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12South Collection attracting luxury brands to neighborhood – WKRN News 2

The historic 12South neighborhood⁤ in Nashville is ⁤undergoing a transformation. As luxury retailer and hotels move in, the​ area​ is quickly becoming more than just a local hang-out‍ – it’s becoming a go-to spot in Music City for​ well-heeled shoppers. ⁤With‍ the ⁤addition of the new 12South Collection, this stretch of trendy avenues and streets‍ is now home to some‍ of the most luxurious global brands.

1. 12South Collection Transforming Nashville Neighborhood

The⁣ 12South‍ collection in Nashville, Tennessee⁣ has become an affluent​ asset to the Southern city. The ⁤neighborhood has bloomed with retail and dining options⁢ and has ⁤become⁢ a hub of activity for locals and visitors alike. It’s⁤ no surprise that​ the⁤ colorful collection has been⁣ transforming the area and‌ gaining much recent​ attention.

From specialty boutiques to savory ⁤restaurants, 12South has become an embodiment of Southern hospitality. With the ongoing construction and development, the thriving neighborhood has become hard to ignore. Among a few of the favorites are Edley’s ⁢Bar-B-Que, a BBQ smokehouse and Revelator ⁣Coffee, the perfect ‍spot to get your ‌caffeine‍ fix. For ‌all the fashionistas out there, there’s ⁣ Embers Boutique and ⁣ Olive ‍& Sinclair – a great⁤ destination for locally sourced chocolates.

  • Edley’s ⁢Bar-B-Que: A BBQ smokehouse.
  • Revelator ​Coffee: Great spot for caffeine ⁢fix.
  • Embers Boutique: Ideal⁢ spot to shop.
  • Olive & Sinclair: ‌Worthy⁤ destination for chocolates.

2.⁢ Luxury Brands Jumping​ on the 12South Bandwagon

Tennessee has seen an influx of​ luxury brands pouring​ into Nashville’s 12south‌ neighborhood. Many of these are familiar fashion, home, and personal care​ brands⁤ that have now set up shop. In recent⁤ years, the‌ neighborhood has developed a unique identity as a⁢ diverse and upscale‍ destination for ​locals‌ and tourists alike.

These bold brands are embracing change and focusing on ⁢inclusivity as they join the 12south bandwagon. From ‍the latest trends in designer apparel for men ⁤and women, ‌to⁣ unique home decor pieces and ⁤must-have skincare‌ products, the selection here is top-notch. Here’s a look at some of the​ luxury brands that have set‍ up shop in⁤ the neighborhood:

  • Stay Home ⁣Club
  • SEP Professional ‌Makeup
  • Baxter of California
  • Na ⁣Nin Vintage
  • The Playroom
  • Timbuktu

Each of these unique stores, bars and restaurants ⁤carry ‌something for everyone, making 12south ‌a fun and exciting neighborhood‍ to explore. Thanks to these​ luxury brands, 12south is quickly becoming one ⁢of Nashville’s most iconic shopping⁢ destinations.

3. Nashville Residents Benefit from New Boutiques and Shops

Out with the Old, In with the New

Nashville has been experiencing a ⁢surge in​ growth ⁤and so has ‌its commerce. From⁣ fashion-forward boutiques to vintage collectibles shops, there’s something ⁤to suit the ⁤fashion needs‌ of‌ everyone.⁤ It’s no wonder the locals​ are⁢ loving these new stores! ‍

Take ‘The Foundry’ for example, they specialize in vintage goodies from the​ ‘50s⁢ to the ‘80s. From records to hats,⁤ you can find‍ any throwback item you desire here. Plus, they’ve just recently⁤ released their own line of t-shirts that ⁤feature vintage ⁤logos and‍ prints.

On the other hand, there’s ‘The Backyard’, a hip boutique that caters to the modern fashions. From⁢ crop tops to Statement jewelry, they have everything a fashionista needs. Plus, all their clothes ⁣are handmade ⁣and⁣ sustainable.‍

In any case, these boutiques and shops are a ‌great addition‌ to the Nashville resident’s lifestyle. Here are some of the biggest pros⁣ they⁣ offer:

  • Not only do ⁢they fuel the economy, they also offer an incredible selection for the ⁣fashion-oriented.
  • More boutique and vintage stores give locals a sense of individuality and distinct ⁢style.
  • These new stores offer high-quality items at reasonable⁢ prices.

It’s time to hit⁣ the shops and get that new​ look you’ve ⁣been wanting! From head to toe, these‍ boutiques and⁤ shops have you covered. Get to shopping and experience everything that Nashville has to offer.

4. Exploring What⁤ the 12South Collection⁣ Has to‍ Offer

The 12South Collection has an abundance of‌ treasures to explore. From the latest designer shoes to their selection of fashionable jewelry, you⁣ won’t be ​disappointed. Here⁤ are​ some of the standouts:

    Designer Shoes

  • 12South‌ carries an‍ array of designer shoes for all‌ occasions. From⁤ heeled sandals to sequin-encrusted trainers, you’ll ⁢be sure to find something perfect.
  • Jewelry

  • The jewelry at 12South is ⁤glamorous and edgy. It does all the talking for you, with‍ bold statement pieces that will ⁤elevate any outfit.
  • Clothing

  • The clothing selection is perfect for those ⁤looking for an eclectic wardrobe. ​From piped wraps to striped jumpsuits, there’s‍ something for everyone.
  • Accessories

  • The accessories⁣ at 12South⁣ are modern and unique. Whether you’re ​looking for the perfect ⁤clutch or the ⁣chicest sunglasses, you’ll find it ​here.

Be sure to check out the 12South Collection for yourself. ⁤With such ⁤an incredible selection of fashion pieces, ⁢you won’t be disappointed. You’ll be able ​to easily ‍find the ⁢perfect addition to your ‍wardrobe.

As the 12South Collection‍ continues to attract luxury⁤ brands and elevate Nashville’s reputation, it’s only a ⁣matter of time before this vibrant neighborhood continues to thrive and ‍rise to even greater heights. It’s become a destination to explore, relax, and indulge in some of the city’s‌ most exquisite shopping experiences, and the future is looking⁤ bright.

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