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MILAN FASHION PHOTOS: Naomi Campbell stuns at Dolce&Gabbana in collection highlighting lingerie – ABC News

⁣ Stunning‌ in her signature style, ⁣iconic supermodel⁢ Naomi Campbell ⁤was the ‍belle of​ the ⁤ball at the recent⁢ Dolce&Gabbana runway show in‌ Milan. From the seafoam jumpsuit ⁤she opened the show with to the⁢ feminine‌ lingerie she strutted down the runway⁢ with,⁢ Naomi was⁣ the star of the night – ⁣and now, these ​stunning fashion photos​ are⁤ here‍ to prove it.

1. Naomi Campbell Shines at Dolce&Gabbana ‌in ⁢Milan

This week, supermodel‍ Naomi Campbell⁢ graced the streets of Milan wearing Dolce&Gabbana. Despite the chilly weather,‌ she looked⁢ effortlessly stunning in a timeless black and⁤ white ensemble. Her statement‌ look made her the perfect‍ model ⁣for the Italian⁤ fashion house.

  • The Outfit

For the day, Naomi⁤ chose⁤ a 1970s-inspired outfit of a⁢ black mini dress with​ a structured white collar and ‌cuffs –⁤ a look reminiscent of the classic⁢ Italian style. The piece was accessorized with ⁤a matching ⁣black wide-brimmed hat,‌ a⁢ white blush leather shoulder​ bag and a pair of black suede ankle boots.

  • The⁤ Day

The model spent the day ‌showing off her incredible style, ‌taking to the streets ​of Milan ⁤and posing for photographers with⁣ effortless poise. Onlookers couldn’t help but‌ take to social media ⁣to share ​their admiration‍ for her look ‌in the Italian city.

2. A Collection to Remember: Lingerie⁤ Spotlighted ⁤in Milan Fashion Show

The lingerie⁢ walking⁤ the fashion show in Milan was ‌nothing short of inspiring. Here are ‍some of the⁣ most show-stopping⁣ designs from⁤ this unforgettable collection:

  • A deep-plunge ‍bustier ⁤gown​ in pale pink ​– featuring a ‌sheer-pleated skirt
  • A golden lingerie set ⁤– a crop top, knickers and silk, ombre robe
  • A⁣ matching ‍pink camisole​ and‍ thong – with intricate white embroidery

Bringing‌ lingerie​ into ​the ​spotlight, ⁣this collection was ​able‍ to bring that delicate, romantic touch to‍ the runway in Milan. ‍Many of the designs had‍ embroidered details, ‌ruffles ​or⁤ feathers,⁢ resulting in pieces with an⁤ elegant and‌ sexy air. In addition to these, ⁢there were plenty of bralettes, ⁢corsets and nightgowns ‌to be found:

  • A black⁣ lace halter teddy – with sheer tulle at the⁢ sides
  • A dusty pink satin bodysuit – featuring a⁢ square neckline ⁤and delicate shoulder straps
  • A‍ bra-and-thong set in ⁢ivory – with scalloped ⁢edges and⁤ sheer floral⁢ details

3. Naomi Campbell’s Style ‌Sends a Powerful Message

Naomi Campbell’s fashionable influence ‌has been seen throughout decades of ​fashion icons and industry professionals ⁤around‌ the world. As⁢ an English model with‍ powerful presence and a fierce attitude, her style has been known to empower, ⁤inspire, and stand ‍for something bigger than ‌her ‍modeling⁣ career.‍ It speaks to‌ a message of body positivity, confidence, and power ‌that generations ⁣of women can⁢ identify with.

Campbell’s⁢ daring​ looks turn heads‍ and often ⁢set trends. From being a channel of male-oriented brands ‍like Versace to taking part in the⁤ rise of luxury and high-end apparel, she has always made certain her presence has been known. Her​ willingness to express her true ⁣sense ⁤of fashion has earned her ‍a place in the hearts of ⁤millions. Every ⁤look is a showstopper ‌— from‌ her trademark mini-skirts to⁣ those ⁢edgy ‌statuesque⁣ pantsuits. Campbell’s ⁢sense of ​style ⁢also reflects⁢ a childhood growing⁣ up in London that has never gone⁣ away.

  • Fashion Choices: ​From Versace to high-end apparel.
  • On-Screen‍ Presence: Fierce attitude, ​presence, and power.
  • Social Impact: ⁤ Body positivity, confidence, and power.
  • Sense of Style: ⁢Mini-skirts, pantsuits, stand-out ⁤looks.

4. From Red Carpet to ⁢Runway: The Evolution of Naomi Campbell

The ⁣iconic ⁣Naomi Campbell first⁣ made her ⁤way⁢ onto ⁣the red carpet in‍ 1990, and she has become a ⁣prominent figure in the​ fashion world⁢ ever since. Considered one of the ‍‘clever five’ of⁣ the late‍ 1990s and early 2000s, Campbell’s style has evolved⁣ alongside her eclectic career.

  • The ⁣early years saw her rock red carpet looks that‌ showed a spirit of ‌rebellion; cropped hair, silver jewelry, ⁤and brash attitude.
  • She adopted a⁢ black-dress-only closet staple in the early ⁣2000s, ⁢ creating​ a signature look of simplicity ⁤and elegance,‍ but always ⁣with a bit of sass.

Campbell‍ made the transition from⁣ red carpet ⁣to the runway ⁤in 2006 with a Lilly Cole⁣ branded⁣ 35-piece ⁣collection, ​taking her knack for standing out with her to the next level. As hers and Cole’s fashion brand gained ‍a⁢ following, she‍ continued to be‍ a fashion star, ⁤competing⁣ with other models for high-profile⁤ campaigns and ‍events. She⁢ was even chosen‌ for ‍ a Moschino campaign in 2017, which was an international success.

With her impeccable style, Naomi Campbell ⁤commanded attention as she graced the runway‌ of ⁣Dolce&Gabbana’s fashion show in Milan.​ There’s no⁣ questioning that‍ the lingerie collection was‌ truly⁢ a sight to behold, and Naomi Campbell ⁤solidified its credibility and beauty.​ In the⁣ end, it’s clear that ​fashion isn’t just about the clothes – it’s about​ the confidence and inspiring beauty that comes ‌with ⁢it.

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