Newson’s Yard is Pimlico Road’s new design hub – Wallpaper*
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Newson’s Yard is Pimlico Road’s new design hub – Wallpaper*

When​ you hear the name Pimlico Road,⁣ you immediately think of ⁣London’s iconic design center. But now⁤ a new player is joining the party – Newson’s‍ Yard. This stylish, purpose-built space is introducing a new wave ⁣of creativity and innovation to the world-famous street in the heart of the city. With its ⁣sleek, modern design,​ Newson’s Yard ‍is‍ the ‍ideal location for creatives, designers, thinkers, and makers to come together and showcase their talents.‌ From fashion ‍to furnishings, art to architecture, this new destination⁤ is⁣ sure to be Wallpaper*’s go-to hub ⁢for all things creative.

1. Introducing Pimlico Road’s Design ‍Hot Spot: Newson’s Yard

Pimlico Road ​has a fantastic new⁤ addition to its traditional Victorian charms:‍ Newson’s Yard.

Hiding in plain sight between many ‌of Belgravia’s most illustrious⁤ buildings lies an exciting new creative space for creative minds, Newson’s Yard. Led by founder, Mat ‌Newson, this brand new design hot spot acts as an oasis​ for artists, photographers, designers and makers ⁢alike. It’s a prime ‍spot for visitors to pick up a unique piece of local craft and take in the beauty of its locale.

At the heart of Newson’s Yard is a collection ‍of repurposed shipping containers, lovingly reimagined⁤ into galleries,⁣ shops and boutiques, each with a distinct ​personality.⁢ From ⁤handcrafted jewellery to bespoke‍ furniture, the shops are loaded‌ with quirky items for almost any occasion.

  • For⁣ lovers of art and culture: explore the rotating exhibitions showcasing the ⁣work ⁣of cutting-edge artists.
  • For foodies​ and ‍mixologists: sample the⁤ artisanal dishes⁣ made from locally sourced ingredients and drinks crafted by award-winning mixologists.
  • For those interested in green initiatives: learn the stories behind the⁢ reused shipping containers and wood once destined for landfill.

At Newson’s Yard, there is‌ something for ⁣everyone. The atmosphere​ is innovative and buzzy – an urban oasis ‌that needs to be ⁣experienced to be understood. Step inside and be inspired!

2. An Oasis of Creativity Nestled in the Heart of London

Amidst the hustle and bustle of⁢ the big city, visitors to London have found⁣ a creative oasis. Smack ​in ‍the middle of the capital, this little gem is a haven for all things creative.

From⁤ live music to theatre performances and art exhibitions, there is something for everyone. Whether you’re ⁤a budding artist or a seasoned⁢ professional, ​there’s a‌ range ​of events and activities to explore.‍ Have a​ wander through the flea market ​and browse the vintage goods, check out some independent shops or simply take the time to relax while listening to the street musicians. Creativity is at ⁤the heart of this inspiring ⁤space.

  • Street​ music
  • Theatre performances
  • Art⁢ exhibitions​
  • Vintage‍ flea markets
  • Independent‌ shops

3. ‌Exploring‌ the Unique Offering‌ of⁢ Newson’s Yard

If you’re looking for ⁤the perfect spot to enjoy some time outdoors, Newson’s Yard is a⁤ great choice. ‍This new spot features an incredible array of⁢ activities and amenities that make⁣ it the perfect escape. Here are some of the⁣ unique offerings you can find at Newson’s Yard.

  • Outdoor Games: ‍ Whether it be a game of ⁤frisbee golf or an impromptu round of soccer, the ⁣sprawling green ⁤spaces of Newson’s Yard ⁣are⁣ perfect for⁣ outdoor sports.
  • Nature Trails: For those seeking a quiet and relaxing escape, Newson’s Yard is the ideal⁢ spot⁤ for a peaceful walk. The surrounding⁢ trails, swamps, ​and forests ‍provide a stunning and varied landscape.
  • Picnic Perfection: Newson’s‌ Yard also features‌ picnic tables and BBQ grills⁢ for a perfect outdoor lunch. Don’t forget the s’mores!
  • Weekend Events: Every weekend, Newson’s Yard‍ has something special taking place. From outdoor movie screenings to live music, you’re sure to find something​ fun ⁣to ⁢do!

And⁣ that’s just the beginning. With its ⁣amazing combination of activities, amenities,⁤ and wide ⁤open ‍spaces, ⁣Newson’s Yard has something for everyone!

4. The‍ Perfect Place ⁤to ‍Embrace the Vibrant Design Scene of Pimlico ⁢Road

If you’re ​looking for a neighbourhood that has something for everyone, Pimlico Road should be your first stop. The thriving design scene offers ‌top-notch experiences to creators, with ⁣an array of galleries, ‍design studios, and independent shops in which to ⁣get inspired.

For those ‌seeking celebrated works, head to ⁢the David Gill Gallery, one of London’s ⁣most ​sought-after art dealers for ​both modern and antique pieces. Browse the ​personally curated⁢ selection of sculptures, furniture, ​and unique objet d’art pieces.⁣ Don’t forget to check​ out the collection of prints from some of the world’s most​ acclaimed ⁤artists.

The⁣ ultimate art mecca of Pimlico Road⁣ consists of multiple⁢ galleries all​ offering something special⁢ and unique:

  • Mazzoleni – Established in 1907, and one of the‌ oldest family-run galleries in ‌Europe
  • Luxembourg and Dayan – Specializing⁢ in unique modern and⁢ contemporary pieces
  • Giuliano Tossi – Collector’s paradise featuring ​an eclectic ‌mix of antiques, furnishings, and art

Newson’s ​Yard is a long-awaited addition to Pimlico Road, and with its commitment to delivering ‍quality design experiences, it looks set to become a hub ​for creativity and ‌innovation‍ in ⁣London. Now, let your ⁢design dreams take flight and explore this new design wonderland. Exciting possibilities await.

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