Saks is prioritizing experiences to compete for holiday shoppers – Glossy
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Saks is prioritizing experiences to compete for holiday shoppers – Glossy

It’s no secret that shoppers are seeking experiences, rather than just goods, ⁣when it comes to how they spend their ‍money. As the holiday season creeps⁤ closer, luxury retailer Saks is introducing innovative⁤ strategies to keep ‍up with modern day shoppers and ‍the ‍demand for experiences⁢ at the core of the retail experience. To stand out from traditional shopping ⁤experiences, Saks is clearly expressing their commitment to making sure shoppers have an unforgettable time.⁣ Read on and discover how Saks is aiming to make this holiday season more than just buying gifts.

1.⁢ How ‌Saks is Stepping Up the Shopping Experience

The shopping experience ​at Saks ⁢is‍ about to go through a major upgrade.​ As one of the‌ leading luxury department stores, Saks ​is taking its customers’ ⁣experience to the next ‍level with numerous initiatives.

  • Style Appointments: Receive head-to-toe fashion advice from Saks’ trained stylists. Discuss wardrobe needs in a private in-store studio and get the personal attention to help you ‍find the perfect look.
  • Smart Fitting Rooms: ​ Now entering a new era of changing rooms – Saks has created ⁤a entirely digital experience, with‌ the use of Smart ⁤Fitting Rooms.⁣ Customers can ⁣save ⁤items,⁤ request assistance, and ‍even ⁤email their selections all​ from the​ comfort of the fitting room.

In addition, Saks is focused on incorporating​ new technologies into the shopping psyche. Customers can enjoy services like; Curbside Pick-Up, In-Store⁣ Vehicle Pick-Up,⁣ Chair-Side⁢ Delivery, and easy returns. As ⁣Saks continues to revamp and update⁤ its shopping experience, there’s​ no doubt ‌that they won’t settle for anything less than excellence.

2. ​Reimagining Luxury Shopping to Attract⁢ More Holiday Shoppers

Engage ‌With Technology

To capture the‍ attention of a modern retail shopper, luxury‍ brands must get creative. This holiday ‌season, brands⁣ can use technology‍ to help reinvent the shopping⁤ experience for their customers.

From‌ virtual experiences and⁢ interactive content to augmented ‍reality-powered product showcases to livestreaming events, there are countless opportunities to create a meaningful connection between luxury brands and ⁢their customers. Providing shoppers with​ new, unique, and entertaining experiences will help elevate the shopping experience‌ and keep them returning ‌to the brand. ‌

Offer Specialized Services

Luxury brands ‍can also stand ⁣out by simplifying the shopping process and including personalised ‍services‍ such ⁢as⁢ private consultations or bespoke ‌tailoring. Consider offering suiting or dress consultations to provide shoppers with a tailored look ‌that reflects their individual selections and preferences. For further convenience, provide shoppers with⁢ pre-packaged ⁣sets such as outfits⁢ for ​the ​holidays, gifts, or home accessories, so they don’t have to go searching for items themselves.

Innovative in-store ⁢services and creative rewards programs can also be an inducement to attract‍ shoppers, ​such as special discounts or​ bonuses with purchase. Luxury brands can even consider unique product offerings⁢ and creative partnerships to bridge fashion,​ technology, and⁤ art in thoughtful ways.

3.‌ Exploring ⁤the Impacts ⁤of the Changes to Saks Stores

The newly announced changes to Saks stores are bound to have an impact on customers, employees, and shareholders. ⁤Let’s explore some of the⁢ implications of the reported changes.

Impacts for Customers

Customers of Saks‌ stores will now benefit from the following changes:

  • Streamlined checkout process and improved customer⁣ service: Saks’ ⁤new technology initiative will allow⁢ customers to enjoy a speedier checkout, and ‍employees to ‍provide‌ them with a better service.
  • Broader selection of products: The new systems will allow Saks to expand its product categories, ⁤giving customers the chance ‌to find the goods they need in one place.
  • More comfortable in-store experience: The new omni-channel experience that the store brings to its customers also includes remodeled⁤ stores with features⁣ meant to make⁣ the‌ shopping journey more enjoyable.

Impacts for Employees

The changes to the store are set to ⁤bring about some changes​ in the⁣ working conditions of employees,⁢ including:

  • More diverse skill‌ set: Employees will be expected to⁢ take a more customer-centric approach to their work.
  • Retraining and further education:​ A learning and development plan is in the works to get employees‌ versed in ‍the inner‌ workings of the new systems.
  • Higher wages: To make up for the lost‍ hours due ‍to the automation, Saks plans to offer competitive wages to their staff.

4. Inside the Push for ‌More Personalized Experiences with Saks Shopping

The push‍ for personalized experiences ⁢with Saks⁣ shopping has led​ to exciting changes for ‍customers. New features allow customers‌ to find what they need quickly ⁤and easily.

  • Ready-to-wear items are organized according to ‌the‍ latest trends and delivered with ‌detailed styling tips for an optimal shopping experience.
  • The ‘My⁤ Closet’ feature lets customers save their favorite products and organize their wardrobe choices according to their personal ⁤style.
  • The Chatbot technology provides customers with an​ expert-level shopping assistant in real-time, ‍offering tailored suggestions and answers to questions.

To ensure⁣ an even more ⁤personal approach to shopping, customers can ⁣have a one-on-one consultation with‌ the Saks team. Customers ​can join virtual styling sessions and ⁣ask⁢ any​ questions they may have. ⁣

As we look ahead to the‍ holiday season, Saks ‌will no doubt take ​the spotlight for its unique customer experience. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone else, the luxury retailer is the ideal place to find something special this year. ⁤With​ an eye-catching selection of in-store experiences, Saks is making sure that its⁢ customers are the ​shining stars of the holidays.

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