone know you mean​ business! Move​ with grace and be ready to stop and stay in the pose ‍for a few seconds.

For those who wanted to be⁢ inspired by the newest lingerie trends, ⁣the ⁢Etam fashion show surely gave the audience something⁣ exciting to feast their ​eyes on. With the show being a success, it goes⁢ to show that even in the midst of a pandemic, fashion houses can still go all out in creating something magical for their customers. ⁤

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