Actor Maggie Smith turns heads in a new fashion campaign at age 88 – AOL
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Actor Maggie Smith turns heads in a new fashion campaign at age 88 – AOL

Maggie ‍Smith has long ​been celebrated ‍as ⁣an ​internationally‌ acclaimed screen ⁣actress, and her latest move shows that she’s ⁣still the icon of elegance that has come to define her ⁢over the last six⁢ decades.⁤ At age 88, the celebrated Dame ‌has​ stepped into the fashion world ‌for the‌ first⁣ time and teamed⁢ up with ‍a major fashion brand to launch ⁢an ‌exciting new campaign. With⁤ her unmistakable effortless grace and remarkable ⁢beauty, ‍Smith has yet‌ again defied the notion of ‌age and is fascinating everyone with‌ her ​new ‍endeavor.

1. Age‍ Is Just A‍ Number: Maggie Smith Defies Expectations

At 85 ‌years old, Dame Maggie Smith has⁢ not let her age slow her​ down. ⁣An Oscar Award-winning actress, Smith’s career ‌has ‌been full‍ of​ incredible achievements,⁢ and she ​continues to defy expectations ‍and stereotypes as she ages.

Smith is ‌not bound by societal conventions surrounding age. At an ⁤age where some may ⁤be expected to ⁣retire, ⁣she instead⁣ adapted to the changing⁢ times ⁤to pursue new interests ⁣and experiences. She⁣ forges her own path, proving that ‍age is no impediment to ambition. ⁤In what other ⁢ways has​ Smith defied expectations? Consider:

  • Focused ‍career:Throughout ‌her career, Smith has stayed true ‌to ⁣her‍ goals: to take on projects ‍that ⁤challenge her⁤ and lead her in a new direction. This focus has enabled innovative⁢ collaborations and⁢ highly acclaimed ​shows and films.
  • Embracing⁤ change: From⁢ the Royal‍ Shakespeare Company to‍ the Harry⁤ Potter​ series, ‌Smith constantly adapts⁢ to ⁢new ​environments. ⁣In​ doing so,⁣ she has⁢ pushed the boundaries⁤ to create something new ⁢and pioneering.
  • Living ‌her⁣ truth: Smith⁣ is honest​ with her fans and the ‌press about what she’ll do and how she perceives age. ‍In doing so,⁢ she has​ inspired many to pursue ‌their ‌creative dreams regardless of their​ age.

This positivity and ambition are why ⁢Dame ⁢Maggie⁢ Smith is‌ a valuable role‍ model, showing that⁤ age ​is not ⁤a barrier⁣ to success.

2. Silver Fox Maggie Smith Forays ⁢Into New Fashion Campaign

Maggie Smith, the renowned ‘Silver Fox’, has stepped away from ⁢her ‌acting career to explore⁤ the fashion world. The 93-year-old British actress has recently joined ‍forces ⁤with fashion label ​Alexander McQueen for its latest campaign.

Smith showcases a statement-making ‌collection in the campaign​ which features⁢ sharp and ethereal ensembles. ⁣With French-style⁣ wide-legged trousers, sequinned floral appliques,​ Chinese jacquard, marabou ⁤feathers and feathered collars, the⁢ collection exudes ⁤modern femininity, ​confidence and elegance. Smith⁣ can‍ be⁤ seen ‌in the​ series‌ of black-and-white‍ images wearing ‍a series of ⁤striking and ‌classic looks.​

Smith’s⁣ new venture can serve as a reminder that ⁤age is nothing but a number and ⁢fashion knows no⁤ boundaries. She ⁣raises today’s ⁣social ​parameters by pushing boundaries⁣ and defying ⁣age-old stereotypes. ​

3.‌ Maggie Smith Proves You’re Never Too ⁣Old To Make A ‌Statement

Throughout the years, Maggie‍ Smith has become the embodiment of taking a stand. At ‌the ripe age of⁣ 86,‌ Smith is still advocating for people who deserve to be seen⁣ and heard like many of us, regardless of ​age. Smith has ‌made ⁤a name for herself by taking on key roles that help drive ⁣the​ conversation to‍ much-needed change.

  • The Establishment Rule-Breaker – Maggie Smith has‍ time and again​ proven her worth on the silver screen, she has delivered powerful performances ⁤like ⁤her ⁢moving portrayal of Professor⁢ McGonagall⁣ in ⁤the Harry​ Potter ⁤ series. ⁤While that⁢ role did ‍not explicitly⁢ require her ‌to point a finger, her‌ presence was a remarkable‍ example of an elder⁢ leading with strength
  • An Award-Winning Voice ⁢– Smith has been awarded an‌ Oscar, two Golden Globes,‍ three Primetime​ Emmys, ‌and even a Nobel Peace Prize nomination. Smith’s accolades ‌further put‍ a spotlight on⁢ the ​value⁣ of speaking ‌out, ⁢and that is not limited to any age. Her⁢ awards have ⁢made a‌ statement about older people continuing⁣ to make a​ difference.

Maggie Smith’s influence ⁢continues​ to inspire the ⁣veteran and​ young generations alike. Considered⁣ to be one of the greats⁣ in​ the acting⁢ world, Smith proves⁢ that one can speak‌ their truth at any age and that​ every voice matters.

4. ‍Stunning ‍at 88: Maggie Smith Is Still Turning Heads

At 88 years young, Dame Maggie Smith is still defying age and wowing the ⁣world with her timeless beauty and ‌graceful poise. As a 4-time Golden Globe Award and 2-time Academy Award Winner, Smith is one of‍ the most​ respected and revered ‍actresses​ of ⁣our‍ time. ⁣

Her legacy of iconic⁣ performances in ⁣films like The ⁣Prime ​of Miss Jean Brodie, California Suite, Gosford ‌Park, and Harry Potter had earned​ her a cult⁢ following and admiration from ​within the industry ⁢and around the globe.⁤ From her‍ stellar⁢ work ⁤on-screen, to‌ her ⁤impressive⁣ theatre performances, Smith ⁤is a true​ powerhouse.

Here are ⁤a few things that make‌ this living ruby a real ⁤gem:

  • Smith ⁣is an outspoken ⁣feminist and advocate for ​equal rights.
  • She has ​unrivalled ​comic timing, ​effortlessly delivering incredulous one-liners‌ with perfect ‍delivery.
  • She ⁤has worked with industry greats ⁣such as Laurence Olivier, Richard Burton, John⁣ Gielgud.
  • Her effortless style and approach to‍ fashion has earned her recognition as a⁣ real life fashion icon.

Despite the magnitude of the‍ film⁢ roles she has​ become synonymous with, ⁢it’s Smith’s raw natural ⁤talent, ‌persistent determination, ‍and dedication to ‌the craft that ⁢has​ kept⁣ her in ​the spotlight for​ decades.​ As she celebrates her 88th Birthday, we wish Dame ⁢Maggie Smith all⁣ the best.

From stage to silver screen,​ Maggie Smith has captivated ⁢audiences everywhere‍ for⁤ decades. ⁣And⁣ even ​as she turns 88, her presence remains as strong as ever. With‍ this new fashion campaign,‌ she has⁢ once again ⁣demonstrated her timelessness—proving‍ that she can continue to turn heads at ‌any⁢ age. ⁢

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