Luxury fashion brand Shanghai Tang returns to Malaysia at Lalaport … – Options The Edge
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Luxury fashion brand Shanghai Tang returns to Malaysia at Lalaport … – Options The Edge

When style and luxury‌ come together, the ⁣name Shanghai Tang is sure ​to ‌follow. Originating in the legendary ‍city of Shanghai, Shanghai Tang is a luxury fashion brand that has been providing it’s customers with a unique fusion ⁤of subtleness and originality⁤ since 1994. Now, the world-renowned brand is back to bring its luxurious touch to the people of Malaysia with ‍its store located at​ Lalaport Putrajaya, Plus Mall. So, ⁢come come and experience the art of luxury and exotic elegance with Shanghai Tang ‍today!

1. Shanghai Tang Returns to Malaysia – A Refreshing Take on the Luxury Fashion Scene

Shanghai⁣ Tang has been the epitome of ‍classic luxury fashion since its inception in 1994. Making its⁢ way across the globe before finally arriving in Malaysia, the latest​ collections of this unique label of Chinese couture take on an even more‍ sophisticated twist. With new and vibrant collections of⁣ home‌ furnishings, clothing and accessories, the company continues to redefine luxury on its own terms.

The range of clothing line features signature cheongsams, qipaos and other classic silhouettes with ‍splashes of colour and eccentric print that will certainly turn heads. Audacious prints and vibrant colours represent a liberation ⁣of traditional fashion and gives a ⁢refreshing flair to the luxury fashion scene. From the ⁢signature Narcissus collection to the classic Shanghai Tang collection,⁤ they are ​sure to inject a pop ‍of colours to the current‍ fashion scene.

  • Narcissus Collection: featuring vibrant florals, dainty​ prints and eclectic colours that will surely ‌refresh the wardrobe
  • Shanghai Tang: classic silhouettes with a modern twist, perfect for both work and play

2. Fusing Eastern Roots and ‍Western Style⁣ – A Perfect Blend of Classic‌ and Contemporary

Fusing Eastern roots and Western style creates ⁤a perfect blend ​of classic and contemporary elements. From‌ elaborate‌ kimonos to modernized hakamas, incorporating traditional⁢ attire in fashion today reflects a subtle juxtaposition ⁣between old and new. Here ‌are some‍ tips for creating a timeless⁤ ensemble that pays homage to Eastern culture whilst upholding a fashionable Western look:

  • Embrace Monochromatics: Try to incorporate simple monochromatic elements into‍ the overall look. This allows ‌for the fusion⁤ of opposing styles without compromising the cohesiveness of the outfit.
  • Utilize Graphic Prints: Accentuate your outfit with modern graphic prints (e.g. cloud and floral designs). This gives a⁢ unique flair to the look, while emphasizing the cultural roots.
  • Opt for Natural Accents: Introduce organic hues and fabrics to your ensemble. This evokes a sense of traditional Japanese craftsmanship to the attire, drawing attention towards ​the details.

Stay classic​ with ‌contemporary elements, ⁣or go bold with a⁣ statement piece. Whichever you choose, the combination of Eastern roots and Western style is sure to ⁣leave heads⁤ turning.

3. Welcoming the Iconic Brand at Lalaport⁣ – How to Experience the Luxury Label’s Allure

‘>It’s time to welcome the ‍iconic brand to Lalaport! Visitors⁢ are eager to experience the luxury label’s allure ​firsthand.

Whether it’s a simple window shopping or a full-blown shopping spree, diving⁣ into ​the ⁣luxury label’s amazing collections has never been easier. Here are some top tips on⁣ how to ⁣enjoy the full Lalaport ⁢experience:

  • Head⁤ for the flagship boutique located on⁣ the 4th floor.
  • Stop and admire the unique⁤ interior of the store and the collections on ⁣offer.
  • Don’t forget to take advantage of the many limited-time offers.
  • Spruce up your look with⁢ apparel ‌and accessories from the brand.
  • Browse through the collection and feel the fabrics and richness of the fabrics.

From vintage pieces ‌to the latest​ designs, the offerings at the store are sure to bring ‌on ⁢the excitement. No doubt, this ⁤is the perfect opportunity to indulge in the label’s style of luxury. end it’s time to ⁤upgrade your wardrobe with the label’s ​latest apparel and accessories! ‌

Shanghai ⁤Tang’s ⁤return to Malaysia⁢ shows that the‌ company is adapting to ⁢the‍ changing landscape of ​the fashion industry. With its focus on luxury⁣ fashion, this brand is ⁤sure to be a welcome addition to the‌ Malaysian market. As it continues to expand its presence in the Southeast Asia region, keep your eyes peeled for Shanghai Tang continuing to make waves with its unique, classic ⁣style.

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