No Hotel, No Problem: Marriott, Hilton Attract Development Dollars … – CoStar Group
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No Hotel, No Problem: Marriott, Hilton Attract Development Dollars … – CoStar Group

For ⁣the hotel industry, there is a way to get development ⁢dollars⁤ even ⁢without building a‌ hotel. Major ⁤companies such⁤ as Marriott International and Hilton are finding inventive⁢ and creative ways⁤ to get ⁣development dollars invested in their projects and without having ⁤to build ⁢a hotel. Discover ⁢how these ‌innovative ⁤methods could⁤ revolutionize the ⁤hotel‌ development space.

1. No Vacancy? No Problem: Marriott and Hilton Capitalizing on Opportunities

Staying ahead of the competition is⁣ key for the hotel business. At the waters edge‍ stands two ‌corporate giants scrambling for customers: Marriott and Hilton. Both striving to stay one step ahead of their‌ rivals. With a constantly ‌changing hospitality market, these powerhouses have had⁤ to innovate in ⁤order to ‍remain successful.

How‌ have Marriott and ​Hilton tackled ⁤the challenge ​of ⁤no vacancies? They might not be ​getting as many customers as ⁣before, but ‍they’ve identified how​ to turn the tables. ⁤

  • They’ve invested‍ in creative marketing campaigns.
  • They’ve⁣ expanded their digital ⁤presence.
  • They continue to introduce new, modern facilities.
  • They’ve seen opportunities for diversification.

Marriott is no stranger ⁢to developing diverse businesses, recently launching its own line ⁤of luxury ‌condos ​and vacation rental services. ⁣Likewise,⁢ Hilton ⁤has boosted ‍its portfolio of ‌sub-brands such as Curio and Tapestry, adding value ⁣to their customers’ trips and giving them ​more choice.

Such ​strategic thinking has kept ‍both ⁢companies‍ ahead of ​the curve, ready⁣ to cater to any customer, ‍at any time. They’ve capitalized on opportunities⁢ to carve⁣ out success. Even when the market ‍has been saturated​ beyond capacity these businesses ⁣have persisted, proving they’re at the top of their⁣ game.

2.‌ Seeking New Opportunities: Marriott and Hilton Expand⁤ Their Reach with Development⁤ Deals

Leading​ hospitality giants Marriott and⁤ Hilton have both announced ambitious expansion⁣ plans for ⁣2020. The ⁤two companies have⁢ each signed multiple development deals in the US and across the world ‌to open‌ new hotels and experiences ⁣in promising ‍markets.

The deals both companies ⁢have ​made paint ‍a⁣ picture of an expanding global reach. Marriott has entered into development agreements​ for nearly 24,500 ​additional rooms ‌ in 30⁤ countries‍ as part of their “Spirit to Serve” ⁤campaign. These deals include:

  • Uber-luxurious resorts⁤ in the Maldives and Africa
  • Raising their existing⁢ presence in Mexico
  • 300 new hotels in Europe

Similarly, Hilton has announced a major expansion into China, expecting to open up to 150 hotels over‍ the next few years. They have also entered‍ into deals for​ 80 properties ​in Africa⁢ and 42 in the Middle⁢ East as a part of their ‌‘Travel with Purpose’ initiative.‍ These ⁢properties range⁣ from iconic towers to smaller luxury ⁣resorts.

3.⁤ Marriott and ⁢Hilton Invest for​ the Future: Partnerships Prove Profitable

As two ⁣of⁢ the world’s most renowned hospitality companies, Marriott International and Hilton have‍ both invested heavily in the future of‌ hotel operations. In recent years, they have​ both begun to ‌explore how strategic partnerships can increase profitability‍ and strengthen ⁣their holdings.

Recent partnerships have yielded impressive ⁢results ​for both companies. Marriott embassies in the Caribbean⁢ for example, have become a hot ⁢destination for luxury‌ resorts and ⁤private beachside homes. The collaboration with ​multiple construction ​firms has yielded exclusive beach access for its⁢ ‘Embassies by‍ Marriott’ locations.⁣ With each‍ project, Marriott earns generous commissions, local⁣ land ⁣development fees, and ⁣other bonuses that resemble more of ⁤a startup methodology⁣ than a business plan​ as usual.

Hilton ​meanwhile has‌ focused‍ its efforts on forming ​partnerships with⁤ attractions in their ⁢destination cities. ‌For instance,‌ Hilton Hotels in ‌Washington‌ DC have become an escape for⁤ tourists who can enjoy discounted ⁤tickets to the Smithsonian Institute, The White House,‌ and numerous other attractions ⁢with their stay. ‍Additionally, Hilton has even⁢ pursued joint ‍ventures with AirBnB, ‌allowing more diverse options for their customers.

Both⁤ Marriott and Hilton are perfect examples of how partnerships, strategic‍ investments, and innovation⁢ can​ create longterm profitability⁢ for businesses in the ⁢hospitality ‌industry.

4. A⁣ Bright Future for Marriott and⁤ Hilton: ‌Exploring New Avenues ‌for Development Dollars

As ⁣two of the major ‌players in‌ the hotel business, Marriott‌ and Hilton have been steadily increasing their investment in⁤ new avenues of ‌development. From ​renovating existing buildings⁢ to ⁣launching​ modern, cutting-edge amenities, ⁤these‌ large chains are ⁢paving the way⁣ for the future of the hospitality industry. ⁤

An obvious route taken⁣ by both ​companies is their expansion ⁤into electronic services. ⁤They have heavily invested in‍ digital solutions such‌ as mobile ​apps, in-room ⁤technology, and high-speed reliable internet. This allows customers to have ⁣an ⁣easy and⁤ convenient ⁣experience,⁢ as all their needs are provided directly to ‍their​ fingertips.⁤ Additionally, Marriott and Hilton⁢ are ⁣now investing in ⁣artificial ⁢intelligence and autonomous‍ robots‍ to improve the quality of customer‍ service.

Furthermore, both chains have been⁢ venturing ⁣into the ‍realm of sustainability. Marriott now has a program that⁤ commits to using green energy sources and reducing its carbon footprint. ⁤For ⁤Hilton, it has been promoting green initiatives ‌such as⁢ water​ conservation and ​plastic-free​ amenities.

This forward-thinking outlook is⁣ setting both companies on a promising​ path. In the near future,⁣ Marriott⁢ and Hilton are expected ⁤to come up ⁢with​ more modern services and⁣ amenities, making them even more ⁣appealing ‌to customers and providing ​the best hospitality experience.

The hospitality scene ‌is changing rapidly as developers switch ‌up their methods to attract large hotel chains⁢ such⁢ as Marriott ‍and Hilton. Despite the ⁤odds, ⁣developers ​are finding success with⁢ this new approach to hospitality. For more‍ updates‌ on this trend, ⁢be sure to stay tuned! ⁣

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