EXCLUSIVE: Coperni Looks to the Stars With Limited-edition Evian … – WWD
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EXCLUSIVE: Coperni Looks to the Stars With Limited-edition Evian … – WWD

As the fashion world looks to the⁢ future for inspiration, one of its most beloved luxury brands,‍ Coperni, ​is taking ‌its cues from the stars. In a‍ dazzling collaboration with Evian, Coperni ⁤is releasing a limited-edition collection that celebrates the beauty ⁢and mystery of the night sky. Get‌ ready to be inspired: this celestial‍ collection is out of this world!

1. Galactic Glamour from Coperni

Coperni’s Galactic Glamour collection is an ⁣all-encompassing oh-so-chic galaxy of styles that will transport you to a glamorously dreamy modern universe.

From soft surplus‌ materials, ⁤oversized ⁢sequins and rainbow fringing,⁢ to dramatic ⁤belts, ethereal silhouettes and appealing lingerie, the collection creates a universe of effortless⁤ French-sophisticated glamour. Make sure to⁣ check out the 𝘸𝘢𝘯𝘵-𝘩𝘢𝘷𝘦-𝘴𝘦𝘦 matches of low-waisted pleated trousers and multicoulour scarves, or their fitted ​tops featuring white knot details and oversized belt loops.

  • Ethereal silhouettes
  • Soft surplus materials
  • Oversized sequins
  • Rainbow fringing
  • Dramatic belts
  • Fitted tops
  • Low-waisted pleated trousers
  • Multicolour scarves
  • Oversized belt⁢ loops
  • White knot details

2. Shine⁢ Bright ​with Evian x Coperni

Evian has been shaking up the fashion food ⁤chain⁢ with their utterly unique⁢ approach to ⁣collaborations.⁣ Taking steps firmly in the‍ future, the French-based water ⁢brand has always had a creative approach to this ever-evolving trend.

The recent partnering between⁢ Evian and Coperni‍ is only the newest example. Coperni is a forward-thinking Parisian fashion house that has​ been making headlines since its conception in 2013. Together, ⁢both brands have created a capsule collection of t-shirts,⁣ hoodies, and accessories

  • all of which are representative of the two brands’ innovative ⁤and fashion-forward style.
  • The collection utilizes ⁤natural fabric with unique cuts for a timeless yet modern look.
  • The pieces are imbued with a luminous aesthetic​ stemming from the sparkling ⁣nature of Evian.

Be ‍sure to check it out for something completely unique to add ‌to ⁢your wardrobes!

3. Glittering Galaxy-Inspired‍ Collection

  • Take a step towards the stars in ⁤a bedazzling collection ⁢of fashion pieces featuring the beauty of the night sky.
  • Experience luxury and awe by⁣ donning ⁢dresses, tops, and bottoms taken from the ​twinkling stellar wonders that make up the universe.

Let the glamour of a million galaxies gracefully titillate your wardrobe with pieces that truly shine! The night sky is the muse behind this exquisite ​ensemble, combining shades of deep blues ​with flecks ⁤of ​glowing gems turning classic silhouettes to⁤ works of art. Intricately⁣ created with signature details, each piece ⁢boasts of a heavenly ⁤flair that radiates from within. ⁢ Stare into the unknown ‍with ethereal pieces that ‌prove that ⁤when the cosmos come ⁤together, ⁣beautiful things are created.

Combining style and beauty,‍ this classic collection sings of​ mystery and power, with⁢ unique designs​ crafted from nautical and astronomic inspirations for⁢ an echo of ⁣interstellar beauty. Practical pieces are perfect for any modern muse who loves to be on trend‌ while embracing the night sky’s celestial beauty. So sparkle and be bright with every step in garments that ​capture​ the glamour of galaxies!

4. Unlocking the ‍Celestial Wonders of Coperni

The work of ‌Nicolas Copernicus ​revolutionized how⁢ mankind understood astronomy and the universe. His ⁤remarkable insights into the makeup of the cosmos, and advocating for heliocentrism, were a leap forward in science and ⁤human understanding – it should come‍ as no surprise that his discoveries have left a lasting legacy.

If ⁤you are looking to tap ‌into one of the most important achievements‍ of‌ the 16th century, then a visit to the Copernican Museum ​in Poland should be top of your⁣ list. Here, you can discover more about Nicolas Copernicus’s innovative ideas and their legacies. This is an excellent⁤ opportunity to experience various displays of his⁢ work, including books, models and ‌different artifacts that were once owned by the brilliant scientist himself.

  • Year of the Heavens – This is⁣ a permanent exhibition ⁤dedicated to the teachings of Copernicus. Through ⁣powerful visuals and inspiring presentations learn more about his monumental work.
  • View⁢ from‌ Venus – This is a virtual reality experience that provides viewers with a ​stunning glimpse ⁣of a heliocentric solar system.
  • Astronomy library – An extensive collection of technical books and documents is on display ‌here. Browse through a⁤ library of ancient books, manuscripts⁣ and publications‌ for further insight into Copernicus’s genius.

A visit here promises to ‌be a unique ‍journey ​for anyone who has an interest in ancient science; to learn more about ‌the work of Copernius and to appreciate ‌the impact he has had on​ modern astronomy.

From the stars comes an unexpected collaboration that’s sure⁤ to set imaginations soaring. With Coperni and ⁢Evian’s very ​limited-edition collaboration, the ‌sky’s ‍the ⁣limit for stylish ‍sips this summer.⁢ So grab a​ bottle, and set your sights on ‍a starry summer sky.

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