BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s Crazy Horse performance creates controversy, luxury brands delete pictures with idol – India TV News
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BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s Crazy Horse performance creates controversy, luxury brands delete pictures with idol – India TV News

The spotlight is on BLACKPINK idol Lisa after⁣ her explosive and controversially sexy Crazy Horse performance.​ Despite receiving ​plenty of praise from BLINK fanatics, her provocative performance caused several luxury ⁢brand to quickly delete their pictures with the K-pop star – ‍leaving many wondering was this the right​ decision? ​

Read ⁣on to find out more about the controversy surrounding⁣ BLACKPINK Lisa’s ‍Crazy Horse performance and what the luxury‍ brands had⁤ to say about their pictures‌ being removed.

1. BLACKPINK’s ⁤Lisa & Crazy Horse Performance Meeting ‌Luxury​ Brands

There’s never a dull moment with⁤ K-pop idols.⁢ Case in‍ point: BLACKPINK’s‌ Lisa, who has⁣ quite a few​ tricks ‍of​ the trade even when it comes ​to her⁢ dress​ up game. Recently, Lisa was spotted wearing a ‍Crazy Horse Performance t-shirt.‍ The luxury fashion brand, which caters to‌ everyone from⁣ high-end buyers ​to trendy⁣ street style lovers, ⁣draped Lisa in a ‌stylish,⁤ minimalist thread.

As ‍if the ⁣streetwear ​statement ⁤wasn’t enough,⁣ Lisa ‌also donned ⁣a stylish pair of Balmain shoes ‍for ​her outing, ⁣adding a touch ​of French ⁢luxury to her⁢ outfit. ⁤ The Balmain ‍fashion house is known for its opulent ⁢pieces, ⁢and Lisa appears‌ to have truly embraced the label’s scrumptious designs. She paired ⁢her ensemble with a‍ pair of black and red designer thigh-high boots, elevating​ the ⁣look to an‌ even higher level of class.

2. The Highs & Lows of ‍Controversial Performance

When it comes to controversial​ performances,​ it’s a double⁣ edged sword. ⁢While they can lead to passionate debates and hot ticket sales, ⁢they also risk offending viewers. Here are‍ the highs and lows of such pieces:


  • Promote discussion ⁣about a ‍wide range of issues
  • Challenge viewers to re-evaluate ‍their beliefs
  • Attract further attention‌ to the‌ subject ‌matter


  • Potentially ⁢risk alienating audiences
  • Received with polarized reactions
  • Low⁣ box‍ office returns

Controversial performances push boundaries, but ‍come with certain risks. Audiences who are willing to tackle the difficult topics these ⁢works raise⁣ will be rewarded ⁣with a thought-provoking experience. ​On the⁣ other hand,‍ those who⁢ are ⁤expecting‍ a more conventional piece‌ may be​ put off. Ultimately, whether ⁤a ⁣performance succeeds or fails is dependent on the viewers and ⁤their ‍reaction ‌to it.

3. Luxury Brands ⁢& Idol Relationship in Flux

The relationship ​between⁢ luxury brands and idols has ⁢been one of​ luxury brands’‍ most powerful marketing strategies since ⁣the early 2000s. But in​ 2020, luxury ⁤brands have⁣ had​ to adapt ⁤to the changing landscape of celebrity culture and influence. From‍ high-street ⁣fashion to global collaborations, the lines‍ between celebrity-backed luxury labels and idol engagement are becoming increasingly ‌blurred.

The influence of influencers and social media stars can no ⁣longer be denied.​ Luxury brands now need‍ to be⁢ more creative in connecting with the public. This requires them to embrace new ⁣partnerships, ​collaborations, and even embracing influencers within their campaigns. ⁢The⁣ ability​ of ‌idol⁢ culture to capture the attention of audiences is an⁣ integral part of⁢ luxury ​branding today, with luxury labels ​focused on ‍creating⁣ captivating visual ‌collections and experiences ⁣that‌ put their ⁤brand’s‌ identity first.

  • High-street‌ luxury fashion brands collaborating with idols
  • Social media stars gaining​ influence in luxury branding campaigns
  • Luxury brands creating captivating visuals and experiences

‘Crazy‌ Horse’ ⁤choreography has taken BLACKPINK’s performances up a notch. A new⁢ craze amongst K-Pop fans, ⁢these sultry and salacious moves have ⁤been‍ setting a⁢ new‌ standard ⁤of‍ excellence when it comes to dance moves.

From the showstopping ‘Kill This Love’ to their ⁣slick ‘Ddu-du Ddu-du’⁤ and ‘Boombayah’, ‘Crazy Horse’ moves⁢ are⁣ all‌ the rage. Whether grooving to the ​beat or displaying ⁣their slick ​signature style, fans all over the world can connect with⁢ BLACKPINK’s ⁢hip-hop style⁢ moves.

Their ‌fresh synchronized ‍dance moves, electrifying rhythms ‌and infectious swag have made BLACKPINK one​ of ​the most sought-after bands of recent ‍times. Some key ‘Crazy Horse’ ​moments⁣ include:⁣

  • Snake legs. Elongating the torso ‍and​ arms, these moves give a sensual and seductive feel.
  • Head-banging. Perfectly timed, these ​move add ⁣an ​extra element of intensity to the choreography.
  • Full-body motions. With the ⁢full‍ body involved in the performance, ⁤the ladies look set to awe viewers with their ‍graceful ⁤moves.

The greatly anticipated performance⁤ of BLACKPINK’s⁤ Lisa has certainly raised eyebrows due to its content, ⁣causing ⁤a ‍storm of debate among both fans ‌and other brands. How the controversy will end remains uncertain, but ⁣one thing’s ⁢for​ sure: BLACKPINK’s Lisa continues to show her multifaceted talents and stay ​in the hearts of the public.

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