Beauty is fashion’s next playground: See the brands that are making … – Vogue Singapore
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Beauty is fashion’s next playground: See the brands that are making … – Vogue Singapore

We ⁤all ​know‌ that fashion ⁤is constantly evolving,⁢ and beauty brands aren’t far⁤ behind! As seen in ‍many⁢ fashion publications‌ worldwide, beauty is ⁢becoming ⁤an integral part of fashion – playing ⁤as much ⁤a part as clothes and accessories in styling complete looks. From eye-catching eyelashes to statement nails, beauty has‌ made‌ its way to the fashion catwalk, and the trend ‌is only getting more innovative.⁣ Read on to‌ find out ⁤more about some of the beauty brands pushing boundaries ⁤and making fashion sizzle!

1. Beauty and Fashion: ⁤A Mismatched ⁣Marriage?

When it comes to‌ beauty and fashion, it’s a love-hate relationship. There is no denying that fashion and beauty have and‍ always‌ will be‌ intertwined–but, to what extent? Can success in one⁢ field overlap​ and complement success in the other?

The Good.

  • Beauty has the potential ‍to make fashion more dynamic.
  • Fashion‌ can generate‌ opportunities to show ​off beauty.
  • The combination​ can be a powerful outlet for self-expression.

Sure, there may be beauty and fashion ‍moments when you ⁣feel compelled to doubly ⁢reap the rewards of⁣ looking and feeling fantastic, be⁢ it ⁣a top-notch lipstick shade complementing that special little ‌black dress,‍ or a killer stand-out hairdo you ⁣just can’t wait to Instagram.⁣

The Bad.

  • Beauty and fashion can also impose damaging standards.
  • The combination can ⁣create unrealistic expectations.
  • And, while attempting​ to meet said expectations, it⁣ can be really hard⁤ on the wallet.

Unfortunately, there are cases when‍ trendy ⁤beauty​ and​ fashion practices‌ might be dangerously restrictive–or even ⁢detrimental–to our ideas ⁤of beauty and fashion. Whether we’re talking about oppressive beauty ​standards ‌or ⁢Summerwear styles that convince us to go into debt, the presence of both beauty and fashion can create​ feelings‍ of lesser understandings and comparisons to ⁢others.

2. Beauty Steps Out of the Shadow of Fashion

In the⁢ past, beauty has been defined solely by the standards of ⁢fashion. Magazine covers, runways and celebrities portrayed the ‌message that beauty is only achievable through makeup, ⁤accessories ‍and clothing. But today, this has changed. Beauty is‍ starting to step⁣ out of the shadow of⁢ fashion, and this statement ⁤is being seen everywhere.

For⁤ starters, the beauty industry has ‍grown exponentially over the past few years, ‍with new products, practices ⁢and ‍treatments emerging ‍every month.⁤ Women all around the world ⁢are reclaiming their confidence and embracing their natural ⁢beauty. From⁢ no‌ makeup ‍selfies to self-love campaigns, the influence of self-confidence is​ becoming increasingly strong.

  • Makeup Masterclasses: leading beauty gurus are teaching people how to make the most of their‍ natural⁢ beauty, instead ​of masking it.
  • Natural⁣ Beauty Products: organic beauty products⁢ are becoming increasingly popular, as people turn ⁢to nature for healthier beauty routines.
  • Beauty Bloggers: beauty bloggers are offering invaluable ​advice on ⁣mastering different looks without relying on fashion trends.

All ⁤of ​this suggests⁣ that beauty is no ⁤longer constrained​ by the mannerism of fashion⁢ nor by what ⁣celebrities are wearing. ⁤Beauty is⁣ all ​about embracing ⁢who we are⁢ and feeling confident and beautiful in‌ our own skin. ⁢Moreover, beauty is individual, it’s⁤ timeless and ‌diverse.

3. A New Breed of Beauty ⁣Brands⁤ Making‌ Waves

It’s no secret that beauty brands of all varieties​ are on‍ the rise, but in ⁢the past years there ​has been‍ a true “groundswell” in boutique beauty. From minimalist packaging to natural and eco-friendly ingredients, these new beauty brands come in ⁣a variety of shapes and‌ sizes; they are genuinely revolutionizing the way we think about beauty products.

Take‌ the ⁣ East of Eden skincare line⁤ that is formulated with the purest of ingredients, or​ innovate packaging ⁢design from the​ likes ⁤of Six Wolves. Then there’s the modern, minimalistic‌ aesthetic of Face Halo – an⁣ at-home makeup remover that has the ability to ⁣cleanse the​ skin from all makeup​ and chemicals with just water. Finally, don’t forget Soapwalla ​ who create handmade, toxin-free soaps‍ with sustainably-sourced ingredients.

  • East ⁣of Eden
  • Six Wolves
  • Face⁢ Halo
  • Soapwalla

These brands share two major traits – a focus ‍on clean​ ingredients and a‌ more modern, ⁣fresh take on⁤ skincare and beauty products. Many ⁢of these remarkable new ​beauty brands strive to create high-quality products while also being eco-friendly,⁣ mindful of their‍ environmental‌ impact and striving to make an impact in‍ their local communities.

4.⁣ Beauty ​is the Future‍ of Fashion –⁣ Vogue Singapore Weighs In

As global ‍fashion⁢ trends evolve, the ‍concept ‍of “beauty” in fashion is becoming increasingly​ prominent. And that⁢ is​ why Vogue Singapore has taken to explore ⁤and weigh in on this idea.

The Realisation ⁢of Tie Dye ⁤Fashion: With ⁢the ‍advent of tie ‌dye fashion, fashion lovers have realised a ‍new form of beauty that fits the trends of our‌ times. Vogue⁣ Singapore believes⁢ this‌ trend‍ is about more than just the tie-dye​ effect – it puts forward the idea of beauty as something tangible, something which is yours⁢ to embrace and⁢ express.

The ​Blurring of Old and New ​Trends:Vogue Singapore is keen ⁣to⁤ show how ‘new’‍ trends are ‌simply a representation ‌of old systems being ‍elevated to the ⁣present times. It⁤ highlights ⁣how ⁣fashion ‌is changing, but also⁤ how it’s timeless. ⁤In the world⁤ of fashion, what was once considered ‘old’ is being bring to⁣ life⁣ with a modern twist.⁢ Thus, this trend encourages beauty and versatility for ‍everyone.

The ⁣reign of⁣ fashion⁣ is undergoing a shift, and beauty products are taking the helm. By embracing this dynamic, the industry is enabling a ⁤new wave of creativity, innovation, ⁣and exploration. With the options already available, there is ​undoubtedly a bright future ahead for fashion-beauty‌ pairings.

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