A new ranking shows the best luxury hotel brands in the world – CNBC
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A new ranking shows the best luxury hotel brands in the world – CNBC

⁤It’s never been easier to go all out‌ on a vacation, thanks to the rise ⁤of luxury hotel brands around the world. Now, thanks⁢ to the newly ⁤released rankings from CNBC, we ‍have a clearer ⁢idea of which ⁣hotel ⁤brands offer the best luxury hospitality experiences. From chic European properties to exotic Asian resorts, these ⁣are the very best hotel brands ‌across the globe.

1. Indulgence at its Finest: New Global Ranking of Luxury Hotel Brands

Luxury is no ⁣longer ⁣exclusive to royalty.​ It’s​ been elevated and redefined to fit our current needs and expectations:⁣ lavish and leisurely experiences with just the right level of pampering. For ​2021, the Leading Hotels of the World Global Ranking has compiled a list⁤ of remarkable establishments that stand out for their excellence in luxury. Here are some highlights of the most⁣ exclusive and indulgent⁢ hotspots:

  • Ritz-Carlton Hotels – From the stunning views of Beijing ‌and ⁤its traditional ⁣Chinese courtyard to ⁤the origins ​of Seoul with its⁢ vibrant Han river⁣ and the island of⁤ Oahu for its immaculate beaches, Ritz-Carlton hotels are nothing short of spectacular.
  • Belmond Hotels – Featured for ⁢its constant dedication and attention to luxurious detail, Belmond‍ always provides an unforgettable experience. With their award-winning restaurants, specialty destinations, spas, and premier accommodations, ⁣guests can expect nothing short ⁢of grandeur.
  • Four Seasons Hotels – From the contemporary art of the ⁢Marina Bay Sands in Singapore to the enchanting slopes ‌of Aspen, Four Seasons Hotels are industry⁣ icons known for‍ their opulent service and glamorous settings.

The Leading‍ Hotels of ‍the World are a testament to the fact that indulgence ⁢truly knows ⁤no bounds. Luxurious comforts blended with the right amenities make for a premier experience that’s worth every penny. Whether it’s ​a 5-star break away or a post-pandemic travel adventure, luxury ⁣is just a few‍ clicks away.

2. Recharge⁤ Your Courage and Explore the ‌Best Luxury Hotels Around the World

When life feels heavy ​with‌ the tiresome burdens of⁣ everyday routine, you shouldn’t be afraid to brave a change and venture‍ out for something new. Experience ​the best of 5-star offerings at luxurious ⁢abodes around the world and let it recharge your spirit, courage and‍ energy.

Take your pick‌ from invitingly luxurious selections that come ​with unparalleled service, relaxation and indulgence. Here are the destinations that you should add to your ‌wishlist:

  1. Château De Bagnols, France
  2. Queen’s Landing, ‌Canada
  3. Two Bunch⁤ Palms Resort & Spa, US
  4. Tabacon Grand Spa Thermal Resort, Costa Rica
  5. Four⁢ Seasons Hotel,​ Hong Kong

Savour the ⁢distinctive features of each place. Sample the⁢ native ‍cuisine. Revel in rich ⁢culture ⁣and history. Rekindle the courage and passion for life and let it shine brightly from within.

3. Unveiling the Top Picks for the Global Rankings of Luxury Hotels

Traveling in style has never been easier,⁢ with the unveiling of the top picks for ⁣the global rankings of luxury hotels. Whether you’re looking for an⁣ all-inclusive stay in the​ Caribbean, a‍ seaside escape in Southeast Asia,​ or a home away from home​ in the heart of a bustling city – we’ve got the ultimate⁤ selection of hotels for your luxury needs.

From the Italian splendor of the Hotel Splendido⁣ Portofino to‌ the African serenity of La Residence Franschhoek, here⁣ are ‍our picks of the most luxurious ‍stays around the world. Each of these hotels offer their own unique charm and promise to make your getaway that‌ much‍ more ​memorable:

  • Hotel Splendido Portofino – Italy
  • La Residence Franschhoek – ​South Africa
  • The Oberoi, Mauritius – Mauritius
  • Keemala Phuket ⁣ – Thailand
  • The⁣ Opposite House – China
  • Hotel Palazzo Versace – Australia
  • JW Marriott Phu ⁣Quoc Emerald Bay Resort & Spa – Vietnam

From ​intimate ⁢beachfront villas⁣ to majestic palaces with elite‍ services, these are the ‌finest⁤ hotels ‍and resorts that will take your ‌vacation to the very next level. From the classic​ elegance ⁢of the Italian Riviera ⁣to the ‌wild beauty ⁣of Africa’s vineyards – your getaway just got that much more luxurious!

4. Get the⁢ Inside Scoop on the Most Prestigious Luxury ‍Hotel Brands

Luxury hotel‍ brands offer‍ discerning travelers the ultimate ‍in pampered comfort​ and convenience. ⁣Whether you’re looking for ⁣the glitz ‍and glamor of a 5-star property or something a‌ bit more exclusive ‍and ⁢secluded,⁣ there is something for everyone.

  • Four Seasons: ‌This iconic chain is all⁣ about ⁤luxury with‍ opulent properties ⁢built around the world. From the lobbies to the⁢ rooms, everything⁢ screams elegance.
  • Ritz-Carlton: ‌The gold-standard of luxury hospitality,‌ the Ritz-Carlton brand is renowned for its ⁢impeccable service and⁤ lavish amenities.
  • Shangri-La: Not quite as well-known as the⁤ other luxury giants, Shangri-La offers‌ unique properties that blend‍ traditional ‍Chinese culture with modern luxury.
  • Mandarin Oriental: This stylish chain specializes in providing guests ⁢with​ a unique cultural experience, featuring local delicacies and staff who can speak multiple languages.
  • St.⁢ Regis: St. Regis ⁣is the epitome of classic refinement,⁢ featuring elegant and contemporary décor, ‍delicious cuisine and tailored‌ services.

Each of these ⁢well-established brands⁣ have ​something special to ‍offer, ensuring that ⁣no matter where your travels take⁣ you, you’ll ‌have ‍an unforgettable experience at one of these luxurious hotels.

This ranking of the best luxury‍ hotel brands shows ‍that guests ⁤are looking for experiences that are increasingly sophisticated and feature amenities that prioritize relaxation and ⁣luxury. Whether you’re on the search for a ⁤romantic getaway, a ​weekend staycation, ​or a business trip, these‍ prestigious hotel brands assure you that ⁣your stay won’t disappoint. Let the world know: The race for the best luxury⁤ experience is ​on!⁣

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