Client Advisor (m/w/d) – Kering
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Client Advisor (m/w/d) – Kering

Are you passionate about the world of fashion and luxury? Looking to revolutionize‌ the way the world wears designer⁢ clothes? Then becoming a Client Advisor (m/w/d) at Kering may be ‍the job for‍ you! Join one of the world’s largest luxury brands as ‍they continue to maintain and strengthen their stronghold on ⁣the⁢ fashion industry. With a focus on exclusive, stylish, and ⁢luxurious designer ⁤clothing, Kering‌ offers a unique opportunity to make your fashion⁤ dreams come true. Craft an experience ⁢to be remembered⁣ and take the fashion world to new heights!

1. ‌Take⁤ Your Career to the Next Level with Kering’s Client Advisor Position

Are you looking to take your career to the next level? Kering has the perfect opportunity for you – ⁤the Client Advisor position.

As a Client Advisor, you’ll ​be the face of Kering. You’ll greet, service, and offer advice ⁤to our clients and help‌ ensure a ‍smooth and pleasant​ experience. Here​ are some ⁢of the benefits of this exciting role:

  • Connections: Get the chance to get to know clients from all over the ⁢world.
  • Growth: Experience professional growth and⁣ career advancement opportunities.
  • Team ‍Environment: Work in an energetic and collaborative team.

Ready to take the leap and become part ⁢of the Kering‍ team? Our Client Advisors embody our⁣ values in the way they serve clients with enthusiasm, professionalism, expertise,⁢ and dedication. Join us ‌on our⁣ mission to provide an‍ exceptional customer experience!

2. An ‌Exciting⁣ Job Opportunity with ⁣a Prestigious​ Brand

If you’ve ever dreamed of having an opportunity to work in a prestigious company,​ that opportunity has finally arisen. This is a job that will open you up to possibilities⁤ that you’ve only imagined and, best of ⁣all, right in your area!

This job pays well, offers exceptional ​benefits, and offers a relaxed job atmosphere. The ⁢position⁤ will also give you​ the ⁤chance to gain valuable experience working with iconic brands. Here are a few benefits of the opportunity:

  • Competitive ⁢compensation – you won’t have to worry about ⁤money problems
  • Unmatched benefits – get discounts and other perks that help you maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Tremendous growth – no matter what level you are now, you’ll have the chance ⁣to move ‌up in the ranks

Being part ​of a prestigious company is a great opportunity for anyone looking to take the next step in their career. With this excellent job opportunity, ‌you⁤ could write a​ story that you’ll be proud to tell ⁣years from now.

3. Unlock Your ⁤Potential ‍as a Kering Client Advisor

Becoming ‍a Kering client advisor is an exciting‌ step that opens you up to numerous opportunities. In this⁢ role, you have the chance to⁣ engage with customers,‍ represent the brand, and use your creativity to the fullest!


  • Learn new skills: Establishing yourself as a Kering client advisor ‍will not only allow you to ‌showcase your existing experience, but ​also grow and hone your skills in customer ⁣service, communication, and problem-solving.
  • Grow your ​career: As ⁢you invest your time​ and​ effort in this role,‍ you​ will gain ⁢valuable experience and open up the potential of great career opportunities.
  • Join a great team: ⁣As a Kering client advisor, you will become a part‍ of an incredible and supportive team that ​encourages development and growth.

Come join the Kering family and‍ open yourself up ⁣to a world of exciting opportunities in the dynamic world of fashion. As a client ‌advisor, you won’t only be able ⁢to help customers, you will‌ truly ​have the‍ power to⁤ bring ⁣their dreams ⁢to life.⁣ ⁢

4. Apply Now & Join⁢ the ‌Kering Team!

Are you looking for an⁣ employer with a commitment to sustainability, ⁢technological innovation, and strong ⁢corporate responsible? Look no further, here at Kering we are passionate about making each experience ‍with us unique and inspiring. We believe that with passion, imagination, and ⁢unlimited access to the ‌latest technology, ideas‌ thrive.

We are now seeking talented individuals and⁢ experts to join our⁣ dynamic team,‌ working to deliver our ambitious projects. Whether ‌you⁣ are a ⁤finance enthusiast, product designer, or data analyst,we offer a ⁣great opportunity‍ to develop your skills ‍and to ‍further grow in your career. Why not join us now and start making an impact?

  • Develop and sharpen your skills while ​taking on complex and challenging technologies.
  • Meet inspiring like-minded individuals⁢ and colleagues from different‍ backgrounds.
  • Environmentally ‌conscious⁣ working with⁢ the biggest⁢ stakeholders of the Green movement.

As a ⁣client advisor with Kering, you’ll have the opportunity to put your talents to work while making a big impact for an⁢ iconic brand. With ‌constantly evolving responsibilities, you’ll be able to develop your own skills and contribute ⁣to the success of a world-renowned luxury goods‍ brand – leaving ⁢a⁣ lasting impression of impeccable customer service​ and style.

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