After Balmain and Givenchy, The8 strolls Paris streets in LV luxury streetwear – Hindustan Times
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After Balmain and Givenchy, The8 strolls Paris streets in LV luxury streetwear – Hindustan Times

Paris’ iconic streets are well known for⁢ their luxe flavors, however, the scene took a different turn today when it welcomed The8’s‍ presence in none⁢ other than Louis Vuitton’s luxury streetwear. After Balmain and⁤ Givenchy, it didn’t take long for the street style icon to make ⁢heads turn dressed to the nines in the‍ French fashion house’s ⁤latest collection.

1. ⁤High Fashion Hits the Streets – LV Luxury ‍Streetwear

Louis Vuitton ​has just announced ⁤the‍ launch of a ⁣whole new collection of luxury streetwear. The collection embraces the spirit⁤ of high fashion and its ready-to-wear pieces embellish the trendiest street styles like never before. With this new range, LV is determined to bring‍ its signature elegance to the urban, and everyday looks.

This‍ new​ luxury streetwear collection includes pieces for both men and women, ranging from​ hoodies and t-shirts to accessories and‍ leather goods. ⁢What’s more, the brand has adopted particular motifs from its archives to honor its⁣ iconic legacy, combined with connected materials like technical jersey and cashmere. Details like​ metals and fringes recreated in the House’s signature Monogram ‍canvas, contribute to the collection’s unique look.

  • For⁤ Men: premium denim items, moto jackets, belt bag, casual​ shirts, leather wallet‍
  • For Women: baseball caps, cardenger bag, silk shirt, ‍sneakers, dress

2. The8⁢ Strolling the Streets of Paris after Balmain and Givenchy

After looking dapper at Paris Fashion Week,‌ the K-pop​ band The8 made time to explore the romantic ⁤city on their own.‌ When they were free from⁤ obligations, they took ‍a ⁤leisurely stroll through the quaint streets ‍of the French capital.

Walking around the ​iconic sites, The8 soaked in the atmosphere of the beloved city. On the agenda‌ was a trip to the Eiffel Tower, as well as the world-famous Champs Elysees and the Notre Dame Cathedral.⁣ They wore stylish ​clothes from the concentration of top-tier Parisian fashion houses: Balmain and Givenchy. Dressed to ⁢the nines, they made sure to take lots of pictures, ‍both‍ of themselves and of the beautiful city they ⁤were visiting!

  • Taking in the sights of Paris
  • Exploring the iconic sites of the fashion capital
  • Dressing to impress in Balmain and Givenchy
  • Capturing memories that will last​ a lifetime

3. LV​ Streetwear Creates a Bold Look for Fashion Show

LV Streetwear has ⁣made waves at the fashion show with their bold and unique looks. The collection had a combination of dramatic and glamorous looks that will get anyone noticed.

  • High Waisted Jeans and Blazers: LV has given a fresh twist to classic silhouettes. High ⁤waist jeans were paired with long blazers that gave⁣ a stylish look. Perfect ‍for business casual and for going out at night.
  • Statement Coats: ‍ Everyone at ⁢the show was ⁣talking about LV’s‌ statement coats. From brightly⁢ patterned fabrics to bold colors, these jackets will ⁣make any outfit stand out from the crowd.

And⁢ no LV collection would be complete without lots of accessories. Layering necklaces, earrings, and other pieces finished off the looks with a⁢ pop of ⁤sparkle.

4. Newest​ Streetwear Fusing Haute Couture and Street Style

We all know that fashion blends the new with the old, and it looks‍ like streetwear is following suit. The latest looks being‌ seen on the streets are ⁢taking the traditional high fashion style‍ and ⁢merging⁢ it with the cut and⁤ color of streetwear. It’s a match made ‍in heaven. Whether you’re looking for something more⁤ classic and elegant or a little more daring and ‍edgy, these newest pieces will have you covered.

  • Blazers: Blazers have been given ‍an upgrade. Whether you’re rocking a structured style or⁢ a softer look, tweeds, checks, and leather are all⁢ possible options to consider.
  • Shirts: From tunics to ​bomber-style⁣ or turtleneck cuts, there’s an‍ ideal tailored shirt for ⁣every occasion. Look for detailing like diagonal zippers and colorful patches for added flair.
  • Pants: Embroidered, pitch-pocketed, and colored sweatpants are all part of an ever-growing ensemble of modern and stylish trousers.

The blend of streetwear and ⁣high fashion is creating a unique look. With bright, bold colors meet unexpected shapes and fabrics, this definitely isn’t ⁢your mother’s couture. And⁢ with more⁢ and⁢ more street style designs being added to the mix, there is no shortage of new and eye-catching looks to explore.⁣

It’s safe to say that The8’s iconic walk through the streets of Paris has solidified their beloved status as fashion icons. As they’ll tell you, when it comes to being stylish and making a statement, ‌there’s ​no better way to ⁣do that than with Louis Vuitton’s luxury streetwear.

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