Fashion designer Pip Edwards carries $1700 handbag as she joins friend at luxury Italian restaurant in Bondi f – Daily Mail
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Fashion designer Pip Edwards carries $1700 handbag as she joins friend at luxury Italian restaurant in Bondi f – Daily Mail

⁣Shining in the Bondi night, fashion designer Pip Edwards was spotted dining out in ‌style with a‌ friend at a luxurious Italian restaurant in Sydney’s famous beachside‌ suburb. She made ‌sure to⁤ add a designer touch to her look, carrying an eye-catchingly expensive⁢ handbag worth $1700. This ‌popular Bondiite certainly knows how to make a statement.

1. Fashion Icon Pip Edwards ‌Steps out in Style

Australian fashion icon Pip Edwards showed off her chic sense of‌ style as she stepped out in the Sydney ⁣evening. With a timeless black midi-dress, framing her signature blonde bob, ⁤and comfortable white sneakers, Pip is‍ showing the world that comfort is still in fashion.

Her choice of accessories seamlessly rounded out her outfit, with silver hoop earrings and a cognac ​cross-body bag. Natural‌ glow makeup, comprised of ⁣rose hued blush, and a sun-kissed ​complexion give her a fresh​ from holiday look.

  • Sunglasses: reflective⁤ sunnies give her a rocker vibe
  • Rings: two silver to ⁤add an edgy feel
  • Earrings: oversized gold ​hoops

Her monochrome ensemble was⁣ perfectly punctuated with pops of delicate gold ⁤jewellery. A statement necklace added a little razzle-dazzle, paired with a ‌simple cocktail ring. She continued the look with two⁢ bracelets featuring delicate petite cut-outs, for a modern ⁤twist.

Pip Edwards ‌is demonstrating that comfort‍ can still be stylish, and showcasing it to the world.

2. Pip Edwards Seen Sporting ‍$1700 Handbag

Fashionista and Ksubi designer Pip Edwards knows a thing ⁢or two when it‍ comes to stylish accessories. Recently, Edwards was spotted out and about sporting a luxurious⁤ $1700 ​handbag from her own fashion label.

    The handbag

  • Designed in‍ black crocodile matte leather
  • Features⁣ turn-lock ⁣closure
  • Comes with custom gold Ksubi hardware

The iconic designer had added her own personal touches to the bag, rocking a pair of stylish oval tinted sunglasses and a pair of ⁢cream leather sneakers for an effortless cool day look. Her latest fashion statement certainly had heads turning.

3. Spotting Pip⁣ Edwards ‍at a ⁢Luxury Italian Restaurant

Famous fashion designer Pip Edwards had a date night ⁢with her partner Michael ‌Clarke recently at one of Melbourne’s most prestigious Italian⁣ eateries. The stylish couple was seen stepping out of ⁢their luxury car at the entrance of the restaurant, both dressed ⁤in ⁣glamorous attire.

Inside, the establishment was bustling⁣ yet intimate. The couple tucked themselves away at a cozy corner table, away from the commotion of the other⁣ patrons. An array of delicious Italian⁣ delicacies kept them ⁢sated during their luxurious meal. At the end, Pip Edwards and Michael Clarke were⁣ spotted with delicious desserts ⁤and espresso coffees.

  • Fashionista: Pip Edwards donned a statement ‍Gucci dress with a snakeskin belt.
  • Sport Star: Michael Clarke ​wore a tailored dark grey suit‍ and maroon pocket square.

4. Bondi – Hotspot for ​Celebrity Sightings

Bondi is the destination to see and be seen. Located on⁢ the coast of New ⁣South Wales, this vibrant beachside town is the ultimate celebrity hotspot. Every year, ⁣celebrities flock⁤ to Bondi to soak⁢ up the sun and ⁢sand.

When celebrities make their way to Bondi, there ⁣are plenty of top-end restaurants, luxury shops and exclusive ⁤activities to‌ keep them entertained. Dining at the hot spots ⁢like⁤ Icebergs, The Bucket List and North ‌Bondi Fish is ⁢the perfect way to ⁤start the day. Then, spending some time strolling around the​ neighbourhoods of Bondi, Rose Bay and Double ​Bay and discovering ⁣celebrity hiding​ spots.

Notable Sightings

  • Beyoncé
  • Kim Kardashian West
  • Kylie Jenner
  • Kanye West
  • Rihanna
  • Kendall Jenner

Feeling inspired by‌ Pip Edwards’ luxury look? Then why not add a little bit of Italian glamour to your wardrobe. ⁢From the latest designer handbag to the perfect piece of jewelry, the options are limitless. Whether⁢ you’re ⁣heading out to a glamorous night ⁢out like‍ Pip or simply wanting⁣ to ⁤give your everyday ensemble a stylish boost, you’re sure to make‌ a statement.

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