‘It is a slow, understated, quiet luxury,’ Sagarika Ghatge opens up about her latest fashion venture, Akutee – indulgexpress
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‘It is a slow, understated, quiet luxury,’ Sagarika Ghatge opens up about her latest fashion venture, Akutee – indulgexpress

‍ Slow, understated, and quiet luxury – not⁤ words typically associated with fashion, but it’s exactly what actress Sagarika Ghatge had in mind⁣ when she created her latest venture, Akutee. Ghatge took the time to chat with us about her collection and what she hopes to bring to the world of​ fashion.

1. A Peek Inside Sagarika⁢ Ghatge’s Luxury Fashion⁤ Brand

For a ​fashion enthusiast, Sagarika Ghatge’s exclusive luxury‍ brand has become synonymous with quality and‍ elegance. With her eye for detail ⁤and the flair for creating distinctive designs, she has become a⁣ leader in high-end fashion.

Her brand is ​renowned for its quality fabrics and expert tailoring. The⁢ diverse⁤ range of garments is crafted from only the finest fabric, and feature intricate hand embroidery and⁤ beading. From formal evening⁤ gowns and embroidered sarees to more casual kurtas and harem pants, there is something for every fashionista in Sagarika Ghatge’s wardrobe. Some​ of the highlights of her collection include:

  • Formal Evening ​Gowns: Sleek and⁣ sophisticated, these evening pieces are carefully crafted with ​intricately designed chiffon, lace, and net fabric in a ​spectrum of sparkling colors.
  • Heavy Embroidered Sarees: ‌ Traditional and timeless, these‍ intricately designed pieces ‍feature hand‍ embroidery and beading, and ​make for the ⁣ultimate ethnic look.
  • Kurtas⁢ and Harem Pants: These relaxed pieces are ​ideal for ​day times, and are ‍designed to⁤ be easy to wear yet ​chic.

Sagarika Ghatge’s ⁢aesthetic is unique and unlike any other ⁢fashion brand. Her luxury‌ garments blend⁢ modern and classic‌ styles, creating clothing⁢ with timeless appeal. Whether you are looking for⁢ a sophisticated piece for a special event, or something comfortable for everyday wear, Sagarika Ghatge’s clothing line has something for everyone.

2. The Secret to Akutee’s Slow‍ Luxury Appeal

Akutee’s slow luxury appeal ⁤is a result ⁢of​ a careful combination of the traditional and the modern. The company’s⁢ signature style celebrates the age-old⁣ love of art, craftsmanship, and‍ the beauty of nature​ while also incorporating modern elements ‍to create ‍unique pieces. This fusion brings together the timelessness and handcrafted nature of the brand, resulting in pieces that feel ageless and will ⁤still be relevant years from now.

Key components of ⁢Akutee’s ‍signature pieces include:

  • Artisanal Craftsmanship: Akutee works with artisans from around the world to‍ create‌ high-quality pieces by hand. Each item is carefully⁢ crafted with attention to⁢ detail and authenticity.
  • Natural Elements: ⁣ In an age‌ of mass production,‍ Akutee stands out‍ for its use of natural elements such as semi-precious stones, wood, leather, and⁢ fabric to create incredible⁢ pieces ⁢that feel as unique as they look.
  • Sustainable Practices: Akutee takes great care to⁤ ensure that its pieces are produced with the utmost regard for both⁣ people and the environment, with its factories held to‍ the highest⁤ standards ⁢of sustainability.

The slow‍ luxury appeal of Akutee has made it beloved by many fashion enthusiasts who savor ‌the beauty and quality⁢ of its pieces. Every item is unique,‌ and by combining the best of the traditional and modern, the brand manages to remain timeless while still‌ feeling fresh and relevant.

3.⁤ Introducing Designer Sagarika Ghatge’s Vision of Majestically Crafted Clothing

Designer Sagarika Ghatge’s Majestically Crafted Clothing

Designer Sagarika Ghatge‌ takes her‍ craft to the next level with her ⁣statements pieces. Using clean, minimal structures and bold,⁣ impactful hues, she creates‍ timeless designs that can truly stand out. Every single piece of clothing from her collection was made with an intricate vision and it oozes sophistication and finesse.

From ‍the intricate beading details to⁣ the dizzying patterns, each ⁤garment is thoughtfully ⁣designed to match the various⁢ body ⁤types. Whether it’s a classic v-neck dress, a sharp-cut blazer, or a full-length gown, every single piece is fit for the modern-day Icon. Sagarika Ghatge’s ‌clothing is⁢ a reflection of her unique and ⁢impeccable ⁣craftsmanship, her‌ aesthetic and ⁤her vision.

  • Her clothing is made with‍ quality fabrics that ⁤hold its shape after multiple‌ wears.
  • Each piece is designed⁤ to sit comfortably on the⁤ body, with a⁢ perfect ​fit⁤ emphasizing every curve and silhouette.
  • Her signature look is an interplay of subtlety and statement, crafting‌ pieces with arresting silhouettes to envelop your femininity.

Immerse yourself in the world of unique, must-have items and discover the latest pieces ‍from Designer Sagarika Ghatge.

4. Sekhon Sisters-⁤ Collaborating with Sagarika Ghatge ​to​ Make Akutee a Visionary Brand

At the helm of Akutee is the dynamic duo of design, the‍ Sekhon⁣ Sisters. Sisters Ranjana and Shally Sekhon​ have been working diligently since 2018 to perfect ⁤their vision of ​“slow couture” or bespoke clothing. Bringing their unique vision ⁢to life, the two formed a creative partnership with the popular Bollywood actress, Sagarika Ghatge, and launched their Akutee label.

The collaboration with Sagarika Ghatge‌ has injected ⁣life ​into the Akutee brand, allowing it to expand its reach and become a trendsetting and visionary fashion label. ⁣The Sekhon sisters have ‍put their artful spin on clothing that ⁢makes the brand stand out from‍ the crowd. Innovative ⁢silhouettes, beautiful use ​of textiles and​ embellishments, ​and consistent attention to⁣ detail ⁢give the brand a⁣ very distinct image. With Sagarika on board, ​the sisters have achieved⁤ a balance between style and substance in every clothing line.

  • Unique Vision: The Sekhon ‍sisters have‌ put their twist on slow couture apparel, creating a distinct brand aesthetic
  • Style⁢ with Substance: Involving Sagarika Ghatge in the brand has ‍enabled the sisters​ to bring both style and substance to ⁣the Akutee label
  • Bespoke Clothing: Akutee offers ‍unique choices in clothing with exquisite attention to detail in every item

Thanks for joining us as ⁣actress Sagarika Ghatge talked about luxury⁣ fashion brand Akutee and her unique approach to fashion. Combining minimalistic ​sensibilities with opulence and convenience, Akutee promises to be a ‍true fashion indulgence. Indeed, it looks ⁣like the bar has been raised once again.

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