‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Downton Abbey’ star Maggie Smith, 88, is the face of Loewe’s new campaign – CNN
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‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Downton Abbey’ star Maggie Smith, 88, is the face of Loewe’s new campaign – CNN

Maggie Smith,⁢ the acclaimed actress ‍who has made her name by starring in hit films like ‘Harry Potter’‌ and ‘Downton Abbey’, ⁣is ⁤now⁤ the face of Loewe’s ‌new fashion campaign.‍ As the British actress turns ⁣88, she is proving age truly is ⁣just⁣ a number​ and her timeless beauty is‍ ready to‍ be⁤ showcased yet again. Loewe’s fashion campaign is ⁢about to bring this‌ amazing‌ talent to‌ the⁣ spotlight!

1.⁤ Maggie Smith: A Legendary Icon

As one of the most‌ iconic ​stars of the 20th century, Maggie⁣ Smith​ has been deemed “The Lady” by fans‌ and Hollywood insiders⁤ alike. For over 60 years,‍ the legendary⁢ actress has ​graced stages, TV⁢ and‌ movie ⁤screens, capturing the ⁣hearts‍ of ⁢audiences both in⁢ the UK and around ​the ​world.

A seven-time Emmy award winner, along with 2‌ Oscars, Smith has an‍ enormous talent for comedy, drama and⁢ everything‌ in ⁣between. Her‌ performances span from big-screen epics ⁣such as ​ The Prime​ of Miss Jean Brodie to sitcom⁤ classics,⁣ such ⁢as Downtown‌ Abbey. ​She has ‍even ⁣stepped in⁤ futuristic ‌territory, with ‘Professor Minerva McGonagall’,⁤ one of the‍ beloved characters in the Harry Potter movies.

Smith is a master of her‌ craft, delivering captivating performances‍ that have ⁢earned her an iconic status. ⁣Her larger-than-life characters remain strongly ​in the memories ‌of audiences, ​and ⁤it’s no surprise that her‍ work has earned her some of the​ biggest accolades ​in the business, including three Golden Globe‌ Awards,​ two BAFTA ‌Awards, and ⁢a⁢ Screen Actors’ ⁣Guild Life Achievement Award. ‍

  • Seven-time Emmy Award Winner
  • Two ⁣Academy​ Awards
  • Three Golden Globe Awards
  • Two BAFTA Awards
  • Screen⁤ Actors’ Guild ⁤Life Achievement Award

Smith‌ may have slowed down on acting, but her legacy will continue⁢ to live on ⁣and not be forgotten anytime ⁣soon. With a career filled‌ with countless powerful performances, she‌ will continue to be hailed‌ “The ‍Lady” ‌of Hollywood.

2.⁣ Maggie Smith: The⁢ Star ​of⁣ Loewe’s ​New Campaign

Acclaimed actress Maggie Smith is being⁤ featured as the star of ‍the new Loewe ‌campaign. The​ 84-year-old British ‍icon‍ was photographed‌ by fashion icon Juergen Teller ‌in her hometown of ⁢Oxford⁤ and ⁣her relaxed and effortless‍ style ⁣radiates ‍throughout all her pictures.

In the campaign, we can ⁣see Maggie hybridising her casual wear with some of ‍the classic pieces from⁤ the Spanish ⁣brand. ​With a selection ‌of ‍boho-style shirts, pleated skirts and ‌her signature accessory, the sack-bag, Smith ⁣displays an effortless grace⁣ that has been a ⁢driving ⁢force‌ behind her illustrious career.‌

  • Striking ‌images by‍ Juergen Teller
  • Effortless⁢ elegance
  • Mixed casual‌ and‌ formal style

3. Maggie Smith: ⁤A Timeless Diva

The​ English‍ theatre, film ‌and television actress ⁤Dame Maggie Smith is a timeless‌ diva whose memorable roles continue to⁤ delight⁤ viewers. Her⁤ impressive career spans ‌over six decades, from her‌ humble beginnings ​in the Oxford Playhouse in the ⁢1950s‍ to modern-day Hollywood‌ blockbusters.

Her long ‍career has graced both ⁣stage and screen.⁤ On stage, Maggie Smith​ has starred in many timeless plays ⁢such as ‘The ⁤Good ⁤Companions’, ‘The⁢ Lady’s Not ⁤For Burning’, and ‘The Private⁣ Ear/The⁢ Public Eye’. Movies such as Death on the⁢ Nile, The Prime of Miss Jean ‌Brodie, and Sister​ Act are just ⁣some‌ of her celebrated performances. Television fans grew⁢ to love her for playing a‌ wide‌ range of characters ⁤from⁢ the no-nonsense Sister⁤ Monica ‌Joan in Call the Midwife to the iconic Lady Violet Crawley⁣ in the Downton Abbey series.

  • She has won the ​highest awards​ in ‍the industry, including two Academy Awards, three Golden Globe Awards, ⁣three BAFTA awards, and a Primetime ‍Emmy Award.
  • Her⁣ success also earned her a prominent spot ⁣in ⁤the world of showbiz as Dame Commander of ‍the‍ Order of the British Empire in‌ 1990.
  • Maggie ‍Smith ​remains​ an inspiration to thespians⁤ young and old, with ⁣her unwavering ⁣commitment ‍to her craft.

4. A Magic Collaboration: Loewe⁢ and Maggie Smith

High fashion ‍luxury ⁣company Loewe​ have collaborated with the ‌iconic Dame Maggie⁣ Smith to produce a new ​collection. ⁢Maggie ⁢has been featured in prestigious films such as Gosford⁤ Park (2001), ⁢Harry⁢ Potter (2001-2011) and The Lady in‍ the ​Van ⁤(2015).

The collection is ⁤made up of broken ⁤tweed and comfortable silk co-ordinates. The detailing of ⁣this​ capsule collection is⁤ what makes it⁢ unique, with garments bearing embroidered details referencing Maggie ⁤Smith’s‌ illustrious acting⁣ career. This collaboration also includes a limited edition ​shirt with an intricate patterned⁢ yoke inspired by the actress’s⁢ own⁣ rendition of Shakespeare’s Twelfth⁤ Night.

The‌ range features ‍a selection of stylish wardrobe essentials, including:

  • A tailored cape ​dress
  • A reversible ⁣twill jacket
  • A riverscape-printed skirt
  • A soft silk blouse

‍ The combination‌ of Loewe’s​ elite craftsmanship and Maggie Smith’s remarkable ⁤acting style,⁤ has enabled⁤ the creation ​of timeless pieces that can be treasured‌ for ‌years to come.

Hailed⁤ by ​many‍ as ‌a⁣ British acting legend throughout her ​70-year⁣ career, Dame Maggie Smith has undeniably ⁢solidified her presence in the fabric of⁤ popular culture both on and offscreen. Now a shining‍ face of‍ Loewe’s​ new campaign, Maggie ‌displays the same captivating energy ⁣that has ⁣held our attention for close to a decade⁣ and ⁤proves that no⁢ matter⁢ the age,‍ she continues to be an endlessly eloquent ‌and powerful presence in ⁢the industry.

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