7 Luxury Fashion Brands Men & Women in UAE [Shop Online] – Arab Times Kuwait News
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7 Luxury Fashion Brands Men & Women in UAE [Shop Online] – Arab Times Kuwait News

Looking to update⁣ your wardrobe ⁤with ⁤some of the world’s best fashion from ⁤the ⁢luxury brands? The UAE offers ⁤a wide selection of timeless pieces for both‌ men⁣ and‌ women, and now you can ⁣shop online with the convenience of your fingertips! Read on to find out⁢ the 7 luxury fashion⁣ brands to check ​out ⁢when shopping for fashion ⁢in the UAE.

1. ‌Exploring ‌the Finest Luxury Fashion Brands ‍in ‍the UAE


For⁣ fashionable ensembles that exude elegance and​ sophistication, look ​no further than ‍Ferragamo.⁢ Synonymous​ to luxury​ fashion, this Italian‍ powerhouse carries⁤ clothing, footwear, and accessories perfect for setting high standards ⁢of style. Fans of this​ luxury brand can explore:

  • Signature Vara pumps
  • Iconic Gancini buckles
  • Contemporary ready-to-wear


Look no further than Hogan for chic and modern footwear that will make any outfit pop. ⁣Highly coveted by ‌fashion-savvy individuals, this ‍brand has carved out a reputation for its characteristically minimal style, list of loyal fans, and affordable pricing. Here⁢ is what they offer:

  • Women’s sneakers
  • Men’s loafers
  • Statement-making flat sandals

2. ‌How to​ Find the ⁢Perfect Fit with UAE Luxury Brands

Finding Your Ideal Luxury ‍Brand in the⁣ UAE

  • Start with searching the internet to make a list of luxury brand ⁢names in the UAE.
  • Note down the types of garment each particular brand is known ⁤to specialize in.
  • Have a basic idea about‍ the type of apparel that would⁤ be suitable ⁤for your ‌needs, such as formal to semi-formal, or casual.

When it comes​ to picking the perfect⁤ luxury brand for⁤ you, there are ‍a few essential tips to ‍keep in⁣ mind. For instance, always opt ‍for brands that offer the higher-end ⁣materials –⁣ such as 100% ⁤mulberry silk⁣ or cotton – that not⁤ only guarantee a timeless appeal in your ‌wardrobe collection, but‍ also long-lasting quality and reliability.⁣ Additionally, it’s important to also assess ‍the‌ designs – ⁢from fusion to modern,‍ opting for a style⁢ that​ best reflects your personality. Once you have ‍made⁤ your choices, explore the option of customizing the apparel to‌ be able ‍to get ​the fit you need and desire.

3. Creative‌ Ways to Integrate Luxury ‌Fashion into Your Wardrobe

The classic way of incorporating luxury fashion into your wardrobe⁣ involves ⁣investing in ‌timeless⁢ pieces⁣ that⁣ are⁤ fashion-forward⁣ and inherently chic.‍ But there are plenty ⁣of creative ways ⁤to express‍ your fashion-conscious‌ side while⁤ incorporating designer pieces.

  • Go​ Colorful: Try wearing luxe designs in bright⁣ statement colors. A‌ candy-striped blouse ⁣in fuchsia, an emerald satin skirt, or an aqua blazer can make a statement without screaming high-end.
  • Reboot Basics: Refresh ​basic​ pieces with designer ⁤touches. Add ‍a⁣ tailored leather belt to jeans, invest ‍in a timeless handbag, or⁣ choose ⁢a ​statement blouse with a‌ designer⁣ logo.
  • Work The Mix: Incorporate your designer⁣ pieces in everyday outfits. Wear a ‍designer sweatshirt with ​a tailored skirt or team a⁤ luxe metallic⁣ skirt with a ⁤basic t-shirt.

For an easy way⁣ to add luxury fashion to your wardrobe without breaking ⁤the bank, add ⁢a designer accessory like a scarf or sunglasses. A luxe accessory can‌ instantly elevate your everyday wardrobe.

4. Shopping Online for Luxury Brands in the⁤ UAE: A Guide

Shopping luxury brands in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) promises an experience‍ of a ‌lifetime. With names such as‍ Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Roberto Cavalli, the country is home to luxurious boutiques found​ in the finest of malls.

Here is a guide ⁢to help you shop luxury​ brands in the UAE:

  • Be sure to ​have cash on hand.⁤ Labels such as Prada, Christian Dior, and Balenciaga ‌generally do not accept card payments.
  • Whenever you shop at luxury stores in ⁣the ‌UAE have your documents ready ‍to prove your identity.
  • Brand ⁢loyalty ⁣is of​ utmost importance. Become an ‌exclusive member ⁣of one of⁣ the ‍boutiques and receive exclusive discounts.
  • Be sure to ‌check​ the‍ authenticity of products available at different stores.
  • Research labor laws in‍ the UAE and​ inquire about ⁢available ⁢shoe and ‍leather repair ‍services.
  • Take advantage of ‌online‌ shopping. The online ​‘Luxury Stores’ offer a wide variety‌ of products​ that are delivered​ directly to ⁣your door.

Whether you’re a fashionista or​ a trendsetter, these 7 luxury fashion⁢ brands can ‌effectively meet all of your‌ needs in the UAE. With a wide variety of​ fashionable pieces to choose from, you’re sure to have⁢ the perfect look for every occasion. So why ⁣not start searching today to fill​ your wardrobe with the latest luxury fashion brands?

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