Harper’s Bazaar: Jenna Ortega, Alessia Russo and Janelle Monae honoured at Women of the Year Awards – BBC
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Harper’s Bazaar: Jenna Ortega, Alessia Russo and Janelle Monae honoured at Women of the Year Awards – BBC

The inspiring Women of the Year Awards honoured Jenna Ortega, Alessia Russo and Janelle Monae​ at ⁣Harper’s Bazaar. These three amazing women, who are true role models, have dedicated their lives to breaking down barriers and empowering women of all backgrounds. Each one has made a significant contribution to celebrating ‌the strength of women, and ⁤this has been fully recognised by the prestigious award.⁤ It’s an honour to bring attention to the amazing work⁣ that these women have ​done and the vital messages they carry.

1. Celebrating Brilliance at Harper’s Bazaar Women⁢ of the Year Awards

The past year‍ has seen an ‍unprecedented outpouring of talent and accomplishment⁣ from women around the world, and the Harper’s ‍Bazaar Women of the Year Awards gives them the platform they‍ deserve to step into the spotlight.

The biggest ‍names in Hollywood, business, and sports were honored at this star-studded ceremony. Here are some of the evening’s winners:

  • Keira Knightley: British actress and two-time ‍Academy Award nominee
  • Michelle ⁤Obama: Former ⁢first lady ⁤of the United States and advocate for ⁢education
  • Oprah Winfrey: Talk show‍ host, producer, author, and philanthropist

The awards‌ night ⁣was a fitting celebration of their achievements, and a reminder of the ​power of strong female leaders. ⁢For the audience at home, it served as a beacon of hope in a turbulent time.

2. Honourable Mentions: Jenna Ortega, Alessia Russo ‌and Janelle Monae

Jenna Ortega

Having started ⁤as a child ⁣actress at 10 ​years old, Jenna Ortega has quickly become a star of ‍the big⁤ screen. Most recently, ⁢she starred in the Disney original feature movie, Stargirl as‍ the titular character. Throughout her ⁣illustrious career,⁣ she has appeared in films and series such as Escape from Hat, Iron⁤ Man ⁤3, and the Netflix original series ‍ Elena of​ Avalor. Distinguished​ as being the youngest person ever to grace the cover of Latina ⁢Magazine,⁣ Jenna is a renowned champion of the Latina ‌community.

Alessia Russo

Alessia Russo is making waves​ in ⁣the world of ⁣soccer. Having ‍represented England’s National Team‍ from the U15 level‍ to the U21 level, the college sudent is also a member of the world⁢ renowned North Carolina ⁣Tar Heels. After⁤ an impressive performance in 2020’s SheBelieves Cup, where she scored a goal vs Japan, and guiding her national team to the finals ⁢of the UEFA Under 19’s⁣ aristocratic championship, she has captured the attention of both her country’s ​football‌ association and renowned clubs abroad,⁤ such as ​Manchester City.

Janelle ⁢Monae

A multi-faceted performer, Janelle Monae‌ has been a ​constant presence in the music industry since her ​2006 debut EP. It was with the release of 2010’s The ArchAndroid ​ that ​the singer, songwriter and actress sky-rocketed to fame. Her electric style and ​versatile sound has earned her many awards and accolades including⁣ seven Grammy award nominations and a Golden Globe nomination for her performance in the celebrated movie Hidden Figures. Monae is a fierce ⁢advocate ‌and creative leader ⁤of the current generation and continues to break social conventions and inspire others to do the same.

3. Recognizing Women: Achievements and⁢ Impact of the Awardees

In today’s world, it is essential to recognize‌ and appreciate the contributions of exemplary women in our society. ⁤Over the past year, the awardees of the ⁣National Women⁤ Achievement Awards have been recognized and celebrated for their exemplary work in various‍ fields.⁢

The achievements and impact of these women are⁢ manifold and‍ true to the spirit of ‌their respective​ fields. From their leadership in policy-making⁣ to their creative ‌work in the ‍arts, each of these awardees has something remarkable to contribute. Here are ‌some ‌of the extraordinary accomplishments featured among these awardees:

  • Science and Technology: Advancing knowledge​ in their fields ⁣and participating in research initiatives that positively​ impact ⁤our lives
  • Arts and Culture: Creating inspiring and thought-provoking‍ works that enrich our lives
  • Social Entrepreneurship: Working‍ to empower underserved communities through ⁢sustainable businesses, philanthropy,⁣ and advocacy
  • Policy Making: Championing issues that positively improve our society and policy landscape

By recognizing the accomplishments of these‍ women and their impact within their ‌fields, we recognize the importance of closing the gender gap and empower others to strive for excellence.

4. Taking a Step towards Gender Equality: The⁢ Empowerment of Women Across the Globe

Women’s empowerment‌ is a crucial part of improving gender equality worldwide. ​Today, as women account for a majority of the world’s population, it is essential that they⁣ have access to the same rights and opportunities as men. Here ⁤are some of the ‌ways in which women are ‌being empowered⁤ across the globe:

  • Heightened education – through education, girls and women can‌ gain ⁣knowledge, skills and life experiences that will unlock their potential. Governments and organisations⁢ support educational​ opportunities for women and girls by providing​ open access to classrooms, training resources and networks.
  • Increasing access to ⁤healthcare services ‌ – healthcare is an important resource for everyone,⁤ and women are especially‌ in need of such resources. Countries are increasingly‌ implementing initiatives that provide safe,⁢ affordable healthcare to women.
  • Economic independence – through increased economic independence, women can have greater control over their financial⁣ decisions. Governments can provide support through access to credit, small business loans, funds and grants.

These initiatives have had‍ a profound effect on women everywhere, creating lasting change and inspiring even more positive‍ progress in the years⁢ to come. Still,⁣ there is much work to be done, and continued effort must be made‍ in ‌order‍ to secure the rights and opportunities‌ of all women in the world.

Harper’s Bazaar Women of the Year Awards is and will remain to ​be ⁢a great celebration of female courage, resilience and ambition. It is greatly heartening to witness the tremendous progress these inspiring women have achieved!⁤ Here’s to the Jenna Ortegas, ​Alessia Russos and Janelle Monaes ⁤of the world and to many more extraordinary women to come!

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