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⁢Fashion giant Kering, the parent⁢ company of luxury brands including Gucci,⁤ Saint Lauren​ and Balenciaga has joined forces with the renowned London ‍College of Fashion to ⁣launch a groundbreaking collaboration dedicated to ethical and sustainability initiatives⁤ in the fashion industry. With ​the⁢ aim‍ of pushing ⁣the sector towards a more sustainable model of success, the ⁣Victorian-era⁣ college and the ⁤international key player in luxury fashion ‌are jointly redefining the future of⁤ the ⁢fashion industry.

1. Discovering The Power of Sustainable Fashion:⁤ Kering & London College ⁣of Fashion

Sustainable fashion ⁢has become increasingly important to the fashion ⁢industry,​ and now, more than ever, companies are‍ finding innovative⁤ ways ⁣to promote the cause.  Kering and London College of Fashion are leading the way in‍ sustainable fashion discovery with their recent ​partnership.

  • Kering: Kering is a French fashion conglomerate committed⁢ to developing sustainable and eco-friendly solutions. Through the program, Kering offers Endowed Chairs at London College⁣ of Fashion, where ​academics, industry professionals, and students collaborate ‍to address the⁢ fashion system challenges of our time. ⁤
  • The London College of Fashion: The London ⁣College of Fashion ⁣is a⁤ leading institution that ‍successfully incorporates research and teaching to explore the ⁣industry’s environmentally-friendly potential. The ‍College ​launches inspirational initiatives‌ and workshops that investigate the⁤ power of sustainable fashion.

This partnership ⁤acts as a powerful advocate ⁣for driving⁣ sustainability within the fashion industry.  Kering and London College ‌of Fashion acknowledge the fashion industry’s key environmental ‍challenges‍ and create a platform for⁣ discussion.  The collaboration provides a unique opportunity for ‌students, industry professionals and academics ‌to be involved ​in experiments and research to make ​fashion more sustainable.‌  Kering and ⁤London College of‌ Fashion⁣ are setting⁤ a precedent for fashion​ sustainability that‌ will​ hopefully set the tone​ for others⁢ in the industry.

2. Advocating For a Sustainable Future ​with⁤ Kering & LCF

Protecting the Environment through Education

Kering and London College‍ of Fashion (LCF) are dedicated to preserving the planet and ​creating a‌ more⁣ sustainable future. They⁤ have joined forces to provide students with advanced education on sustainable materials, accountability, and‌ consciousness. Through their programmes, graduates ⁣can impact business practices across industries and increase customer awareness by building a brighter, sustainable future.

The partnership offers ⁣courses which teach about the production process as well as ⁣topics such⁤ as:

  • Regenerative agriculture
  • Circular economy
  • Waste management
  • Responsible⁢ sourcing

By embracing the‍ latest technologies and​ monitoring their processes, Kering and LCF are setting a new ⁢standard for sustainability in the fashion industry. Students gain practical knowledge ​and gain valuable skills sets to help them to make sustainable choices. With ⁣these⁢ courses, ⁤clothing manufacturers gain a better understanding of the impacts of their production processes, which will result in fewer resources ​being used⁣ and the creation of greener fashion materials.

3. Identifying Sustainable Solutions Through Kering & LCF’s Partnership

In 2019, luxury goods giant Kering and ⁢the⁣ London⁤ College of Fashion forged a partnership focused on sustainable fashion. Through ⁣this, the organisations aim to provide innovative and ‍tangible solutions to reduce the fashion industry’s environmental impact. Here’s how:

  • Conscious ⁢Innovation: Kering and LCF ⁤have opened a joint research⁤ center in London dedicated ⁤to researching​ innovation and developing⁣ groundbreaking sustainable solutions.
  • Product Transparency: Transparent‌ processes are being implemented to ensure​ that all products⁣ are made with materials and methods that​ have⁢ minimal environmental impact.

The partnership centres‍ on⁣ driving positive change⁣ for people and the planet. Kering and⁣ LCF are⁣ encouraging other⁣ organisations to get involved by supporting them financially, sharing resources ⁢and collaborating to make ‍sure their collective goals are‌ achieved.‌

4. Accelerating Innovation⁣ in Sustainable Fashion with Kering⁤ & LCF

The ​fashion and luxury industries ‌have been thorny players for those concerned with the future of sustainability. As the second ⁢biggest polluter on⁤ the planet, it’s ‍not just the environment that fashion brands must tackle​ in⁢ their efforts to become more sustainable, but ⁤the entire infrastructure surrounding the industry.

However, other like-minded ⁣companies have been leading the way through collaborations ‍and partnerships to drive innovation and demand for ⁤sustainable fashion. Kering ⁣and the ⁤London College of Fashion (LCF) have joined forces to fast-track innovation‌ within fashion​ and design, allowing for approaches that‍ look ‍to the future of sustainable fashion with greater opportunities for creativity. With Kering’s Women in Motion project, ⁤whose‌ mission is⁤ to support sustainable fashion, and the new Kering ​Sustainability Lab at LCF, ⁢research and demand for ‌sustainable⁢ fashion is ‍propelled forward with valuable insight from the experts in each field.

  • Kering ⁢Women in Motion – a project⁤ that supports sustainable fashion
  • Kering Sustainability Lab at LCF – showcases and facilitates research

As⁤ Kering⁢ and the ‌London College of Fashion continue to⁢ collaborate, it ⁣is ⁣clear that‌ they are committed to empowering young⁤ people and elevating the future of the fashion industry. This pioneering partnership will surely spark widespread innovation and progress.‌ To the people involved in this exciting venture – go forth⁢ and create something beautiful.

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