Italian luxury brand Brioni launched in India | Mint – Mint
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Italian luxury brand Brioni launched in India | Mint – Mint

Introducing India to the​ height‍ of Italian couture, the world-renowned luxury ‌brand Brioni⁢ recently‍ launched ‍in‌ the⁤ country. Established⁣ in‌ Rome in 1945,⁣ the brand​ brings with it the glamour and style⁣ of ‍the Italian fashion ⁤scene, now accessible to⁣ the luxury loving ⁣consumers in India. Brioni’s arrival in the country is sure to⁤ be a boon for⁣ fashion aficionados, who now have access⁢ to elegant, tailor-made designs‍ in a‍ world-renowned brand.

1. A ‍Red-Carpet Arrival for Italian Luxury Brand Brioni in India

Italian luxury brand ‍Brioni is heading ⁢to ⁤India with a red-carpet​ style⁤ entry. Starting April⁣ 28, 2020, ‍the bespoke ⁤menswear brand will open ​its first made-to-measure ⁣studio ​in India at ⁢the select Address ​Boulevard in Gurugram.

The Brioni ​studio in‌ India‍ goes beyond ⁢modern retail experiences, celebrating innovation, artistry, superior craftsmanship‌ and personalized ⁤service. With its Italian expertise,⁣ the studio promises‌ to deliver:

  • An exceptionally‌ curated‍ array of luxury fabrics ⁢and leather pieces
  • One-on-one styling advice from Italian ‌experts
  • Bespoke tailoring, involving ⁤a war of 24‌ artisans
  • An ‍impressive selection of ‍ready-to-wear ‍pieces,​ handmade objects, and accessories

Experience ‌the height of Italian craftsmanship​ with a custom-fitted suit boasting‍ excellent quality and exquisite details. Visit Brioni at the Address ‍Boulevard ⁣in Gurugram⁣ and start a journey with luxurious tailoring.

2. ‌Bringing ‌Brioni’s⁤ World of ‍Elegance & Timeless ⁤Style to a New Market

When ‌it comes to a refined‌ and timeless approach to fashion, ⁤Brioni has long held the leading spot. ​Its​ iconic look blends tailored sophistication with ⁢dashes of understated ⁣luxury, creating an⁤ unmistakable‌ look⁤ across its line of ​menswear. But⁣ to ⁣create a new‌ sense of relevance,‍ the heritage ⁤label needed ⁢to reach a‍ new market.

The Digital Strategy

  • An ecommerce platform for⁤ shopping ease.
  • An engaging digital presence to connect with customers and reach potential new markets.
  • A brand-driven ⁢story⁣ that captures‌ the essence of Brioni.

With‌ a focused plan in mind,⁢ Brioni was ready to create an impactful presence in a ⁢digital context,⁢ blending its⁢ iconic⁢ heritage with modern appeal. By intertwining​ its‍ intricate craftsmanship with⁢ a refreshed digital shopping experience, the⁣ brand was ready to bring its world of ‌elegance and timelessness to a whole new group of customers.

3. ‘The​ Revolutionary Redesign’: ​Unveiling of​ Brioni’s Indian Collection

For the⁢ Indian market, Brioni has headed the⁢ revolution in men’s fashion. On⁢ a visit to India, the Italian maison ​was inspired to craft pieces⁣ that reflected⁤ the true essence of India: ⁣its colors, culture, and‍ heritage, yet ‍still with a ⁤touch ⁣of Italian excellence and finesse.​

When they unveiled ⁤the Indian‌ Collection ‍by Brioni, it was a⁣ true spectacle that⁤ had something for all.

  • The structured fabrics, vivid colors, versatile silhouettes, ​world-class tailoring, and⁢ intricate⁣ stitching offered something for fashion-savvy men.
  • The ⁣traditional wear with classic ⁢motifs and ⁤intricate embroidery gave⁤ an altogether festive air.
  • The business attire⁣ emblazoned with a modern look were the ⁣perfect ⁢pick ⁢for corporate ⁢dressing.

These pieces, along with some delightful ⁣separates,⁢ promised to make a Style ‍révolution and ⁤revolutionize Indian menswear for years⁢ to come.

So, Brioni ‍had given⁣ one more reason to celebrate the Indian wardrobe:​ a journey from roots to blending in the classic ⁣Italian fashion to redefining ​modern India. The ⁤Revolutionary Redesign had set the⁢ tone.

4. Exquisite ‌Indian Luxury: Crafting a Balance⁣ Between⁤ Heritage & Modernity

Traditional &⁢ Contemporary⁣ Design Principles Fusing Together⁣ in Indian Luxury

India is a land ‌of beauty, ‌tradition, and luxury.⁣ Throughout history, artisans have crafted items of exquisite luxury from fabrics,⁢ stone, and metal. In the 21st century, modernity and technological advancements have merged with ancient craftsmanship to create ‍beautiful items.​ Here ⁤are ⁤some traditional and contemporary ‌design principles fluxing together⁢ in Indian‌ luxury:

  • Lavish embellishments – Decorative⁣ materials‌ such as hand-embroidery, mirror work, and stone- beadwork are‌ combined with modern couture to make exquisite‌ garments.
  • Traditional motifs – Motifs ‍from Indian art and folklore such​ as‍ geometry, peacock,⁣ and floral ‍motifs are​ used to adorn luxury goods ⁣to give them a rich heritage feeling.
  • Handwoven ​fabrics -​ Traditional handloom fabrics such as cotton, silk Chanderi, linen, ‍and ⁢Khadi are‍ used to ⁢create rich yet ⁢contemporary garments.

Whether it’s a luxury belt, a handpainted kaftan, or a handwoven blouse- all finely crafted items‌ are ⁣blending ‍modernity and⁤ Indian tradition seamlessly to create a unique and luxurious experience. Contemporary fabric techniques such as⁢ mercerization, twill⁣ weaves, and​ digital printing are​ adding a distinct identity to the items. The ‌high quality products are​ being⁣ made​ by artisans and fashion designers⁢ with finesse and ⁣love. ‍The result is​ a​ vibrant and artistic statement that ⁢reflects ⁢the beauty and culture of India.

As Brioni expands its⁣ presence in India, one ‍thing is sure – ‌shoppers across the country are⁢ in ⁤for a luxurious treat! With its high-end couture and modern sensibilities,⁢ this ​Italian ⁣luxury brand looks set to add extra Italian glitz and‌ glamour​ to⁣ Indian fashion.⁣ It’s‌ time to ‌get ready to upgrade your ⁢wardrobe with a bit of understated chic!

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