Marriott Announces Luxury Resort Expansions in Vietnam, Unveils … – Breaking Travel News
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Marriott Announces Luxury Resort Expansions in Vietnam, Unveils … – Breaking Travel News

⁤ Marriott⁣ has⁤ announced a stunning new investment⁢ in⁢ luxury resorts in⁣ Vietnam, taking luxury⁣ travel‍ to a whole new level. With⁣ the unveiling of ⁢five new sites, the prestigious hotel operator⁣ is set to⁣ dramatically alter ​the Vietnamese tourism landscape – fulfilling the tourism dreams of travelers⁢ from all over the ⁣globe. Ready to experience world-class amenities ⁤and extravagant indulgences amidst an unbeatable setting? Be sure to plan your next getaway to ​Marriott’s newly-expanded luxury resorts in Vietnam!

1. Marriott Brings Luxury Resort Vibes to⁢ Vietnam

For anyone travelling to Ho Chi Minh City, their luxury resort dreams are about‍ to come true! Vietnam just got‍ even more awesome with the opening of Marriott’s new five-star Boulevard Hotel, located in the heart of the city along the famous Nguyen Hue Boulevard. This is the very ‌first high-end hotel with all the bells and whistles in Ho Chi Minh City that provides the⁢ perfect way to take a break from all the excitement‌ and explore the ⁣beautiful Vietnamese culture.

This luxurious⁤ hotel certainly‍ doesn’t skimp on letting its guests indulge ⁤in all the pleasures of luxury. From‌ the rooftop deck ⁤with an infinity pool that overlooks the bustling ⁢city, to its ‍extensive⁢ dining options, featuring cuisine from around the world, ⁤everything one could want for‌ a memorable stay can be found here. The rooms, all individually designed,‍ come ⁢equipped with balconies, comfortable beds, and deluxe amenities.​ Plus, the hotel boasts a spa and fitness centre for guests to refresh‍ and rejuvenate.

  • Spacious Rooms – each individually designed ⁤for the ultimate experience
  • Rooftop Infinity Pool – perfect‌ for‍ taking⁢ in the cityscape
  • Diverse​ Dining Options – for all tastes, from all over the ⁢world
  • Spa and Fitness Centre – a great place to refresh and relax

2. Experiencing‍ the Best of⁢ Vietnam Now⁣ Easier Than Ever

Vietnam has become one of the top‍ destinations​ around the world, and now it’s never been easier to explore the ‌rich culture and stunning‍ landscapes.⁤ From⁢ embracing history in the vivid, bustling cities to taking in the lush greenery of the countryside, it’s hard not to be in awe of what⁤ Vietnam‌ has ⁣to offer.

From​ making your way around the ⁣country to soaking ‌up its​ local culture, there are plenty of ways to ensure you experience the​ best of Vietnam. Here are some of the best:

  • Stay in a Local Accommodation:
  • Experience true hospitality by staying in a local home and learning about⁣ the customs and values of Vietnam. You’ll get an authentic sense of the culture and share stories with the local people.
  • Relax in a Beachside Resort:
  • There’s no better way to relax and​ recharge⁢ than‍ by ⁢spending a few days in a beachside paradise. Enjoy⁢ a ⁢lazy day on the beach and treat ‍yourself to some‌ of the‍ freshest seafood.
  • Shop and Sample ⁤Local‌ Cuisine:
  • The markets in Vietnam are bustling places full of independent retailers offering unique, handmade goods. And of course, the food stalls and restaurants offer an array of flavours to sample and ‌savour.

Once you’ve experienced⁢ the best of Vietnam, the⁣ energy‍ and vibrancy of the country⁣ will stay with you forever.

3.‌ Exploring Exotic Places ‍with Marriott Resorts

    Visit Unique Places‍ in Style

Traveling to exotic locations is always an enjoyable experience as‍ you get to witness the ‌beauty of different ‍places from all corners of the world. With Marriott Resorts, traveling to these places is made that much more convenient and ​stylish. From luxurious properties situated‍ in the most desirable locations, to⁤ restaurants and bars offering signature culinary flavors, Marriott Resorts offer you a‌ unique, unforgettable experience every time.

At Marriott Resorts, you get to explore ​the world⁢ with a wide range of exclusive holiday options available. No matter which part of ​the world you‍ wish to visit, there will be accommodations for you that provide you with all the luxuries ‌and amenities that you need ⁣to make your holiday a memorable one. From beach resorts, to ​country-side retreats,⁤ to exotic nature hikes, Marriott Resorts is an ideal location to satisfy your wanderlust.

4. Discover a World of Opportunity at Marriott in Vietnam

Exploring⁢ the Liveliest of Destinations

Discover the ⁤beauty⁤ and ‌vibrancy of Vietnam at Marriott. From historic sites and beautiful architecture to exquisite natural vistas, take your​ time to savour the ⁢country’s many attractions. Relax and enjoy your stay with Marriott’s supremely comfortable and luxurious accommodations. Plus, you get to make the most of exclusive offers and services.

Plenty of Exciting Experiences to Enjoy

Beyond the sensational sights and sounds of Vietnam, there’s a whole selection of activities and excursions specially crafted to ​let‍ you get the most out⁤ of your stay with Marriott.⁣ From water sports to guided​ tours, you⁤ can explore the country’s unique culture and engage in memorable experiences together with friends and family.​

  • Visit attractions such‍ as the ⁤Imperial City of Hue or the Hanoi Old Quarter‌ and get to know the ⁣country’s rich history.
  • Take ⁤a fun boat trip ⁢and explore Halong Bay’s ‌majestic limestone formations.
  • Experience ‌a unique exploration of ⁤My Son Sanctuary ‍– a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Go on ⁢a rewarding journey across the Mekong Delta for culinary adventures and shopping trips.

Good⁣ news for anyone looking to travel to Vietnam in the near future – Marriott’s​ luxury expansion project in ‍the country is sure to make for an extraordinary experience. The resort will offer guests the chance to explore all the best‍ Vietnam has to offer in the comfort and convenience of⁣ their new luxury resort. Get‍ ready to have the trip of ‍a ‍lifetime ‍and the best of Marriott’s hospitality at your⁢ fingertips.

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