South Asian designers join the menswear revolution – Vogue Business
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South Asian designers join the menswear revolution – Vogue Business

From their traditional embroidery to their vibrant colors, South Asian fashion‌ designers are a powerful force within the fashion industry. Now, in a revolution to empower men’s fashion, these acclaimed designers are stepping up⁢ to the plate with their eye-catching designs. Explore ⁣the innovative way South Asian ⁤fashion is revolutionizing‌ menswear ​with Vogue Business.

1. South Asian Designers⁣ Rock Menswear Revolution

The menswear revolution isn’t a new concept, but South Asian designers are⁤ taking it to the next level. Bold patterns, opulent colors and fabrics,⁣ and great attention to detail are just ‍some⁣ of the qualities that make South Asian menswear designs stand out. From ⁤traditional sherwanis to more modern interpretations⁣ of⁢ the draped kurta, South Asian fashion holds up an impressive banner for the changing male dress code.

Take style cues from Bollywood stars like Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor, or look up Indian⁢ tailors like Rajesh Pratap ⁤Singh and Kunal Rawal for more daring silhouettes. For a traditional but still updated touch, Manish Malhotra brings in fabrics ‌from all over India, as does SVA Couture. Or for those who opt for the classic look, opt for Dhruv Kapoor and Rahul Mishra’s minimal designs. With all these choices, you can create a⁤ style all your own!

  • Bold Patterns
  • Rich ​Colors‌ and Fabrics
  • Attention to Detail

2. Blazers, Streetwear & Tailoring -⁤ New Classics of South Asian Designers

South Asian designers have carved a niche in the fashion industry, producing bold and modern iterations of classic styles. With a penchant for tailoring, these artistic minds have produced a wonderfully expansive range of high-quality pieces. Blazers, streetwear and tailored ‍outfits are some of their‌ most influential fashion ‌pieces.

This season’s looks are both classic and modern, fashioning an array of look-defining essentials. From the simple but striking blazer with small details, ‍to the streetwear-ready hoodie, there are many options. Other favourites include asymmetric hems, shorts ‍and tapered trousers that come ​in a range of different shades and⁣ prints. Tailored pieces are sure to turn heads, made ‍from fabrics and forms that elegantly drape the body. With a nod to South Asian ⁣culture, there are favourites to truly build a look around.

– Deluxe blazers ​with detailed stitching
– ​Asymmetrical ​and oversized hoodies
– Tapered chinos and shorts‍ in⁣ assorted colours and ⁣prints
– Structured kurtas, kurtis and waistcoats
– Tailored modern saris and draped silhouettes

These pieces from South Asian designers bring impeccable design and ⁤quality that will last through the seasons.

3. Power‍ Dressing – Blur Lines of Gender Norms & the South Asian Influence

The term ⁢”power ​dressing” has⁣ been used for centuries to refer to an​ outfit that is able to convey an individual’s authority, status, and strength. This can be‌ done with the materials used, embroidery, ⁢colors, and styles. Power dressing is often associated with western fashion, but it has transcended to the south and east.

The South Asian ‍influence has brought a ⁤new perspective to ⁤power ‍dressing. It has added a range of color combinations, intricate stitching, and patterns to the⁤ conventional⁣ “power dress”.​ With advancements in technology and globalization, the lines of gender norms have blurred and the concept of androgynous power dressing has come into play. ⁣South Asian inspired fashion ‍has become ​increasingly popular among both men and women, with pieces like tunics, kurta jackets, and palazzos.

  • Traditional Elements: South Asian power dressing includes traditional pieces such as ⁢churidar leggings and kurtas.
  • Hours of Embroidery: It is common to see designs such‌ as petite and big paisley patterns, checkers, and intricate beading⁢ and thread work.
  • Colors: There is a great range of vibrant‍ colors to choose from, such as blue, pink, orange, gold, and silver.

4. Reimagining Menswear – Revolutionary Look for Inspiring Change

Menswear has ‍been going ​through a maverick ‌revolution: a ​brand⁤ new look⁤ has been embraced by style icons, rappers, actors ‌and the likes, making a‌ statement against conformity, outdated images and stigmas of what men can wear. The combination of oversized sweatshirts, loose sweatpants, bright colours and​ bold patterns, leather coats, tracksuits and denim ​have made for the perfect blend of high-fashion and street-style for a new look in the menswear industry.

For those looking for creative ways to explore the “out-of-the-box” looks, it starts with self-expression. The⁤ aim is‌ to⁤ build unique, trend-defying statements. Accessories are key, especially in monochrome and statement pieces. From jewellery like earrings to fine leather, to scarves ⁢and berets, ​each item adds to creating a look that is adaptive, creative and versatile. Bold colours like bright blues and rich reds, and prints from animal-motifs to pop-art give the perfect finish to reimagining menswear and inspiring change.

  • Oversized sweatshirts
  • Loose sweatpants
  • Bright colours
  • Bold patterns
  • Statement‍ accessories
  • Bold colours
  • Prints

South Asian designers taking the global menswear market by storm are undoubtedly a result of the⁤ talented individuals carving a creative niche and making their mark within the fashion industry. This revolution of contemporary and empowering style introductions​ has made the fashion landscape more diverse and inspiring ⁢than ever before. No matter where crisis and disruption lies in​ the world, the power of fashion will never be‍ diminished.

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