7 luxury advent calendars tried and tested by a Hello! Fashion editor – HELLO!
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7 luxury advent calendars tried and tested by a Hello! Fashion editor – HELLO!

‍Deck your halls with luxury and style – Christmas is⁤ here! To make your countdown to the festive holiday even more ⁤fabulous this year, we’ve asked a‍ Hello! Fashion editor to try out ‌some⁣ of the chicest advent calendars on the market. From skincare to jewelry, not to mention a ​special surprise or two, read on to⁢ discover​ the ultimate luxury advent calendars.

1. Unboxing the Best Luxury Advent Calendars

The‍ holiday season is the perfect time to⁢ indulge in a bit of luxury. One of the best ways to do this is with one of the many ⁢luxury advent calendars⁣ available ‌in stores.⁢ Best of ‍all, many of these ⁤calendars are filled with delicious ​treats and delightful surprises.

  • Look for festive⁤ packages: Instead of relying on a traditional‌ cardboard box, look for advent calendars with vibrant ‌and festive printed or fabric bags.
  • Think ‌quality, not quantity: High quality items in an advent calendar can make all the ⁢difference in terms of the ‌value of ‍the contents. Look for calendars made with unique items of superior ‌craftsmanship.

Other special features that can enhance the luxury experience ‌of a ⁢calendar include⁢ scented candles, festive⁤ greeting cards, and special decorations for the festive season. Whether ‍for yourself or as a gift, indulge ⁢in a bit⁢ of luxury​ this holiday ‍season with one of these luxury advent calendars.

2. Hello! Fashion Editor’s Top 7 Picks

Smarten up your wardrobe with this selection of the fashion⁢ editor’s top⁤ 7 picks!

Introducing a range‍ of ⁤stylish staples that will amp up your everyday outfits. ⁤Step up your ‍style ‌game with these must-have pieces:⁤

  • A classic blazer – perfect to transform ‍an ordinary outfit into something special.
  • A pair of flattering jeans – you’ll reach⁤ for these comfortable trousers time and again.
  • Statement tees – inject some fun into your⁤ look with eye-catching, graphic tees.

For evening ‌looks, load up on chic costume jewellery, a semi-sheer maxi dress and a structured LBD. Or‍ pick a‌ cool jumpsuit for an all-in-one ensemble.

  • A boxy clutch bag – sporty and refined, it’ll go with everything.
  • Rustic leather ankle boots – ankle-grazing‍ sophistication.
  • A tall pair of strappy sandals – ⁢will elevate your night-out​ look.

3. Festive‍ Surprises Behind Every Door

Advent calendars are a growing trend, especially for folks‍ who are always​ looking for new ways to get in the holiday spirit. Every door of these modern-day creations ⁣promise a surprise, from delicious treats to even the odd trinket or two. Dripping in holiday cheer, here are some of the glorious finds ⁢people are unearthing behind these calendar doors during this year’s festive season.

  • Delicious delicacies: The world is quickly‍ discovering that a simple chocolate just won’t cut it⁤ for these advent⁢ calendars. To really ​get people into the season, chocolate-makers have come up with creative⁤ and delicious surprises behind the doors. Think: boozy chocolates, limited editions, even hot cocoa​ bombs!
  • Tiny trinkets: ‌If food isn’t⁣ your jam, then⁣ you’re bound to find some‌ delightful little trinkets tucked away too. We’re talking about charm necklaces, ‍fun stationary sets, ‌festive-filled knick-knacks – the list really is ⁤endless. It’s always⁤ a surprise what is waiting for you!

4. Countdown to Christmas with Style

Christmas⁢ is the most magical time of the year. Enjoy the countdown to the holiday‍ season‌ with enigmatic style ⁢and ‍bliss. Share the spirit of Christmas​ with your family and friends through these chic⁣ ideas:

  • Decorate your home: Bring joy to your home and embrace the season of love and cheer with some classic‍ decorations. Embrace a home with a cozy vibe by ⁢adding Christmas lights, a ⁤tree,⁤ festive ⁢wreaths​ and‍ cushions.
  • Bake warm treats: Whether you ‌like sugary⁤ treats like cupcakes​ and cookies, or savory ones like pies and‍ muffins, treat your family with warm⁣ and homemade delicacies. Red and green sprinkles and chocolate decorations never ⁢fail to add a whimsical touch.
  • Go caroling: Make this a memorable experience with carols ⁢around every corner. Put on your festive hats and celebrate the season ⁤with your loved ones.

Gift yourself with a countdown to‌ Christmas celebration that is both stylish and glamorous. Make amazing memories with your near and ​dear ones and spread the ⁢holiday cheer.

If you’re looking to treat yourself this holiday season, these luxurious⁤ advent calendars ‍are sure⁤ to fit the bill! From personalised beauty boxes to luxury chocolate ⁢treats, they offer⁣ something‌ special for‌ anyone looking to indulge in ⁢a bit of festive cheer.

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