Chanel’s Plans to Support MoMA’s Films, AirMail Touches Down in … – WWD
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Chanel’s Plans to Support MoMA’s Films, AirMail Touches Down in … – WWD

For decades, the iconic Chanel ⁢brand has‍ been a ​staple​ of high-end fashion, but they have recently ​made a bold move ‍to extend their ⁢reach beyond the world of⁤ style. ​Chanel has⁤ taken on an ambitious project in collaboration ‌with MoMA to support ⁤its Films initiative. With AirMail Touches Down, they are hoping ‍to provide a‌ platform ​to help share films from around ‌the world, ⁣providing accessible viewing options for all. This new⁢ venture is yet another ⁣example of ⁤Chanel’s continued dedication to supporting groundbreaking‍ artistic endeavors.

1. Chanel’s Support for MoMA’s Films

French fashion ⁢house Chanel has given ⁣their support to⁤ New York Museum’s of Modern Art ⁤(MoMA) with ‍their latest endeavor. A series of ‌feature-length ⁤films from around the world⁣ have been painstakingly​ chosen ​for a celebration ⁢of ‍international ​cinema.

The project shines‌ light on the work of established and emerging filmmakers, ⁤celebrating works that have pushed ⁢the ​boundaries of‌ creativity. The ⁢Chanel‌ initiative is one⁣ that ‍has earned great respect in the industry– highlighting the​ importance ​of supporting the‍ arts.

A ⁤select ​few‍ of the‌ feature-length ⁢films include:

  • Landscape‍ in the ​Mist (1988)

    A‍ realism​ drama set in ⁤Greece, director Theo Angelopoulos ⁣captures the hardships ⁢of two young⁣ children travelling ​alone.

  • The⁢ 400⁢ Blows (1959)

    A landmark of the French New Wave, extravagant shots,⁣ and ‍the ⁣story ⁣of an adolescent Brendan’s exploration⁢ of adult life.

  • Children ​of‌ Heaven ‍(1997)

    Iranian ⁢director Majid Majidi encapsulates the ‌tale⁣ of two siblings struggle ⁤to acquire ‍a pair of shoes.

The movie⁤ series⁤ is hosted by Chanel’s own Greta Gerwig⁤ and ⁤David‌ Ehrlich, showcasing some⁤ of the world’s ⁤best films for audiences to enjoy. ​Chanel’s support for the​ film series is ⁣truly commendable, as ⁣there⁢ are so many ​extraordinary​ works of cinema that deserve appreciation.

2. AirMail⁢ and the‌ Modern Art⁤ Scene

⁣AirMail has revolutionized the​ modern ‍art ⁣scene, allowing artists ⁤to ⁢access a much larger audience​ for their works. From an online platform to⁤ physical prints -‌ AirMail allows local and ‌international‍ artists to display and market​ their artworks effectively.

  • Online ‍Engagement: Artists can display artworks online, with integrated payment⁤ solutions and⁢ print‌ sales ‌options.‍ This enables any form of digital engagement to get noticed ​and rewarded.
  • Prints: Prints‍ are⁤ sold in museum quality frames, empowering artists ‌to⁣ reach⁣ new audiences, showcase their artwork physically, ⁣and enjoy⁤ the satisfaction of seeing their work printed.
  • In-Person: Artists have​ the opportunity to‍ sell their ⁣art at⁢ online marketplaces‌ and galleries, or conduct live events‌ to engage directly with fans.

For⁣ those seeking ⁢to grow their artistic career – AirMail has proven ​to be an invaluable asset,‌ permitting artists ‍to efficiently​ build an online portfolio ⁤and even ⁤enjoy⁣ crowd-funding opportunities⁢ to help them reach ‌their financial goals.‌ Simply‌ put, AirMail is the bridge to ⁤a⁢ successful artistic ⁣career.

3. An Aviation-Inspired Dream Team

There’s ​no ⁤argument that‌ the greatest airplane innovators ​ever have been the greatest of dreams come⁤ true. From the Wright⁣ brothers to ⁤Neil Armstrong, their inspiring stories⁣ are a source of ​inspiration for generations ‍to come. ‌But who are the other members of the aviation-inspired dream team?

First off is Chuck Yeager. ​He ‍was⁣ the first‍ aviator to break the sound barrier ‍with his Bell X-1 plane, and​ he later flew an experimental Boeing X-15 to the edge of the Earth’s atmosphere, famously reaching ⁤Mach ‍6.2. Alongside him,⁤ we can find ⁤Amelia Earhart, the first female pilot to fly⁢ solo over ‍the Atlantic ⁣Ocean, as well as Cornelius Coffey, an African-American aviator who broke both aviation⁣ speed and altitude records flying‍ early versions of the Bell X-1.⁤ Finally, Howard Hughes who made major contributions to the aviation⁣ industry as an aviator and engineer. He‍ was‍ a⁢ key figure in the design⁢ and manufacture of the successful‌ Hughes⁤ H-1 Racer plane.

  • Chuck Yeager: First aviator to⁢ break‍ the sound barrier
  • Amelia ​Earhart:⁤ First female⁢ pilot to fly​ solo over the Atlantic
  • Cornelius Coffey: Aviator who broke aviation⁣ speed and altitude records
  • Howard Hughes:⁣ Key figure in⁣ aircraft design and manufacture

4. Brimming with ⁤Iconic Films and Stylish Experiences

Famous ‍for⁢ more than​ just films, the‌ London nightlife scene⁣ offers ⁤an eclectic range‍ of experiences. Whether you’re looking for​ a luxurious night out in the buzzing ⁤downtown⁣ bars or a modern ‍evening with innovative art events,​ London ​has ‍something ⁢for everyone.

As a ⁢major cultural hub, London is home to some iconic​ films that ⁢have become embedded in popular culture. From ⁢big blockbusters to timeless classics, the distinct architecture of ‌the inner city is filled ⁢with spots that are​ recognisable from ⁣the ‌movies. Explore ​romantic scenes from‍ Notting‌ Hill or sip a⁢ martini at the Bond-style bar in the heart of Soho. After⁢ dark, experience⁣ a show or film in one of the independent​ cinemas or enjoy​ a night out with drinks⁣ in the buzzing clubs.

  • Luxurious bars
  • Modern art events
  • Iconic‍ films
  • Recognisable movie ‌spots
  • Independent cinemas
  • Vibrant clubs

As Chanel continues⁢ to ‌extend its ‍outreach, ​bridging its high-end fashion world with the tech and film industry, the very latest partnership with ⁢MoMA and AirMail ‌is just⁤ one‍ of many ⁤ways they are demonstrating their commitment to ⁢being more than just a ​fashion-pioneer, but an innovative‌ game-changer as well.

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