Tommy Hilfiger Taps Greg Lauren to Reimagine Pieces From Fall Line – WWD
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Tommy Hilfiger Taps Greg Lauren to Reimagine Pieces From Fall Line – WWD

For⁣ the fall season, Tommy​ Hilfiger introduces a⁤ unique twist ‍to⁢ its fashion line with a collaboration with newly ⁤appointed brand ambassador,‍ Greg Lauren. The ‌renowned streetwear ⁤designer has teamed up ‌with Tommy Hilfiger ⁢to create updated versions of some ​of ‍the clothing giant’s⁣ classic pieces. With ⁣this fresh ⁤new partnership,⁢ two powerhouse names​ in the fashion industry have joined forces ‍in order to bring ⁣their customers unique, reimagined looks.

1. Tommy ⁢Hilfiger Ushers in the Future with Greg ‌Lauren

Tommy Hilfiger​ and Greg Lauren are introducing a unique collaboration that blurs the lines between the old ​and new. Their latest collection ⁣is a combination of ⁢classic heritage and ‌modern ⁢switching up​ of style and comfort.

Their designs evoke⁢ a sense of vintage nostalgia​ with each item ⁣of clothing being a ​remix of​ the traditional outdoor apparel. You got cargo⁤ pants that are ‍reimagined with a drawstring waistband, ⁣kimono-style mirrors ⁣on sweatshirts, military parkas with a ‌modern twist, ‌and much more.⁣ It’s a fresh look with an old feel.

  • Supersoft sweaters and knits crafted from premium cotton-blend yarns, in​ earthy colors.
  • Rain jackets that make a classic⁣ style statement, ‍with easy‌ oversized cuts.
  • Re-purposed ‌plaid​ shirts ‌and⁣ leather jackets, for a rugged chic look.

Each detail ‍has been thoughtfully chosen for the next-gen fashion enthusiast, embodying Tommy‌ Hilfiger’s spirit of effortless cool. So why not grab a piece ‍of history and ‍upgrade your wardrobe? Get ready to step ⁣into ‌the ⁤future with ‌Greg Lauren⁢ and⁣ Tommy Hilfiger.

2.‍ Fall into ‌Style with Tommy Hilfiger and Greg Lauren

Tommy Hilfiger ⁣and Greg Lauren come ⁣together‌ to bring ‍you the perfect fall ‌wardrobe. ⁤Step⁣ into this season ​with⁣ preppy⁤ and ⁢effortlessly cool style inspired by this iconic artist ⁣duo.⁢ From sartorial capes to luxe leather jackets, you’ll discover ‌cozy ‍knits and relaxed trousers, making this ​collection your most comfortable and stylish one⁤ yet.

  • Begin your wardrobe with a touch of Greg ‍Lauren,​ and explore ‍his knits, accessories and dresses
  • Update your look in Tommy Hilfiger’s⁣ reimagined classics – stylish trench ⁣coats, logo-infused sportswear, and sartorial knits
  • Finish off ⁤your autumn wardrobe with an‌ exciting mix of leather coats, slip skirts, ‍and ⁣other timeless ⁤pieces

Choose from⁤ clean-cut⁤ silhouettes and⁣ cool⁣ toda details ​to​ express your⁣ fall style and let your inner artist out. With Tommy Hilfiger and Greg⁣ Lauren, you’ll be sure to hit the streets in layers ⁤of cozy comfort and chic style that will last all season.

3. The Fall Line:⁢ Reinvented by Lauren

The fashion enthusiast in ‍all of us have been put at ease with Lauren’s new take on the Fall Line. With eye-catching designs that blend​ style and ⁤elegance, her ‍looks are ⁢sure ⁤to turn heads‌ and start conversations.

Here ⁤are some stand ‌out features of Lauren’s pieces:

  • Painterly florals: ⁤ Crafted from​ bold colors and intricate prints,⁤ these​ florals bring a fun and playful ‌look ‍to whatever ‌outfit you pair it with.
  • Effortless neutrals: These timeless​ colors give you all the‌ versatility you ⁢need to make⁣ any outfit pop. From subtle grays to vivid whites, you’ll get the optimal fashionista effect with​ these neutrals.
  • Glamorous sheer fabrics: Get⁣ the ultimate in luxury with these⁣ sophisticated sheer fabrics that bring ⁤a⁣ flashy​ and chic feel‌ to whatever you wear.

No matter your ‍fashion preference, Lauren’s Fall Line offers something for everyone. From the traditionalists ‍to the trendsetters, her line⁤ marries chic and comfort‌ to bring fashionable looks that you can confidently⁣ rock all season long.

4. Creative Partnership: Tommy Hilfiger & ​Greg⁤ Lauren

Partners in ‍Fashion: Global Designer ⁤and Iconic Street Artist

Tommy Hilfiger, one of America’s most ‍recognizable fashion​ brands,⁢ and street artist⁣ Greg Lauren have recently teamed up to create an eponymous collection. Bringing together Hilfiger’s classic⁣ aesthetic and Lauren’s signature ​penchant‍ for creating⁣ eye-catching works ⁣of⁤ art, this ‍limited-edition collection is sure to​ turn⁣ heads.

Elegant, classic ‌and daring, the ‍collection features‍ a range of pieces‍ from timeless ⁤sportswear ⁣with a ⁣creative​ twist.‍ It​ offers its loyal customers a unique opportunity to inject a touch of art into everyday life. The ⁣dynamic duo have used a ⁣special ‍technique that balances Hilfiger’s signature stripes ⁤with ​today’s‍ modern aesthetic and Lauren’s iconic‌ street ⁢art.

Those⁣ who love fashion and ⁤art‍ in⁢ equal measure are sure to‌ be impressed​ with this special collaboration. A⁤ tribute to both⁢ classic styles⁢ and emerging trends, it represents a perfect ‌balance of contrasting influences. With its eye-catching ‌pattern ⁢and attention ‍to detail, the collection pays homage ‌to traditional American ‌fashion.

When two icons come together, great things are bound to happen. Tommy ‌Hilfiger and Greg‍ Lauren have‌ proved⁢ this once ⁤again with their collaboration to bring us a ‌fresh ⁤look at the classic fall line. With unique ideas ⁣and revitalized pieces, ⁤the collection is sure to be a hit. So go ahead and rock⁣ that vintage-cool look!⁤

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